A Letter From Bill Moyers

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Two years ago, thanks to the generosity of some unexpected funders and the loyalty of long-time funders, I came out of retirement with a new weekly series, Moyers & Company. Since then our team has kept a steady focus on some of the vital nerve centers of democracy: Money and politics. Economics and inequality. The world’s endangered ecology. Citizen participation in democracy. The power to inform and inspire.

We took a multimedia approach by producing programming designed for TV, web, radio and social media, and we’re impressed with the response. When New York Times television critic Mike Hale picked his “top ten” list of television shows for 2012, they included PBS’s Sherlock, TNT’s Southland, FX’s Louie, AMC’s The Killing, Showtime’s Homeland, CBS’s The Good Wife, assorted HBO documentaries and Moyers & Company. The headline read, “Still Going Strong: Detectives, Killers and Bill Moyers.” That one’s a keepsake.

So are the messages we received from viewers. Of the thousands we have received this one is a favorite: “Your show brings me to tears, and laughter, and gives me that most dangerous of gifts: hope. Thank you for that.” In turn, my team and I thank public television and radio stations for giving us the chance to serve our audience.

Although our final broadcast will air on January 3, we are exploring the possibility of continuing to serve our audience through BillMoyers.com with the goal of engaging you in the renewal of democracy. As of today, we have over 320,000 “friends” on Facebook and their number grows every day by the hundreds. They — like so many of our viewers — take their citizenship seriously.

We’d love to hear from you, our viewers, about what you’d like to see on BillMoyers.com going forward. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. And thanks again for watching.

— Bill Moyers

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  • Anonymous

    All of us who have been with Bill Moyers since the late 1960s via Bill Moyers Journal and the late great Jack Sameth as producer realize this was not a very good tv broadcast. Bill with more eggheads in a studio railing about the Tea Party or the woeful state of campaign finance reform etc. But,who wants a world without Mr. and Mrs. Moyers so the online version should have webcasts with Bill and a poet or Bill at a school or Bill telling us why Lyndon Johnson escalated Vietnam so tragically and swindled a lot of broadcasting stations in Texas before that. We are geting older and sometimes we want to pass on wisdom to the grandkids on how to be better and not get young kids killed in vain. Bill Moyers will get great eulogies from Charlie Rose and Ted Koeppel later but for now,make the website about what we can do better. No more egghead professors,please.

  • Anonymous

    Any reduction in Bill Moyer’s involvement in video programming is a disaster for what is left of our tattered democracy. I’m often astounded that there is still one Texan with Southern Baptist roots who couples the notion of a Godly life with helping the meek and downtrodden. I *so* much wish that there were more like him.

  • Melissa L.

    Any and every subject you find worthy of talking about is what I’m interested in. You uncomplicated a very complex world. Every time I engage in an interview I come away understanding so much more than I ever hoped or expected to. You have a gift, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing it. Kudos to everyone who makes the show the quality program it is.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Bill. Remember when I was your driver in Aspen for one week? ca, 1984? Met your parents!

  • Bill Gatliff

    Bill Moyers needs to help us find or train the next “Bill Moyers”.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Bill. Remember when I was your driver in Aspen for one week? ca, 1984? Met your parents!

    ~Harry Davis

  • Christine Owens

    Well, for those of us who still have any hope for the future of our nation and world — which I do, despite everything — Bill Moyers is a big reason for that hope. Mr. Moyers has pointed out problems and used research from multiple sources to provide the evidence, then goes on to highlight research that is working on solutions — using not only scientific, but also humanitarian and philosophical perspectives to provide those solutions. We need Mr. Moyers and his tireless staff to keep working. Thank you for the awesome work done to date. I frequently re-post the information provided on Facebook.

  • Trevor Rose

    I would like to see a serious look at the fundamental flaws of economics … interview people who can accurately describe the reasons why monetary economics will NEVER be ecologically sustainable, no matter what changes we make or technology we invent … and then if you want to know the detail of what the solution is, interview me, because I have been working on it for 20+ years

  • Anonymous

    I have really enjoyed the stories you have brought forth. I would like you to continue to bring to light stories of the homeless, elderly, disabled, under and unemployed and those struggling to maintain their middle class lifestyle as well as the stories on the corruption that is so prevalent in government right now. .

