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  • Doris Aranda

    I am a loyal viewer who admires your guests and topics because you address ways in which we can improve our society in a way that is not seen on other television programs. It is for this reason I am asking you to consider putting Ted Aranda on as a guest. Ted has a PhD in History and has written a book entitled “The Racket and the Answer” where he outlines our flawed representative system of government and what he sees as the democratic alternative solution. This is a topic you often address in your shows and I feel his input would be invaluable.

  • Jill Welch

    I, too, am a loyal viewer who has admired you, your writing, and your shows for many years. Thank you for continuing to carry the torch. No one could take your place. But I’m concerned about what will come after we oldtimers pass on. Recently, I learned about a young man, Paul K. Chappell, who has given me hope in this frustrating time, and  I would like to suggest you invite him to appear with you. He is the author of Peaceful Revolution and several other books about  finding our way to a better, more peaceful world. You probably already know him or know of him. His communication skills are so outstanding and his message is so important, he needs to reach the widest audience possible. Perhaps you could help him to do this. So many writers and speakers merely describe a problem and perhaps offer a vague or tired solution. Chappell inspires and shows a path. Anyway, he inspired me to write to you, and I only just saw him on C-span. Please consider my suggestion, and thank you again for all that you do.

  • Cbaroo

    For the first time in 72 years I am intentionally not voting.  I am a regular viewer who is so ashamed about how our democracy is being kidnapped and our representatives being owned by the moneyed interests. Plutocracy!  Your program regularly identifies — but offers little empowerment for the ordinary citizen.  I hope you can address this concern.

  • Rulysses

     At 69 years of age, I am not only voting, but phone-banking, precinct walking and corresponding like never before.  We know how to empower ourselves, we just get tired of having to do it to respond to constant reactionary forces.  Don’t give up.  You are the power, votes, not dollars, are the ultimate currency.

  • Rick Garcia

    We have the power to move mountains but we have to do it one pebble at a time if necessary!

  • Melinda Winet

    so glad my friend brought you back on my face page on a continuous basis. thanks….

  • Melinda Winet

    thank you for coming back to me thru facebook friends…

  • Texaco50s

    Mr. Moyers,

    I don’t know if you’ll see this but I wanted to make the effort to say “Thank You !” for the program my other half & I watched last night “Is Labor a Lost Cause”. I’m a 3rd generation union skilled trades journeyman & a UAW member. My other half is a retired union member & we are both disgusted with how the representation & voice of the people has been silenced by money. I keep going back to what Abraham Lincoln said (to the effect) that a house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe we are on that path now & I don’t like it. Please keep bringing the quality programming into our homes. Your’s is one of the few voices that can be heard above all the noise out here.

  • ggdiva

    Never has the Malcolm X quote “By any means necessary” been more relevant or more important than NOW.  It’s time the populace embraced the mindset of taking our country back by “Any Means Necessary” or risk waking up and realizing the country no longer belongs to us but to the 1%.

  • JR

    I happened to watch the interview with Vandana Shiva on how the food chain in India is being taken over by corporates and GMO. By sheer coincidence I was also reading an English commentary on one of Hinduism’s most scared books and the fountainhead of Indian Philosophy , the Upanishads. This particular Upanishad, The Chandogya Upanishad, talks of the production of food as an intrinsic  process in the working of the Universe. In my opinion, if this is so, then tampering with the food chain using GMO is a recipe for disaster. I sincerely hope ancient wisdom prevails.

  • Anonymous

     Dear BIll Moyers: Your intervfiew with Chris Hedges is the hardest-hitting yet. You bring people who renew my courage and resolve if not my opptimism. Many thanks.

  • Brookedhoward

    I believe Chris Hedges would have better luck actually achieving his goals quickly if he might now focus seriously on helping convince the boomers as well as young people to go vegan for health reasons, athletic prowess, greater energy and reversing virtually all medical and psychiatric disorders, as well as healing new and old injuries quickly without dangerous pharmaceuticals and permanently disfiguring surgeries.  I’m happy to provide websites, books, videos, etc.  I believe this is an agenda he can achieve.

