How Can Ordinary People Fight Citizens United?

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Question From: lwkaiser


BILL MOYERS: Many of you have asked what you can do to fight back. Here are some thoughts. First, take yourself seriously as an agent of change. The Office of Citizen remains the most important in the country.

Second, remember, there’s strength in numbers. Find others like you in your neighborhood, apartment building, community – and act together. The old African proverb is still true, “If you want to walk fast, walk alone; if you want to walk far, walk together.”

They’re proving this, for example, in Missoula, Montana. Last November, by a majority of 75 percent people voted to call on the state legislature and congress to approve an amendment to the United States Constitution. It says it loud and clear, “Corporations are not human beings and do not have the same rights as citizens.” That same month, voters in Boulder, Colorado, approved a similar measure by a similar big margin. And two counties in Wisconsin have voted by whopping majorities to call for, quote, "An end to corporate personhood…" and "The legal status of money as speech."

Don’t worry if you’re called naíve. Don't worry about cynics who mock you or fatalists who declare that a constitutional amendment is impossible. That’s nonsense. We’ve amended the constitution 27 times in our history. Back in 1971, the amendment to lower the voting age to 18 was the quickest to be ratified in U.S history, four months following its passage by Congress. And after 13 years without a drink, in 1933, Americans okayed the amendment to repeal prohibition faster than a saloon’s swinging door.

So look around for organizations you can join or contact for information. There’s a national coalition already at work named Move to Amend it’s called and a group leading the fight called And see you here next time.

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  • Julogue1

    Bill, We’ve never needed you more!

    Hope everyone can at least join

    Blessings!  Please take very good care of yourself!

  • Elizabeth

    Dear Bill,
           If  you’d like to take another TV break and run about this country or other ones on a beautiful classic Harley Davidson,I have an extras.
            I am a bit old,(but less old than you)on a standard scale of years,and much younger on  accumulative  thought scale,unfortunately,though hard for me to imagine,considering men.But such is my faith in you. Since youve spent so much time working hard ,whilst concentrating on the condition and nature of humans,I feel confident in offering you my services as a travel chum(or chump if you prefer)along with my mechanical abilities to keep our rides running perfectly and assets to sport most basics.My baggage is minimal,my pets are nil,everything entertains me,except old age verbalized. Let me know,currently I am in Arizona.    
                                        Very sincere,really,Elizabeth Frawley

    footnote: so glad you did the programs on Myth & J.Campbell,he was a such a favorite professor of mine.

  • Thorus47

    Bill Moyers, FANTASTIC show! I love you, shake “them” up!

  • leftofcenter

    If you really want to know, get in touch. I don’t give away my secrets for free.

  • stephanie

    Thank God you are back.  I’ve been waiting for your show with baited breath. We have never needed you more is right!  Bless and keep you.

  • Eric

    Bill I went to the local PBS affiliate to review their License Application in the documents I observed were poison  pen letters to manager on the danger of you to democracy. In the run up to war your programming was shifted all over the Time of day. Starting at 11:30 pm Fri then 1:00 am Sat Finally opposite the Colts at 2:00pm Sun the new show listed as showing @ 6:00pm on Saturdays is according to WFYI not on their schedule you need to put these station managers feet to the fire here in Indianapolis IN I want my pbs to inform not censor help us please.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you. Thank you for coming back. That PBS did not opt to have you on their network is just another proof of how far to the right this nation has gone. Now The Newshour has David H Koch as the major money giver. I do not believe for one minute that Koch is hands off on policy. 

    If you are really answering questions what do you think about so many Americans who vote against their own interest – not that there is much different between the two major parties. I do, however, believe that the Democrats might actually protect some of our safety nets while the Republicans seem hell bent on ending them. I have lived in quite a few other countries in Europe, Central America and the South Pacific. I never heard of anyone voting for those who would crush them but then the citizens of those countries were generally much better informed than Americans are. But the question haunts me. Why do so many working class, struggling middle class people vote Republicans and perpetuate tax cuts for the rich, destruction of unions, attacks on public employees etc. I sometime feel I am talking to deaf people that they just can’t see what has been happening since Ronald Reagan was elected. I have been warning them for 30 years to no avail. AT first I thought it was not so obvious in the first years but then the evidence was so overwhelming I thought everyone would join in revolt but it still hasn’t really happened. 

    Any idea on why this seems to happen only in America?

  • jack

    PBS was the last holdout and now even it has gone over to big payoffs and not worth viewing.

    People need to listen to Moyers or suffer the consequences.