  • Larry Mestas

    Always loved your show and the videos on your internet You shows has always shown us what’s wrong with the world and the USA . All good things must come to and end, I will still seek your information out. Good luck on your next adventure Bill Moyers

  • Mike

    Thanks so much. Please do what can be done to keep this kind of work on TV.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. Bill, can you get onto this before you fade away?

  • Anonymous

    This would be such a better country if everyone watched your show.

  • Jim Bennett

    Your program is a light in the darkness, a beacon of hope in a troubled democracy. Please continue to speak truth to power. Your insightful, intelligent programs are a vital antidote to the garbage which pervades the media these days. Our nation (and our world) is better with you and your program!

  • Anonymous

    Speak for yourself, Mark. Articulate egghead professors are a national resource. If they hold unconventional views and can state them clearly then they do a great service. Where else will we get to hear them than on a Moyers-like PBS forum?

  • Anonymous

    Bill, your show has been a lighthouse in the harbor for so many…Thank you.

  • Evie Dorsey

    Your broadcasts have empowered me anew as an aging comrade from East Texas, a staunch conservative bastion. I live in Dallas now and am starved for the in-depth education provided for all of us through your interviews. I hope you are able to find funding for more television, but I will make time to follow you on line as well. I often go back and review the shows. With much appreciation~

  • Julie

    Why? Has PBS pulled the plug, or are you tired of doing it?

  • ginarnold

    In a time when genuine news is so hard to come by, it will be a great loss to loose one of the very few sources of real news. Politics is not the only thing that has been pitifully corrupted by money but the so called news shows, the operative word being ‘show’, also have been bought by a dangerous group of people. One could say it is even dangerous when the public looses such a great informative program.

  • Abby

    Please continue the TV show!! It brings light and often times laughter, and people who engage in deep reflection on the human spirit – i.e. Wendell Berry, Parker Palmer, Judy Collins. You respect the audience’s intelligence, and you don’t shy away from telling it like it is. Bravo. Continue to interview people who are doing good work despite the terrible state of things, who are creating social movements, focusing on civic engagement, making us feel alive through their art, music, writing; please don’t go away 😉

  • Dean

    I’d like to see an interview with Gar Alperovitz, who has some interesting ideas about how we can reclaim our democracy from the corporate-state thinger that runs our lives now.

    Thank you and all your staff for your great work facilitating the public dialog.

  • Ada

    Please continue to educate People. The hope I get personally helps me struggle through another day of the mess our World has become. Not everyone has internet or even gets on social media & PBS is critical for those who need to know the truth & all sides of the issues. The COMPASSION you radiate when you speak makes even the most stubborn, stop & listen. So many my age dismiss the internet but they respect & watch PBS. Hope you can do both. Ada

  • Jackie

    well Bill, I’ve always respected your integrity and your intent on serving up honest and informative journalism. Unfortunately I don’t see your show because we just don’t watch T.V. much but I am a friend on face book and really look forward to hearing whats happening from you…because it’s sometimes the only place that the truth is being told these days. So please, whatever you do, don’t stop your face book info. And thank YOU so much for the work you do and the information you provide. God Bless.

  • jtenn

    I was “late” in finding Bill Moyers.” Truckers spend a lot of time away from home.

    I would like to see discussions regarding a way over, under or around the “vested interests” endlessly spewing their mindless lies regarding Americas “place in the world economy”

    We have the dubious distinction of producing the “world’s currency”. The least our leaders could do is explain to us how a sovereign currency works! In all truth, how many know where money actually comes from? I know; :the mint or the treasury…”
    Point being the countries’ wealth originates as accounting entries that no banker or hedge fund manager ever had to actually sweat to earn.

    Modern Monetary Theory tells us the House appropriates as needed, the President signs into law, spending bills and the money materializes where needed. No debt to out grandchildren or any of the rest.

    We are being duped beyond comprehension regarding the source of money in a sovereign nation, which because of those vested interests, creates money as debt instead.