  • Darrell Bair

    Bill, thank you so much for introducing me to Howard Zinn, Noah Chomsky, Chris Hedges and so many other great people on this planet. Your program keeps hope alive and provides inspiration like no other. Your greatness in caring and educating has no parallels. Please stay in good health so that your reach can be extended to millions and millions more. And if you have any extra jobs lying around, it would be my honor and pleasure to help you in your cause. signed- One poor man with reason to keep smiling

  • Puc Em

    Bill—I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work, your research, your interviews!!! I love your choice of subject, your questions—you are brilliant!!! I do hope you continue your work for you are desperately needed, especially in these times!!! Your website is also excellent in that it is packed with videos, blogs, comments, actions!!! If I had any suggestions, it would be to continue doing the same–maybe even consult a few more non-mainstream sources: LinkTV, The Progressive, etc. We need the power of your voice to persist!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bill, I have enjoyed your work for years and just now sat through your interview of Chris Hedges and was amused to find you playing Devil´s advocate, for a change. But you are right. Why indeed throw away one´s life on lost causes? It´s something that must be defended and justified and even then remains open to question and perhaps more than a bit of ridicule.
    How about you, Bill? What about Johnson and his role in the killing of JFK and probably also of MLK and RFK? What about all of the inheritors? What about what they did to our country? You were around at the time, and sitting close by. Isn´t it time you came out into the open about all of that? For our kids and grandkids and for history. You know as much as I and millions of others do that what we are living through today is a direct sequel to those demonic acts, and a little truth about all that will make it easier to understand the truth about what is happening now. Thanks. I´ll be looking forward to hearing from you about this. I think it´s time.

  • Sheila Laffey

    Thank God you are back on the air. I relish seeing your programs for their urgently needed, and increasingly rare, insights, well researched information, probing intelligent discussion and… most importantly, examples of inspiration for hope and real change. Know that your programs are needed now more than ever. I will be watching tonight’s program!

  • J Gaertner

    Thanks so much for what you are doing. The August 24 show – imagine a civil conversation – dialogue really – from the differing viewpoints. A suggestion – consider interviewing the father/son authors (Robert and Edward Skidelsky) of How Much Is Enough? – Money and the Good Life. A fascinating read – and on topic.

  • Becky C.

    I’m so disappointed in you. Why did you waste our time that we could have spent listening to that fantastic woman, Sister Simone Campbell, by having the representative of repression, Robert Royal? I count on you for the views not represented by major media outlets. The views of Royal and those of like mind are very well represented and broadcasted on Fox and most other media outlets. Why, for the first time, was there a need to have opposing views represented?

  • Frank Moyer

    I thought you would have taken a much firmer approach with Mr Royal of Faith and Reason Insrtitute! His answers were often pandering to the Sister – and to us in the audience

  • Mike

    Do you profit from your program?

  • Jan White

    I think the flaw of Anthony Scallia and the other originalists on the Supreme Court is that they treat the US Constitution fundamentally as an experiment, and, as such, one that may either ultimately succeed or fail, it really isn’t up to them which. Their job, in other words, is merely to interpret it theoretically as it was intended in the eyes of the original framers, as seen in their day and time. And if America falls apart as a result of their intellectual pastime, then so be it. They fail to realize that they are charged not with theorizing, but with ensuring that the Constitution succeeds, and that it must in fact succeed at all costs for all our sakes. Thereby, by playing theorists, they shirk their most basic duty as Supreme Court justices. Scallia, for example, can write the most obtuse law books endlessly discussing the most subtle points of law, yet he fails to realize that what he does on the Court is an everyday make or break test for America. The future and success of America are not merely theoreticals that should be taken for granted by any of the intellectuals on the Supreme Court.

  • skeedaddy

    Just watched the interview with Trevor Potter. In your summary, you opined that all seekers of high office currry the favor of corporations in return for campaign donations. Not so!
    Ron Paul is renowned for avoiding this behavior.

  • barbara

    With all the talk about social security and medicare reform, why is it nobody brings up the obvious? Which is: since corporations and unemployed and over seas employees are not paying into the system how can it possibly survive. It was built on the premise that last generation employees benefits would be paid by future ones when there are none….
    Also the cap on social security payments for rich should also be eliminated

  • M. Stuart Itter

    Bill: Just a note for your technical staff. In some videos from the past shows, voice and camera are so out of synch that they are almost unwatchable. I try to watch the shows live or save them on line. I missed the Bernie Sanders show. The voice and camera are terribly out of synch. Please let me know if it is fixed or if I can do something to improve it at home. Also, the video does not offer a “full screen” option which makes it hard to stream from the computer to the tv. Thanks. itter

  • Morgan Sheridan

    Bill, thank you so much for the good work you do. There are few voices commenting in the public sphere in service to the public good that I trust anymore. Yours is among the very few I trust implicitly. I wish you a bounty of good health.

  • Nancy Schoellkopf

    After hearing Governor Romney say during the debate that he would personally prefer a private health insurance program as opposed to a government sponsored program like Medicare, I began to wonder: what kind of health insurance do Governor and Mrs. Romney have? Considering their ages and the fact that Mrs. Romney has pre-existing conditions, I am curious (okay nosy) how much they have to pay on the private market for a plan that would meet their needs. But then, considering their resources, I wonder if they just forgo the private market and directly hire whatever doctors they choose, much the way a celebrity like Michael Jackson did. I’m just wondering if this kind of information might be available to voters before the election.