  • NolaJ

    Bill Moyers = Occupy Wall Street spokesperson… Thank you.

  • Jeff

    Bill, just want to thank you for presenting the truth. Our politicians have been lying to us far too long. Keep up the good work exposing their lies.

  • Jeff

    Bill, one more thing. I would like to encourage you and all your viewers to watch Andy Stanley’s series Recovery Road. If people would put into practice the truths that Andy shares our country would witness a recovery that many consider impossible. Check out this series at

  • Lweber4

    That’s “bated” breath

  • Eburkey

    Dear Bill,
    Thank you, thank you for bringing your wisdom back on the air.  Your show is wonderfu and gives me hope in the possibility that our democracy may indeed work.  If not my lifetime, then in the lifetime of my children.  Thank you, please stay with us!! I am now hard at work telling everyone who will listen why we need to Amend the Constitutuion and get rid of Citizens United.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Edie from PA.

  • vic

    I listened to your show tonight on Crony Capitalism and both your guests said things will get “worse” as nothing has changed to correct the corruption in our system. I could not agree more but I think it will come as something more horrifying than another bank failure. I am wondering if we will move to violence and riots in the streets as I saw as a child in this country.  I do believe the Crony Capitalists are fully aware of this as we become more and more of a “Police State” as shown with the treatment of the  non-violent occupy movement. We are a nation with a history of violence and people are being pushed far past their limits.

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with David Stockman that we need a constitutional amendment banning corporations from the political process altogether. 

    However, no one addressed the elephant in the room:
    To what extent is Obama a
    Wall Street creation? Was his artificial “black” identity created
    because corporate elites knew it would blind sentimental and guilt-ridden liberals to the evil he
    does for his corporate masters?

  • Anonymous

    When will Bill address the fact that Obama has signed into law a bill authorizing a totalitarian dictatorship in the United States?

  • Sue

    Hi Bill, always have enjoyed your show.  As I was listening to it the other night I noticed that your  guest was very very critical of the President having Jeff Immelt as Chairman of his jobs council.  I’m wondering if you ever took the time to listen to any of the ideas the jobs council has presented because I’ve been very impressed with the ideas coming out of that & have a hard time understanding why anyone would be critical of the idea of having a group of business leaders come up with ideas they think will help business create more jobs in the US.??? Cause to me, its just an excellent idea.   

    You can watch the actual meetings on under podcasts.  Here is one of them and has some links to some of the idea many of which are already being implemented.   I just cannot for the life of my understand why anyone would be critical of this no matter what you think about Immelt.  I hope you &/or you staff will take the time to check it and & maybe even give people an idea of what it is attempting to accomplish instead of just allowing a guest ot bash it while giving absolutely no info about it.  Counting on your fairness.  Thank you.

  • 4jazz

    Bill, your encouraging words inspire me to feel like maybe I can begin to mobilize or perhaps “occupy” my neighborhood and maybe even my book club! I agree that we have to take ourselves seriously and be the change we want to see. I’m going to spread word that big corporate money has corrupted our political system to the core. And by the way, I wouldn’t trust Jeff Immelt to feed my dog!! 

  • Dmy1155

    After seeing your broadcasts, probably more times than most on several available PBS stations in my area, I feel compelled to write something.  While working at a customer service-type call center, we took on a new client, an organization helping people in foreclosure with their mortgage issues, and later for a bank and again foreclosure issues but with short sales.  Prior to this I had little knowledge of how mortgages worked or how the mortgage industry and “toxic” loans worked. It was there, listening to folks from all over the country losing their homes, that I got a real inside look at the way corporate and financial institutions are lining  their pockets at our expense.    I don’t mention any names of the clients represented, but they do not appear to be on the side of the average citizen.  Banks can drag their feet on short sales costing homeowners thousands, government assisted loans often fail, particularly with minorities, disabled and the most vulnerable.  Thank you and your guests, for bringing some of this out in the open.  

  • Mark Lemons


    I’m so glad you’re back.
    Thank you. 

  • momo

    What JOY to see Bill Moyers back (again),we need him.

  • Aisha

    for once a man of integrity and honesty!  I glad he is back

  • Bob Laird

    I am SO pleased to see Bill Moyers back on the air. The calm and deeply thoughtful tenor of his exchanges with guests is almost unique on TV, and is all the more effective for its general aura of selflessness. Moyers is greatly needed, now more than ever. Thank you.