    There are experts out there that can explain this. Find them (and learn.)

  • Polly Reed

    You have done a great service to our country and your viewers, In the desert of true journalism you are a shining light, Bill. Please don’t stop on your journey and we will go with you, wherever.

  • Trish Noll

    i would love for you to just keep doing what you’ve been doing. you give me hope for the future

  • Eddy Foster Beard

    I do not want you to go away. Your show is the best, most informative show on television. Please find a way to stay on the air.

  • Ron Ross

    Please do!!

  • JMCornwell

    You seem to be the only source that neither Democrat nor Republican will call partisan.

  • Sib Petix

    I’ve been sharing your columns on FB and referring to you as ” the conscience of the nation.” Keep on doing exactly what you are doing.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with many comments, let us know how to keep the program on broadcast. I think programs that cover the incredible wealth inequality is an important public service. Unfortunately, those who would benefit the most from that type of programming probably aren’t on broadband and get their information from PBS and other local stations. Also, please have more guests like Wendell Berry, his poetry and world outlook reaches deep into one’s heart, simply beautiful.

  • cstrings

    Keep it going on-line! You would not have to wear a suit for the broadcasts! Your voice and ideas are crucial now more than ever. Thank you for your service to humanity.

  • Mimi

    …I can count on you to tell the TRUTH!!! THANK YOU!

  • Lyn

    You are more than a journalist Bill Moyers & Company – you are an educator and a heartfelt advocate who illuminates, recognizes and validates the lives of common good people. I will always remember your first closing remarks (when you retired the previous time) – saying that you ‘look at your audience and see not a group of consumers…. but a group of citizens’. Long live community. Please keep your ideas and perspectives coming!

  • Scobos

    You are the only source I have for JOURNALISTIC presentation. So great to have you on our team. I only hope that more will hear the truths and perspectives you give us and that your group can continue to challenge the status quo. Good luck on your “re-retirement” and thanks SO MUCH for coming back at a time when you are needed most. Bless you and yours.

  • Anonymous

    Keep posting on Facebook!!!

  • Jon

    WHAT!?! No!!! This is terrible! Was this planned? Where will we go now for insightful honest journalism and a logical viewpoint! Frontline has gotten soft, 60 minutes was dead years ago… What next, the PBS Newshour turning into veiled propaganda and ads like the major network news shows? Terrible. This was my favorite show on television. Besides PBS Newshour there is no reason to even turn on the TV. Anyway, thanks Bill, it was great while it lasted…

  • Kevin Logan

    Moyers almost single handidly holds up what we understand journalism to be in the entirety of the US. He is unparalleled.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1369486967 Thomas Hazard

    Mark, The use of the adhominem term “egghead” suggests you do not like educated people and may have a dislike for intellectuals who graduate from the best schools in the world! Sorry to hear you post so fatuously.

  • Anonymous

    Please say it isn’t so. I feel like broadcast tv is like a minefield. I now rely on you and sometimes Charlie Rose to truly do an interview. I’ve always thought you had more freedom or are perhaps braver than Charlie. This news just brings me closer to the view that television is dead.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1369486967 Thomas Hazard

    It will take at least two anchors to cover your territory Bill! I suggest replacement be a duo , one be male and the other female.

  • johnnyomaha

    Bill Moyers! What can I say..If he were running for President I would VOTE for him!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot even begin to imagine a world without Bill Moyers on television, in print, on the internet and everywhere else.

    I am so grateful that you decided to continue sharing your sterling and ethically balanced programming with us. The world is a better place because of you, Mr. Moyers.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to hear about the broken workers comp systems and how they are harming many workers with omissions of truth in our care so our claim are denied.

  • Anonymous

    In a world where we can no longer tell journalism from Uncle Bubba’s Medicine Show, Moyers & Company is a well-lit path through the wilderness. Please don’t stop telling us what we HAVE to know in language so unmistakable that even those who don’t want to, have to understand.