  • Lee

    Bill, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you do. I rely on you and your program for an unbiased look into what’s happening in our country, which is totally unavailable elsewhere. I’m grateful for your on-air presence and your courage in standing for the people, not only with facts, but will compassion.. You may have guessed that I’m a liberal, but I can’t help feeling that your guests on October 7, commenting on Latinos in our country, are expecting an unfair advantage as respects language skills.

    English is the language of the U.S. In my opinion, the fact hat many people speak Spanish as their first language (and other languages from around the world, too), should not be the basis for decisions about education. My grandparents immigrated from Eastern Europe with almost nothing in their pockets and no English at all. My parents, born here, had no expectation of bi-lingual assistance. They and their parents did the work necessary to assimilate – most especially, learning the language. There were no signs or forms printed in Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, or any other language. They earned their citizenship, in part, by learning and speaking English.

    I welcome all immigrants to our country. I believe that diversity is, ultimately, a source of power. wealth and social good. But I don’t t feel positive about people coming here and not being expected to learn English. Do you want to be a citizen of the U.S? Make it your business to learn the language. It’s a small effort in comparison to the advantages of living here.

  • Annette Tchelka

    In his book, The Price of Inequality, Joseph Stiglitz talks about “rent seeking”, a term economists use to describe how the 1% fleeces the rest of us. So many people out there fall for the rightwing lie that the wealthy have earned the wealth and so should keep it and shouldn’t be taxed any more on it (wealth redistribution). If they understood that wealth distribution actually unfairly goes from the lower and middle classes up to the 1% I don’t think they’d be so gullible in the voting booth. Any chance of interviewing Stiglitz on your program and discussing rent-seeking and other issues effecting inequality?

  • John Goodwin

    Bill, Thank you for what you do.
    Several weeks ago you interviewed the Green Party candidates. I am glad you did
    but I must admit I am of two views regarding the Green Party. On the one hand I
    support most of their agenda. On the other hand I hold them responsible for the Gore
    loss in 2000. They are therefore to blame for two wars and possibly even the destruction of the World Trade Center. The Green Party, in my opinion, is irresponsible in running cannidates at the national level.

  • Debby Allen

    Dear Bill, Some times I feel you are the only one carrying our ‘torch’. I fall into your show and hear your words and guests words –like someone who has been running from strangness and I now feel at home and safe. I have asked my 3 grown children–since I never ask you to do anything for me—I am now asking you to please watch Bill Moyers & each week I forward them my newsletter..
    Thank you. Please know you have our admiration.

  • sipapu

    Bill, Your powerful programs are in danger of being technologically preempted by a false screen that states you cannot view this w/out downloading latest Flashplayer. I did so, but I am blocked. Anyone else having this issue? It circumvents important pre-election information!

  • howard zazove

    In my humble opinion, I think Bill Moyers is one of our countries most valuable treasures and resources, and I also consider this web site a valuable treasure, and a really great resource..

  • peter neu

    Bill Moyers = Jeremiah of American Journalism. Thanks!

  • Franklin Dubois

    Bill, You are as unfair as any lobbyist group. You push your liberal agenda through your insulated TV show on PBS; shame on you, shame on PBS for propping you up. Your cowardice prevents you from interviewing anyone who might have an opinion that differs from yours. At least people like Bill O’Reilly, Rosie O’Donnell and Rush Limbaugh are honest. You are a poser, they are genuine.

  • Franklin Dubois

    You like one-sided interviews? How does that help?

  • savaskys


    The former Wachovia Bank (Now Wells Fargo)
    also got caught laundering Mexican drug money.
    They paid $180 million fine and nobody went to jail.
    Also greatly appreciate your efforts keep up the good work.

  • Bill Liers

    Bill, Thank you so much for bringing the real stories to us and taking the time to give a voice to the issues that are so important to everyone. Your work is greatly appreciated.

  • Milt

    Your shows are timely and have outstanding people on them to deal with the issues. Keep up the great work.
    I recently the read the article in Time magazine that deals with our health care system by Steven Brill, titled “Bitter Pill”. It is very disturbing and outstanding. You should consider having Mr. Brill on one of your shows, because he deals with such a timely and important issue.
    I hope you give serious consideration to my suggestion.

    Milton Marson

  • Mark

    Mr. Moyers,
    A while ago you had a series on PBS called “A Walk Through the Twentieth Century”, it was one of the best series you’ve ever done and it not being available on DVD is a shame. The one show that always stands out in my mind is “The Democrat and
    The Dictator”, please release this on DVD, I know a lot of classrooms on history would love this for educational purposes.
    Thank you,