  • Josiklein

    Bill, Thank  you so much for coming out of retirement to bring these issues front and center for us.  Both yourown comments and interviewees are refreshingly  articulate and knowledgeable.  You ask the follow up questions that need to be asked.
    I feel less hopeless about my country’s future when I see and hear people talking about these issues. 
    Thank you…

  • Larry Neilson

    You might be interested in the Get Money Out of Politics’ action on the anniversary of CITIZENS UNITED.  Titled People Ignited Against Citizens United, it attracted some 500 marchers in a raucous riposte to the ‘business class’ ‘ bogus claims that free-market capitalism will solve all problems, and that special privileges for the wealthiest oligarchs are divinely ordained and inherently good — the people be damned.  Our little birthday party showed what ‘let them eat cake’ really means, as we opened a birthday cake filled with  furry and very hungry RATS!!  Full photo coverage online at
    That’s how we’re fighting CU in Seattle – through citizen action and education, empowering the individual to speak out and be heard via the People’s Mic.  Entire event was Webcast world-wide.  

  • Dale

    Thank you Bill for;
     1. Coming out of retirement and again offering valuable insights, education and hopeful optimism for change.
     2. Putting critical thinking ahead of ideology as usual and addressing the most important issues of our day.
    These things that you do Bill, are truly appreciated and will change the world for the better through peoples actions.

  • Guest

    Bill – I am so glad that you have come out of retirement.  We need to have someone who is intelligent and articulate to  provide us with an overview of the serious situation we find ourselves as a result of the actions of our government and the corporate cronies.  Please keep up the good work.  Sincerely Diana

  • Margyo Obrien68

    I just finished watching your interviews with Mr. Stockman and Ms. Morgenson.   They each confirmed the feeling that I have had for some time about the cross pollination between Government regulators and the industries they are charged with regulating.  These two guests have just given focus to my suspicions. 

    But exactly how do ordinary citizens manage to get a Constititional amendment to limit politicl contributions and bar corporations from influencing politics?

  • PuebloMoveToAmend

    Bill, wanted to let you know that Pueblo, Colorado is one of those counties which successfully passed a resolution supporting a Constitutional Amendment opposing the Citizen’s United case. Our County Commissioners passed this unanimously on January 3rd, in response to a reqest and presentation by Pueblo Move to Amend. The following day, New York City Council also passed a resolution.
    We, here in Pueblo, CO continue to sponsor public presentations and discussion on this important issue, and we are experiencing turnouts of 75 people or more per event. Please go to Pueblo Move to Amend on Facebook for more information.

    It’s time for us to stand together as a people, and follow in the footsteps of those progressive patriots who came before us: The Abolishonists, the Suffragists, the Trade Unionists, and Civil Rights leaders. 
    Thank you for bringing this issue to the attention of all Americans.
    Leslie C., Founder of Move to Amend.

  • PuebloMoveToAmend

    Please excuse my typo in the last post. It was intended to close with “Pueblo Move to Amend”, not Move to Amend.

  • Mel

    What are you going to do this time around to help us? This is your old worn out format, Bill. Yes, you’re one of the few (besides Amy Goodman) fighting for middle-class America but you insist on giving us one depressing story after another about how broken the system is and then ask questions of your guests for which you (and most of us) already know the answers.

    Stockman is correct in his assertions and I’m sure he appreciates the plug for his book, but that doesn’t solve anything. Considering the fact that the bookshelves are full of books like his, ask yourself how this helps lessen the burden of the nearly 60 trillion in funded and unfunded debt your grandchildren will be facing. What have all your years of similar “journalistic interviews” like this really accomplished – and I’ve watched most of them? Think about it.
    Your own guest said it: “you and I don’t have a lobbyist so we are not represented.” That’s it, Bill, THAT’S THE PROBLEM in a nutshell! And there’s a relatively easy solution which doesn’t require an “impossible to get” amendment to our Constitution. As a matter of fact, the 30,279 people who “like Bill Moyers” could make it happen and your viewership and ratings would go through the ceiling. I call it a virtual congress.You could do so much to help give the American people a voice in their government. Don’t waste this, perhaps your last, opportunity. (And perhaps that of the American people as well…)  Thanks.

  • Joebiuso

    Dear Mr Moyers: I find myself enthralled watching your new show. A shining beacon in all the darkness. Moreover, chuckling at myself to recall when I was young and asked my Dad “why do you watch PBS and that boring stuff”? Now I sit in awe and humbled by you and thinking about my Dad who passed away years ago. We’d watch this together were he still here.

  • Tiffany & Mario

    Bill we love everything you do, and have been huge fans for decades. We are trying to do our little bit to get the message out, by incorporating it into our music and videos. Please check out our video- “Pay to Play” at
    – We think there is nothing more important for American politics than true campaign finance reform. We don’t mind a corporation being a person if everyone in that corporation will go to jail for the crimes of any one person within it.