  • JoAnnSchlott

    I just found you

  • Kris Rhines

    In today’s “sensational journalism”, the GOP propaganda machine has effectively neutered the main stream media by its constant criticism and accusations of bias. Most are afraid of reporting accurately for fear of backlash. Couple that with the shortening attention span of many Americans who get their news from a 30 second sound byte or a false and misleading post on social media and who knows what to believe unless one checks several reliable sources on the web(not bloggers). Thankfully there are still people like you out there Bill who cut through the crap for us and give us reporting we can depend on and trust. In this day and age you are needed more than ever Bill! Hopefully more will follow your lead and will have the courage to do what any population needs, fair and unbiased
    reporting without fear from a propaganda machine who relies on the ignorance and prejudices of its people!

  • Sean Riley Mitchell

    Right, let’s hear it for anti-intellectualism in American life. This is the last place I’d expect to see animus against erudition, but this comment explains how someone like GWB ever got elected president and why the mainstream media remains so moribund. Bill Moyers & Co. was GREAT television in my opinion.

  • trishT

    I continue to be transfixed by your broadcasts after many many years. I am sincerely looking forward to future shows. Where else can you get newsworthy topics covered in an humane forum by such a galant host. Cheers to Moyers & Company!

  • maggieg

    Everyone should have a bit of retirement. Except Bill Moyers! I hope you continue with thoughtful, in-depth discussions on the web because you seem to be the only one doing thoughtful and in-depth anywhere. I also hope you continue to find the “egghead professors” (to quote a previous commenter). Everyone else seems to be content with pundits and you always find the people with the real credentials. Thank you Bill!

  • Becky Palmer

    I understand how life can be when it comes to change. So whatever changes you decide to make in your life, Mr. Moyers, I hope they are good for you. But please, keep your voice out there for the people to hear. Please keep a bulwark against the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. It’s always a pleasure to see common sense in what’s being said and thought.

  • Doctsc

    I know you are getting old, just as I am, but I need to hear your voice. Keep on keeping on, and goddamn it, train some replacements!!

  • George Oppel

    What I most admire about Bill Moyers is his skill as an interviewer. Bill actually researches his guests and reads their books. That’s rare enough and it makes the questions thoughtful and precise. Even better, Bill lets his guests do most of the talking. And they speak eloquently because they know Bill has read their stuff and is listening carefully to their answers. Bill is never confrontational. He listens respectfully, and yet, when he needs to he can draw blood. Most of the time, though, like a good teacher, he brings the best out of other people. Thank you for being such a great interviewer, and I hope others will study your technique and learn.

  • MSJ

    Absolutely. Maybe do it more bite-sized. If you do this as an online venture, you can be more nimble. 1. You do not have to wait to edit the whole thing. 2. It can still be licensed at a later date, (charlie rose). In my humble opinion, your in-depth interviews are the heart of the show, but so many of your viewers want to display the activism that you did when you were younger. Perhaps the “show” is now you doing excellent interviews and introducing some digital producers to perhaps do peices for you to comment on. Think Matt Taibbi on Banking. Heather McGhee on poverty and inequity. This way your product becomes younger without becoming weaker. Further, it’s sustainable. You can continue your excellent work just maybe a little less so. Lord knows you deserve it.
    So these video stories could appear every week to start the conversation. It could be on Youtube Vimeo and served right here. Using your excellent social media team and your ‘Correspondents of Bill.’ it would drive news during the week and make a difference on policy. You could then package those into a “show” coupled with your excellent interview and impressions of the top stories.

  • Karen Gordon

    You are the only true journalist left it seems. I don’t know what we would do without you. But I am here to volunteer my services in any way needed to keep the information flowing. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

  • Louise Margarite

    Mr. Moyers, well done, good and faithful public servant

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! I just learned about Gar Alpervitz from your post.

  • Michael Swanson

    You are much loved. You are much needed. I, like many others would kick a few bucks into the pot if you need that for continuing witn all you do.

  • Elise Hernandez

    I need you to keep going Mr. Moyers. You are one of the true intellectuals of our time- intellect filled with compassion, integrity and a purveyor of hope just when the world reaches a brink. Thank you.

