Civil Disobedience, Non-Violence and Overcoming Hate

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Through the years, Bill Moyers has spoken with many of the world’s leading activists, politicians, revolutionaries and theologians about how they overcame hatred and anger to became forces for positive change in the world. Many say they were inspired by leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Click below to watch six guests make the case for civil disobedience over violence and brotherhood over hatred.

  • Civil rights leader and U.S. Congressman
  • Leader of Northern Ireland’s peace movement
  • Anti-apartheid leader and former president of South Africa

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  • Olivia Greene

    Walt Whitman is at the root, and Henry David Thoreau sowed the seeds.

  • Anonymous

    Major icons of non-violent struggle for peace and democracy Adopted The Electro Model Of Transition ; Which Includes such means as ; elections ,opposition Mobilization, Non violent popular protest as well as Variousforms of election monitoring and parallel vote counting to defeat illiberal Incumbents ;Stimulating transition in countries that luck sufficient requirements for revolution and are full of Autocrats had never been predicable but such countries have been able to achieve their transitional ambitions with the assistance from the USAID and it is striking that activities should frequently and intentionally link their revolutions to such similar events related to the strength of links to the west . U.S Support for opposition movement is rightly acknowledged in central Europe, though often overlooked by analysts who on Only the European Union roles.

    Ethnic Divisions have proved a major epidemic to the attainment of stable democracy all over Africa at the other extreme, Most African
    countries are severely affected However, the most important and
    highly influential approach to fall of Authoritarian-Autocracy and is driven by spread of a particular set
    of opposition strategies which can be adapted and applies successfully from region
    to region but tends to fuse and can become contingent When Autocrats devise
    other means of Weakening the Opposition
    Regional diffusion
    has been applicable in Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia between 1996 and 1998 and i n Serbia from 2000 and
    letter spread and was adopted in Georgia, ukrain, kyrazystan But then failed in Russia
    and other countries .

  • Patricia Stidham-Burns

    WOW! Another excellent post by Mr Moyers! Thank you so much Bill for sharing these awesome people with us! It was an honor watching these clips!

  • Jim Osborne

    How can America make progress on any front when our leaders deny the most basic necessities of life? I am talking about food, health and education, which are essential to human life. Should we solve these problems first, we can grow as a nation, otherwise we shall defeat our own purpose. We must keep remembering there are millions of Americans who have nothing, not even a meal, and if we cannot, or will not, help them, how can we expect to help ourselves? Such are the fundamental consequences of greed and indifference.

  • Amy Luna Manderino

    “Brotherhood over hatred” wins for most unconsciously ironic phrase of the decade, lol. Gender segregation was and is a cause of vicious hate, normalizing a culture that enables such current horrors as sex trafficking of women and children in the U.S. and gendercide abroad. How ironic to use archaic masculinist language in a quote about ending hate by referring to all of humanity as “brotherhood.” I also find it interesting that Gandhi and MLK are always cited as the inspiration for non-violent political movements, since the deliberately non-violent strategy of the leadership of the U.S. women’s suffrage movement (i.e. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony) was the largest non-violent social revolution in history, spanning 70 years and liberating over 1/2 of all of humanity without firing one single shot and preceding both Gandhi and MLK by generations. Of course, how can you be “inspired” by a history you’ve never known? The shameful lack of education on the U.S. women’s suffrage movement and recognition of the brilliant political philosophies of its leaders is deplorable.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the enlightenment.

  • Gail Lloyd

    Thank you for these segments, Bill. They are very important offerings
    right now, in these times. I have just completed my own manifesto for
    the international peace movement I have helped catalyze and I hope it
    strikes a chord for your readers…

    Tangerine Evolution Update:

    Reintroducing the notion of Deviance and Accountability into society.

    Tolerance does not mean everything is relative. There is a big push
    among the new entrepreneurial and new thought movements that has to do
    with keeping energy positive, and that bringing to the for so-called
    “negative emotions” like guilt should be avoided as they lower our
    collective energy as a community.

    I would agree that guilt is a somewhat useless emotion that doesn’t
    contribute to the health of the person experiencing the guilt, nor does
    it do much for the person who may have been abused by the individual who
    has willfully caused harm, and is subsequently experiencing the guilt.

    I suggest however, that the antidote is not to promote an “anything
    goes” atmosphere where everybody feels they have full latitude to do
    what ever they like to whomever they wish, regardless of how it harms

    I suggest that we create a social climate where there
    is a collective stigma for people willfully and intentionally causing
    harm, with insensitivity, selfishness and even malice; that they are
    made to feel that such behavior is deviant and shameful.

    This way, people will choose to resist harm and the consequent feelings
    of being ostracized, shunned, and seen as deviant.

    I believe that the choice of whether to feel guilt or not should be
    decided upon prior to an act of harm, not at the point where the harm
    has already occurred.

    In a society where there is a healthy
    social pact about what is deviant and what isn’t – having mainly to do
    with behavior that is causing willful and malicious harm to another
    without their consent – will ward off a lot of collective guilt, and
    promote self-confidence and esteem in the community at large.