  • Roberto

    I’d like to see critiques that would take head on the critical assumption (make it explicit) behind the current system and it is that due to living in a functioning free market/meritocracy, the 1% DESERVE what they have. Well if nothing else the recent meltdown and bailout disprove that. So let’s stop making our critique principally on the current system’s lack of compasion, etc. The 1% make the old Reagan welfare queens look like pikers in the Entitlement department. 

  • jack

    Good comment. It really doesn’t matter who wins our next election. Obama is going to spend a billion dollars to get elected and that will come with a lot of payback to the corporate contributes. The republicans are already dedicated to corporate theft so we are really in big trouble now.

  • jack

    Support the amendment by signing the petitions for it helps a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Bill: I am enjoying your series on money and politics and have just finished “Winner Take All”.
    Please do no be afraid to use the word “facism” for what we have in this country. You basically gave its definition at the beginning of your second program.”The collusion of the government and financial institutions.” Corporations must be included as well.
    We now live in a corporate, facist state and it is foolish to try to deny it. As things continue to get worse, I predict you will hear “facism” referred to more and more.

  • Aengus

    Elsewhere on this site I said it was not going to happen to repeal “CItizens United”  (sic title considering the source)
    Thanks to this brief speech of hope I stand corrected. IT HAS TO BE REPEALED.
    Thank You Bill Moyers!! Welcome back.

  • Dawnburke46

    Both my husband and I watched your previous show for years and were visibly  upset when  o you went
    off the air. We are so glad you are back. Your reporting and interviews are insightful and honest.
    Thank you for explaining these situations we struggle to. These are hidden from most
    Americans and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the truth.

    David and Dawn Burke

  • Toddfboyle

    Isnt’ it amazing that the whole country is watching, in broad daylight, the auctioning of the 2012 elections to whoever has the most money for television ads? And the sheer stupidity of the American voter being proved, again and again– that they are capable of being influenced by television ads to such a degree?   Are we automatons?

    I almost don’t care whether Citizens United is reversed. It is inevitable that people will be fooled by propaganda, one way or another, until the light bulb goes off and they realize that they MUST immunize themselves to propaganda somehow, otherwise be enslaved. Our enslavement is by our beliefs — Not by physical chains.

  • Rathombill8

    Bill…thanks for your show. It gives me new hope for this country. I’m 69 years old and thought I’d seen everything, until our country almost revisited the great depression. What is the greatest puzzle? Why we keep trying to reenact the same crisis ( or worse) with our political discourse. One would think, listening to the Republican debates, that we’re ok, except for missing a few jobs. Keep speaking for the 99 percent!

  • Bcameron43

    Draft Senator Byron Dorgan for President. He is the only nationally known person to seem to really GET IT! As one of the 99%, I certainly would be glad to contribute to his campaign and I live in Canada.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Todd, it is the liability of our own minds that enslaves us. 
    Human nature must adapt rapidly to outrun Oligarch tricks.
    I guess Citizens United wouldn’t matter if nobody voted, and maybe just milled around like Occupies instead.

  • Anonymous

    Well, your definition agrees with that given by Mussolini anyway, and he should have known. We also enjoy Oligarchy because wealth and property are intensely concentrated in the 400 richest families, just like a banana republic. And besides that Sheldon Wolin (Democracy Incorporated) has explained how we are under “inverted totalitarianism.” So there are three conspiracies imprisoning America.
    President Obama seems to be welcoming a fourth malaise: police state.

  • Anonymous

    Welfare queens were largely a Reaganesque myth, like much everything else he described, but the entitled financial elite is undeniably real and is stealing trillions from the laboring masses globally.

  • Anonymous

    Your first hand testimony is priceless.

  • Anonymous

    First, curb that elephant Frank Luntz, then we can see Obama for what he is. 
    Why do you talking points people keep bringing elephants to every meeting.
    Who does that elephant represent?

  • Anonymous

    You know more than most people, vic. Maybe you need to do a little educational organizing. Would you like your story preserved? If so, email and we’ll arrange to send out a camera crew. No kidding.

  • Anonymous

    Here is the bald-faced truth, and very well stated.

  • Anonymous

    It depends on if you’re trying to catch anything.

  • Anonymous

    Give a free hog to every Occupier and maybe Congress will take notice.
    It’d be like a rerun of the Wild One- Marlon Brando/Lee Marvin 1953.