  • Carol Wright

    Geeze, don’t scare us like that. I kept expecting the other shoe to drop…but you are apparently staying. You are Decency incarnate…well, you know. You are. One of the Decent ones and long may you reign!!!

  • Larry M. Warren

    I am especially troubled by the growing list of private prisons i the country, including almost all of the ICE detention centers that hold undocumented persons. This $5 Billion a year for profit industry is WRONG, and we are all paying for it. The entire immigration system has to be fixed but this is one of the very worst parts, separating families and destroying lives. There are courts inside the detention centers that are not accountable to any other part of our Justice system, and instead of the required 90 day wait for a first hearing, many detainees wait for 5-6 months or even more before their case is first heard by a judge, this is cruel and unusual punishment, even though according to ICE regulations these individual do not have “rights because they are not citizens. Every once in a while a citizen is “accidentally” detained, and spends a long time in prison before being released, but no apology or compensation is offered. One of the worst things I have heard is that children of immigrant families, who used to be placed in State Foster care systems have been unable to be taken care of by the states because of huge budget cut-backs in all state governments, so it is my understanding that they are beginning to build Children’s Detention Centers, which I think is absolutely outrageous! I chair a community group called the Roundtable which tries to help detainees and their families here ion Tacoma, WA, where the third largest center in the country is located, with over 1600 persons incarcerated, mostly men and mostly Hispanic. Please help more people be aware of how we are being abused by this corporate greed in the disguise of “helping” our government, while helping themselves to billions every year. Larry M. Warren, retire3d United Methodist Pastor, and Chair of the Board of the Northwest Detention Center Roundtable. revlmw@msn.com, 253-588-1679, 3739 N 30th St, Tacoma, WA 98407

  • Anonymous

    I agree the CCC is a huge problem. Nothing says “jail the citizens” more than a for profit prison system. Also I have to wonder how many judges are getting kickbacks for sending people to prison for minor offences.

  • Jeremy Fretts

    You are a national treasure. I hope you and your team can keep doing what you do on any media platform for as long as you arevwilling and able.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Moyers how about receiving funding through Kickstarter. You certainly have enough people who will fund your program for another few years. We need you especially during these times. I propose you being a Kickstarter project and you will be funded asap. Sincerely, Sherri Rosen, NYC

  • Dan Uff

    I second that!!!

  • Qrd Benjamin

    Dear Bill, dear Moyers & Company Team,
    I don’t own a TV but I watch (or listen to podcasts of) every episode, read almost all of the articles you produce and recommend; I follow you on Facebook and regularly refer friends, family, students and colleagues to your site. The simple reason being that you produce some of the best journalism currently out there. You do more than just ask the right questions, because you ask the right people questions I would not even have come up with. That way your guests educate me on whatever their field of expertise may be, while you educate me in how and where to look for information. For the love of sanity/humanity/reason/god, please keep doing what you are doing!

  • Annielaural

    please continue with what you know you do best. I realize the time and energy consumed by this reporting is immense and am most appreciative. I will continue to follow your words and the words of those who choose to be your colleagues..a fine group of integrity filled human beings, thoughtful, balanced, and straight forward. We are blessed that you all do good works on our behalf.

  • Anonymous

    The deepest regrets that your observations will be a bit limited, but like Jim Hightower, you are indeed the real “eyes of Texas.” Muchismos gracias maestros.

  • Pamela Harmon

    Ditto, Jeremy’s comment. I have followed you through my adult life and consider you my touchstone for intelligent, compassionate and brave journalism. You are a hero and I am grateful.

  • Brian Falicki

    My day would not be complete without hearing your views.

  • William Kosinar

    Uncle Bubba’s Medicine Show ! OMG I heard about them on the Faux Network broadcasts.

  • Petunia

    Please stay around in whatever form you can manage. We need balance in public discourse more than ever. We also need your example of responsible journalism.

  • Karlheinz Groeger

    Please keep the web site going! You are a voice of reason, in a sea of the ignorant and gullible!

  • Russ

    you have not explained (or I have not seen it) the reason this run ends in Jan — what gives??

  • Oyvind K. Nilsen

    Thank you so much for your program! A program where conscience is the guiding principle, so neglected elsewhere in broadcasting.