  • Jan

    I’ve always enjoyed your shows.  How come schools aren’t  teaching your type on honest journalism any more? Is just that students go for the money and not honesty, or is it because there is no place for it?
    Thanks and keep up the good work.  Jan

  • jack

    People can help end corporate personhood by signing the petitions that support the amendment to end the criminal supreme court decision on Citizens United.

  • Marty

    OK now we know who the Lobbying culprits are… so how do we stop them…?? Factual Information is power, so we need to make public every politician’s voting record and who is funding their decisions. Under this intense public scrutiny we should be able to know whose  voting for the 1% and throw them out of office.    

  • Francis55

    Bill I just started watching your show last week and am reading Reckless Endangerment. I have been saying for years that the only thing banks were interested in was lining the pockets of their executives. I have 2 children who have brought houses over the pass 5 years. One is now 30% under water and the other is in foreclosure. Yes some of this was there fault. But when the banks dangled golden carrots under their noses saying they could afford these places with little money down and very little credit history how were parents supposed to say I think you really shouldn’t buy at this time.  I would have cringed at carrying the mortgages they did. I was able to get my husband to watch your show last night and he too now agrees with what I have been saying. PLEASE get your message out to the American people. If Americans  think the President, Congress, (which has been brought and sold), big corporations, and banks are on the side of the American people, they are  living in a fantasy land.

  • Anonymous

    You ask “How Can Ordinary People Fight Citizens United?”

    Who are Citizens United and why would you want to fight them?

  • jack

    Citizens are locked up for creating ponzi schemes so why are Wall Street bankers rewarded for the same crimes.

  • leftofcenter

    One thing is to do something really big that will get the MSM’s attention. One person or a small group protesting does nothing. However, if you do this in a huge way, odds are some news outlet will cover it. Then, somebody else will pick it up. At that point it “has legs”. This means that it’s officially a story, and now everyone has to cover it.

    Just having a website with a petition section and a Paypal donate button isn’t enough.

  • jack

    Excuses to sit back and do nothing is the cowards way out. We can get rid of Citizens United by supporting all group petitions to end corporate personhood.

  • Anonymous

    The Supreme Court should hang their heads for this obscene horrible decision, what possibly made them think it was a good idea? What on earth must decent people around the world think? It is especially egregious at this time when we have been through so much.

  • 3toedkat

    I am so glad to see you back on the air!!  I just watched your show on the devision of liberals vs conservatives.  It was very informative and enlightening.  I am not sure if knowing the why’s of who and how we are will solve the needs that we are facing.   Polititcs and government, as explained by your guest, looks to me as if we are basically, for no better word to say, screwed.  I do personally understand the reverance of the conservative majority that value family, success and productivity.  I am greatful to be blessed — so far — in this life.  I am independent, productive and for these reasons, socially accepted.  However, I have experienced unforseen tragedy and felt helplessness and insecurity.  I was very lucky, at the least, to have small but enough opportunities at the time to overcome and go on.  I am an average and ordinary person amongst the huge majority of average and ordinary people.  So, “There, but for the grace of God, go I” resounds in my ears when I see others affected by life’s tragedies that can so easily befall me or anyone at any time.  Unforseen events that will cause a family to fall apart.  Unfortunate circumstances that can cause someone to loose everything and have no way out of despair.  Your guest said the conservative base refers to “carma”  and that it is up to no one else but the stricken to help themselves, as if they brought it and for that reason they deserve what comes or doesn’t come.  “Carma” can affect us all individually, communally, or as we can see peeking over the horizon, as a nation.  We all know success is acheived and deserved through hard work and persistance.  Your guest described the conservative view of anyone needing financial help as a “failure”.  I saw the clip from the republican debate refering to a healthy, young individual choosing to live without health insurance and it is the fault of that person for making bad choices if something happens to him.  That I can agree with.   But then I heard the crowd react to the additional comment that those who “fail” should be allowed their fate without any concience or action from society.  I beleive that needing assistance from society, should NOT (and I would like to say never, but that is not realistic) be looked apon as failure.  Inaction to help others IS the failure.  When listening to the debates and conversations I have only heard these kind of references about healthy, viable people who make wrong choices and then our tax dollars are left to pick up the tab.  Are they only looking at the careless people who screw up and then ask for a hand out because it is there for the taking?  It is certain that it is happening and it is wrong and it should be stopped.  However, that is not the norm, nor is it as common an occuance as these people fear and are lead to believe it is.  All good intentions invite corruption unfortunately.  But, we need to pay attention to the cry for help.  I am speaking for, if I may, about our mentally and physicall challenged.  About the unemployed mother of four who just lost her husband in a fire that destoyed their home and no way of seeing a bright future any time soon for her or her kids?  What about the child who didn’t choose the life that he or she was unfortuate to be born into?  What about the continually abuse and raped?  What about all the happenings in life that make up life?  What about our health and our ignorance to its’ timing?  I found out I had a brain tumor the same year my husband had his first heart attack at 44 yrs of age.  I then  had the tumor removed the same year my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer and had his second heart attack.  He passed away from his forth heart attack the following year.  I almost lost my home and my sanity many times.  But I held on and kept going.  I made it through.  It has been 12 years now and I don’t consider myself “successful” nor have I ever thought of myself as a “failure”.  I am just an average american story among many.  Not everyone can be successful and productive.  It cannot all be someone elses fault when they are down and it be up to them to make it out.  I feel it is very bad carma for us to turn our eyes away.  It is bad carma for us to vote not to give of our successes and our time, money and space to the “poorer of ourselves” because we are not like “them”.  Even though I do not want to be taken advantage of when giving to others, which of course, does happen;  I do not want to invite “carma” by pretending it is something that happens to others and then they must have deserved it.  I cannot agree or vote — with or for — people who value only self-help be for all and no help for one.  You weren’t discussing this issue tonight, but as far as the rich and their tax credits….. there seems to be just as many very rich people voting and campaigning to let the tax credits lapse as there are those that want to keep it all.  There are just as many very rich who are willing and ready to pay their fair share of taxes out of their income — just like we do — as there are those that want to keep their special treatment.  It is not all the “bottom feeders” wanting to take away what the very rich got.  It more like the very rich don’t want to stop that which they have been getting away with.  That is not success.  That is bad carma.   

  • fred

    You have a guest such as Johnathan Haidt (genius) who tries to explain to you about demonization and you end your show by demonizing Gingrich?  Hypocritical?  According to Haidt, you will reason why its not so I reckon this question is rhetorical.  Haidt will never get back those wasted minutes of his life will he?  People see through Gingrich without your help (and yes we know who Saul Alenski was and we are not as stupid and ignorant as you proclaimed), just as well as we see through Obama regardless of how you suggest we vote.  All Haidt wants is for you to do a better job of explaining what the role of Government should be and we should stop deomonizing and corruption (both sides).  That was the most awkward commentary following someone who was worth listening to by someone who was not and highlighted the very problem we have.  People like you just can’t help yourself, probably because you would have no show. 

  • Nationalprimary

    Thanks for publicizing Move To Amend.  But to comment on the–I would say the group “leading the way” is Democracy Unlimited.

  • Grady Lee Howard

    We embraced the worst Karma when we allowed gambling bankers at TBTF institutions to be bailed out and then to proceed with impunity to do the same all over again.
    3toedcat- most people who experienced the equivalent of what you suffered didn’t make it. The truth is that you can work hard, be prudent, get financially educated, buy the best insurance you can afford and still be ruined and die penniless. Romney wants to prune the “safety net”, but  most of the safeguards remaining are things we’ve paid for through deductions our entire working lives. He has plans for that money I guess. But he advocates taking a bite out of our bottoms, and Obama is not much better (failed to prosecute elite criminals and considers cutting SS and Medicare). Damn, how I wish a third party could emerge, but how can it with all these Traditionalist/pro-corporate PACS showering propaganda night and day?

  • Grady Lee Howard

    Can’t argue with you billionaire corporate execs and your giant computerized brains.
    Someday somebody will pull your plug though. (See HAL-2001)

    PS-thank you so much for confirming my suspicion that Dr. Haidt is a right wing shill.

  • jack

    Everyone that is not brainashed has seen through Gingrich. People have finally wised up to back stabbers and the tax evaders and their getting rich off the sweat of real workers.

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    Grady Lee Howard (unregistered) wrote, in response to fred (unregistered): Can’t argue with you billionaire corporate execs and your giant computerized brains. Someday somebody will pull your plug though. (See HAL-2001)

    PS-thank you so much for confirming my suspicion that Dr. Haidt is a right wing shill. Link to comment

  • GailPerin

    How can I find the article on ALTERNET about the ten things to do to fight the economic trend
    of conservatives and big money?
    Thank you

  • Jack

     You can google it. you can start here.

  • Anonymous

    Bill, am glad to see you back on on the air.

  • Draketravels55

    Bill, I like your program and guests very much.  May I suggest an area on this web site dedicated to what we the viewers can do to help change the problems you so intelligently discuss each week.