    I have a request:
    Please take a good look at classical homeopathy. Don’t dismiss it as easily as other
    broadcasters do. Look at its 200 years history with its
    superior results in the treatments of epidemics and in institutions
    like mental asylums. It is a subject that requires close
    examination into both its theory and application as an alternative
    way of looking at and treating diseases.
    Surely it is no easy task to get consistent results knowing that
    only the correct remedy will at any given time will lead to
    improvement. But take a serious look at the
    potential. I suggest you check out International Academy of Classical
    Homeopathy, founded and run by prof. George Vithoulkas, Greece,
    recipient of the Alternative Nobel Price, awarded him by the
    Swedish Parliament in 1996.

    Oyvind K. Nilsen, Oslo, Norway

  • rosanna wong

    Enjoy most of your commentary after each broadcast.

  • Steve Hendricks

    A function democracy depends on a well-informed public, and this is one of the few sources of good information. Are there any plans to try crowdfunding or setting up donations to keep the broadcasts going?

  • Mary O’

    My heart is broken to know you won’t be on PBS any more — you are the highlight of my week!! — but if you must leave that home, you must.
    I just beg of you to not leave us entirely!!! — I am one of your Facebook friends and always am grateful to see what you’ve posted there.
    Thank you for all you’ve done for us over the years – we’ll look forward to whatever you do in the future.

  • mary v

    Please continue! You are a gem and you do offer hope where there is very little. God bless!

  • Lynn Kirby

    Bill, this is sad news indeed. I have really enjoyed your weekly program and never miss it if possible. I hope somehow that the program will continue if it is money that needs to be found. It is the most insightful program on television and highlights the parts of our current culture that must be addressed and fixed and where we have gone wrong. It’s the horrible wounds this country and our people are suffering that never see light in the corporate media. We really need your insight and commentary to define and highlight the issues. I will be a fan of your website in future and hope somehow you can continue with my favorite television program

  • Saralea

    Maybe a regular spot on the PBS Newhour?

  • Anonymous

    Just remain a voice of reason and yes, please, keep the website going! A newsletter, podcasts, whatever! :)

  • Michelle Duval

    Bill Moyers you are a truth teller in a sea of misinformation. Our world needs you to bring us what we need to know, even if it means that it is something we don’t want to know. We need you to continue your hard work bringing us stories that no other giant media corporation will do. I will miss you on the TV but will continue to follow you on the web.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Moyers is an American treasure. Mr. Moyers continues to amaze me that he has kept producing great TV w/ so many bumps in the road at an age when many call it quits. Thank you, sir.

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean–“Final broadcast”?

  • http://www.shirleyshowalter.com/ Shirley Hershey Showalter

    You are amazing, Bill Moyers. Yes, you do bring me to tears, and laughter, and indignation, and inspiration. You’ve even brought me to action. No one has made me care more about our disappearing democracy more than you. Blessings on the next stage of the hero’s journey you are living.

  • Marian

    I want to cry. I can’t imagine not being able to hear your calm and soothing voice, see the nuances of your body language. Please stay on the air!

  • Maia Schneider

    i would really like to volunteer with organizations who have the specific goal of campaign reform and getting money out of elections and elected officials. any help you can share with your readers/watchers in connecting with proactive non profits engaged in these goals would be much appreciated! And…I share with others the keen sense of loss of not being able to “tune in” to your voice and face. You’re a hero.

  • Anonymous

    You are so important to the people who need the truth to be told in a time when we are so inundated with misinformation and malarkey. We need you.

  • Joanne

    I am not sure if anyone has said it, but crowd-fund the program, Your viewers will support it. We’d feel privileged to support it…

  • Christian Sweningsen

    Please, please, please, keep it up! You and your work are so fundamentally essential (yeah, redundant)! Such a breath of fresh air, inspiration and hope! Affirmation!

  • Chris Mak

    Noooooo! Please don’t leave us! But if you must, please do keep on keeping us informed on BillMoyers.com. We need you in this world of disinformation.