  • Wayne

    My wife and I just watch your program tonight Bill. We are growing more frustrated as people tell us what is wrong, but not how to go about fixing it. With no way to really express ourselves to what the country is doing to us today, we need some direction as to how to fix the situation. I know you had 10 things that we can do to try to help the situation, but in reading those we didn’t really find anything concrete that we could get up from our couch this evening and actually do something. Maybe I’m just not getting it, but the frustration level is getting to the point where we are just becoming more and more confused. I would like to see or hear what can we actually do, to bring our government back to us. We will continue to watch your program, and read what you write, but we will continue to look for things that can actually be accomplished rather than just being told what is wrong. Wayne and Judy Corrie

  • Nietadera

    It’s good to know that I’m really not crazy.  Your insightful, informative programs are a must- see every week, so I record them, to be sure I don’t miss out.   Wish more people watched PBS! 

  • Debbie Ferris

    I think movements like the Tea Party movement emerge because we no longer believe we are represented by our government only big business is represented. I wish Obama was a better educator so he could hammer home how taxes for public projects bring us together and help define our society. We do have to care about leaving debts for the next generation, but those debts include financial, environmental, and preparation for the future (education). Since they are competing issues we need real dialog and compromise to prioritize them. I’m grateful you came back to help us all have a civil dialog about the issues.

  • monica

    i think we all know what to do … GET ALL THE BUMS out of congress … they have the money( 1% ) – we have the number (99%)… so if 99% go out and vote instead of just moaning … we can change the balance in power… VOTE ALL THOSE WHO IN… OUT.. and let’s start fresh… and let’s vote for TERM LIMIT… enough of these people who make their seat in congress their lifetime seat.. they can do public good by going back to their community and start fresh by serving in their village/town/city legislatures with the experience they got in DC….  3 terms for everybody in office anywhere in the land.. local, state, congress, senate  ALL OUT after 3 rounds.. not ifs, ands or buts.. the only buts is like “kick their butts out”….
    People are afraid and say .. can’t throw the good ones with the bad ones.. they are all BOUGHT.. so there’s no good ones .. once they are in DC too long..
    Get the votes OUT and get the Bums OUT in November…  

  • Widmanca

    Mr. Moyers,

    Let me insert myself into the dialog of this liberal echo chamber.  The real question you should be asking is,  “why would an objective journalist want to “FIGHT” Citizens United?”  Do you really believe that it is appropriate to use government run TV and radio, to defeat a political foe?  (Hmmmm, Hugo does).  

    Those who cannot argue the substance of the issues and rely on funding from  giant wealthy foundations and government airways should weigh this question carefully.  To be taken seriously, you must be willing to meet us conservatives on the issues, in the real world, in the public square where every idea and everyone wins on merit, not protected handouts.     

  • Widmanca

    So every politician should likewise be thrown in jail for creating the biggest ponzi schemes ever imagined by humankind.  Oh, and playing in these schemes is mandatory!  Unlike government, you don’t have to put your money in trust of a Wall Street banker–that’s your choice.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Winmanca – we MUST protect the freedom of those who have the most money, to control the media.  We must defend the freedoms of those most ambitious, and intelligent. Those most Cunning, Long of Fang and Fleet of Foot so they can accumulate endless wealth and enslave all of us to low wage jobs. So that they can capture the economic surplus of the world and commoditize all labor to the lowest amount of food and housing that will sustain human life. 

  • Anonymous

     Read your history Widmanca.  The government is the institutional response of We the People to defend ourselves against tyrants. And yes– it’s mandatory.   It is by force, because tyrants and gangsters operate by force.   Why do we have to rehash Civics 101?  The topic of this discussion is maintaining freedom of speech and freedom of the press, when monied powers capture control over the media (and the emergent Internet commons) and thereby control the minds of the people.

  • Anonymous

    The U.S. is a power hierarchy.  It’s not really a democracy.  Americans vote in elections based on their beliefs and desires but the problem is, these are determined by institutions of mass culture (the pulpit, the schools, and the media).  The indigenous beliefs of our forbears no longer exist, regardless whether your forbears were European or any other indigenous peoples.

    These institutions are not controlled or influenced equally by all Americans. They are controlled by people who are, essentially, wealthy oligarchs who control the funding. Here is the short version,

  • David Kennedy

    Here we go again……We are not a democracy.  We are a republic!!!  We’ve never been a democracy!!!

  • David Kennedy

    The only thing he get’s is special interest money.  You’ve been buffalo’d!

    The president and republican candidates are more then happy to take this big money!  You’re country is screwed!  The only hope we’ve got is Ron Paul.

  • Anonymous

     David: why does special interest money matter??  ANSWER: because it all goes into TV advertising and other PR gimmicks.  Why does that matter?  ANSWER: because people are so disastrously uneducated and unskilled in all things of psychology, consciousness, philosophy, or the mind.  How did they get so disastrously stupid? people were smarter 3000 years ago in classic Greece, Persia etc.   ANSWER: the persistent burning of libraries, killing of intellectuals and dissidents, and takeover of the propaganda systems, religions, schools, and the press.  SOLUTION: fight for media democracy, universal education to K12 plus college.  Take back the church’s territory that they have usurped: the domain of the inner self and the mind. It is OURS, it is not the Pope’s.   Freedom is in the mind.  It’s not something Ron Paul can give you, or Citizens United can take away.  That’s why they call it inalienable.

  • bcameron43

    This weeks show was in part a disappointment for me. The first part with Kathleen Jamieson was very valuable but the poetry part did nothing to contribute to my understanding of why the US is in such a mess. I want to hear and see contributors who help me understand what has happened to turn the US into such a terrible country and more important to give me ideas on how you (I live in Canada) can get out of this mess. Poetry does none of that. 

  • Julie Rice

    Bill – I am so glad you are back on the air.  We finally get informed discussions about the topics and issues that most affect our daily lives and the future of our nation.  It is so sad that we no longer can talk with one another.  Bruce Bartlett nailed it on the head as to why it is so difficult to convey facts to people who only listen to messages that support their belief systems.  Thank you for coming back on the air.  I thought maybe you had given up on us!!

  • ggon it

    Would someone please enlighten me on my thinking that if Citizens United has a vote, isn’t there one person in that group that also has a vote – so therefor there is one too many votes?

  • Jack Everett

    Citizens United is not a person it is a corporate lobby and corporate personhood does not make a company name a living entity.

  • Eric30189

    I just found this show on PBS by accident yesterday.  But I love it.  Bill is wonderfully informative.  He’s speaking on important and vital issues of our day.  This is MUCH needed.

  • Theresa

     It’s so frustrating! I haven’t read all of these comments, but I share the sentiment many have expressed. I came here after reading Bill Moyers’ Nation of Change op-ed on 99% Spring in which he encourage us to come over and find out how we can take action. I’m a big fan of Mr. Moyers, so I came. But—we know what to do! From Lysistrata to Cesar Chavez, the lesson has been clear: the only thing that will get attention is targeted boycotts. Marching in the streets is the same as whining. You have to make them care. If tomorrow someone like Bill Moyers told us to close our Bank of America accounts for example, and if all of us responded, don’t you think quite a few would sit up and notice?

  • Jim_mcg

    The individual can’t do much but the PAC can actually become empowered by Citizens United. Until now political ads have been about the candidates–either positive or negative. But now when individuals like Sheldon Adelson buy-in with tens of millions of dollars for one candidate, the opposition should make him pay by making him a target of political ads. Adelson was on the financial ropes in 2008 after losing a fortune under Bush/Cheney. He made back upwards of $20 Billion under Obama but turns around and endows first Gingrich and then Romney to the tune of more than $100M and the exclusion of Obama. Democratic PACs can only say so much about Romney. Now they should also make ads that put an Adelson on the hot seat and ask the American people is this they type of reckless gambling with recovery you want to reward and validate with your vote? What about the Koch Bros. or Harold Simmons, the ancient fossil who in his last years of life wants to build a nuclear waste dump near the biggest aquifer in the nation? If they want to pony up tens of millions to buy in, then we should make sure Americans know who they are really voting for. This gives Obama an edge. Romney is what he is–but when you trot out these nuts buying the process, even the unsophisticated know what the sensible choice is.

  • jack

    The only way to defeat corporate personhood is through an amendment. Amendments have been created by senators as well as petitions to sign showing support for the amendment. The Supreme court is majority fascist and will not reverse it’s ruling and the president has no say in amendments so it’s up to the public to work together and forget party politics or Citizen United will continue to buy every elected office in the country.  Do not forget Citizens United allows foreign money to influence our election also. Only congress and the states can amend the constitution so it’s up to the public to win this fight.

  • Christopher Gray

    Gary Johnson 2012. You might be more Libertarian than you might think.

  • NativeThings

    Allowing corporations to have a vote, in the form of corporate personhood, is absurd if for no other reason than that every person within the corporation already has the right to vote. An extra [and very powerful] vote awarded to a collective is inappropriate simply on that basis, in addition to the others presented here.