  • Rosemary Claus-Gray

    You are a reasonable and rational voice in the midst of extremists. Please continue.

  • RRuss

    I would love to know if the fact that you are discontinuing your excellent and uncompromising show on NPR has anything to do with the Koch Brothers funding that was directly related to NPR’s failure to broadcast the Hillary documentary. Your show will be greatly missed.

  • Adam Abramowitz

    Please, please, PLEASE continue. We NEED more programming like yours. we can’t be stuck with CNN, MSNBC, and FIX News…

  • Phyllis Stenerson

    I tell people that if I could only have one source of information, it would be Bill Moyers. I particularly appreciate your deep understanding of the role of religion in politics. Few do. Please, please, please sending out your words of wisdom. Your perspective is critical in these really scary times

  • Xottawan

    We would love to see your show continue on the web, via Facebook and anywhere else you can put it. Good luck!You are one of the lonely voices of truth out there.

  • Joe Kimmell

    This household wants you to use any medium so long as you are there somewhere. We’ll be listening….and hearing.

  • robert ruiz

    All citizens of this republic should watch the insightful, information filled interviews you deliver week after week. Thank you.

  • Erin Finzer

    Hope sparks revolutions and pulls individuals out of depression. In an era of public depression, we need your voice. Please remain an active voice in some medium.

  • Thomas Theodore Welborn

    Unexpected. That Bill will be leaving the airwaves will leave a blackhole in the intellectual and moral universe that a thousand pundits and so called journalists supping at the teat of corporate owned media will never fill. A great man of vision. and
    Truth. God Bless Bill Moyers.

  • Anonymous

    Crowd fund! We need you.

  • Anonymous

    You are the best Bill!

  • Stephanie

    I’ll so miss you on tv, but then often follow up with your website. Your integrity, insight, and common sense approach are an inspiration.

  • JonThomas

    Mr. Moyers,

    There is arguably no one in media today who holds such in-depth conversations where your guests appear so comfortable. Your demeanor, along with your obvious, sincere desire to learn from, and allow your guest to shine, gives you an unparalleled ability to allow us, your audience to come to know them. For the many years you have shared your time with us, I have always felt as if I too was also right there in the room.

    Whenever my thoughts were… “I wonder what they feel about…” one of your next questions or statements would invariably elicit those very thoughts from your guest.

    I have always appreciated your efforts in bringing to our attention people and ideas who were often largely ignored by the mainstream. You have talked with people from all walks of life, and who see the world from every imaginable perspective, and you were never afraid to speak your mind.

    You have made my life richer, and have broadened my horizons. I am the better because of your presence.

    Thank you!

    As much as it’s true that any one human life may be insignificant in the grand scheme of things, you have played a role in reminding us that there is nothing as important as that any one human life!

    Please continue your efforts in whatever fashion you are able. Your shows, and this website, have always, consistently, highlighted the reasonable and the rational, regardless of ideology or perspective… please continue!

    I am overjoyed that our lives have seen a time where public commentary, and public discussion have returned. Not since a time when people sat around fires, Greek and Roman forums, hot cups of coffee, tea, and drink – where interested young people sat and learned at their elder’s feet, has society seen such opportunity to mature!

    The internet allows for some of the greatest of all encompassing, inclusive social discourse ever seen by humans. While the web also presents the largest opportunities since the printing press, it also offers the same old opportunities for abuse.

    So far http://billmoyers.com/ has become a bastion for the same integrity, rationality, and reasonableness that you have brought to your work, I hope it continues in that same spirit!

    Thank you Bill!

  • Richard Lentz

    Dear Bill: Thank you for the past two years of outstanding interviews on critical topics. You have provided hope that change is possible. Now we need to take action. We need to be able to access your interviews through a library collection, so that we can share them with people we know and in our communities – to spur action. My favorite recent one is the Peter Dreier interview. You asked very important questions. The dialogue produced great information. In the end my partner and I nearly cried with the hope that we CAN save our democracy and save this world for our grandchildren – and their children – to enjoy and steward.

  • Jacqueline L. Bellows

    Dear Bill,
    Thank you for coming out of retirement. Your nation and the world owe you a debt of gratitude. In a time where the mainstream media — and it may be this is the one thing that Sarah Palin got right in her life, by calling it the “lame stream media” — and our institutions of government have been so completely corrupted by money, you have been a source of light and truth.
    The citizens of our democracy cannot hope to address the many issues that we are facing — halting global warming, campaign finance reform leading to reform of our government, and reestablishment of social and economic justice — without accurate information. The voices spreading propaganda and disinformation have the megaphone.
    Please, do not discontinue your broadcasts. If there is any way to keep them on the internet, if not the air, please let us know what you need to make that possible.
    If it is not possible, please consider moving to a print platform, possibly only electronically disseminated. The people you interview are important voices that need to be heard.
    Individual citizens do not have the access you do to even know whom to ask to get complete and honest analysis of the situation we face.
    Please do not abandon us.
    Jacqueline Bellows
    Seattle, Washington

  • Marissa

    I work as a social justice educator. My colleagues and I listen to a lot of radio for information. and Youtube interviews. I can only speak to the way my community of radical educators works, but those are the media by which we are most greatly influenced and follow regularly.

  • Nevin Crouse

    don’t go!

  • Anton Prenneis

    Like everyone else here, I’d like to see you do this forever and ever. But in the face of life’s certain changes, please tell us what we can do to carry on your great legacy.

  • CJSeymour

    My heart sank when I read this headline. I’ve known this day would come, but like most of your fans, I kept pushing that unthinkable event back behind the curtains of my mind for years. Now, it has arrived. I feel like I’m losing my father all over again! It hurts so much to think of you not coming by to visit every week, I don’t know whether I’m grieving for myself or for the whole wide world. Sure, I want you to have free time with your family, and be able to write again, and take good care of yourself, all that is true … and yet, I’m selfish enough to want my baby granddaughter to grow up with you, as my daughter and I did.
    Bill, you are the last great voice of conscience in a world grown shallow and callously indifferent to principles of integrity and justice. May I just say that you were the first person to conflate Truth and The Sacred for me, and since that time in the ’70s, I have had absolute faith in your perspective. Always, without a single exception, I’ve been able to see a situation through your eyes and feel certain that it’s the highest viewpoint … without a single reservation, not one! I cannot say that about another living soul.
    Since I lost my dad when I was 18, you and Mahatma Gandhi have been my father figures, and many times I have wondered out loud if Gandhi would have been successful today, since there are so few who represent “the conscience of the world,” upon which he based his campaigns. YOU are that Conscience of the World today, Bill. There are others who love the truth, and intelligent reasoning, and peace, and the priority of the common good, but no one can stand as tall on their own merit and speak as eloquently about it as you.
    My grief tells me that there will never be another one just like you, but my faith chides me to remember how blessed we were to have had you at all, and such grace as that, if it remains with us, may yet provide a combination of extraordinary mind, heart and soul again, when we need it the most.
    Thank you for devoting your life to what really matters, Bill Moyers, and for doing it with such evolutionary brilliance. The professional role model you originated will shine long after you’ve retired from journalism, but the truly illuminated model of humanity that you have embodied and shared with us over your entire lifetime … that will live forever. With all due respect, you will be missed more than you could ever possibly know.

  • Anonymous

    Bill without your shining light, I lose all hope in our future as a nation. Even though our government is corrupt to the gills will lobbyists and the revolving door, you still give me hope in the power of free speech. Just maybe we can fix this corrupt democracy where capitalism has been in control since the Industrial Revolution and almost destroyed us in the Civil War. Yet I see in its final course, the destruction from within by aggressive governments like China using Unfair Trade War tactics. Using our own greedy capitalistic system, China figured out how to collapse our government and conquer us without firing a shot.
    I applaud you Bill, thanks

  • Russell Scott Day

    I am overcome with anger and reflecting grief and hatred pushed down for years as Confederates have shutdown government. The Confederate monuments all through the Southern states of the US provoke me. I will do all possible to end the useless talk and see Confederate monuments to Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and all the rest of them Stonwall, Stuart, torn down, toppled, and blasted to bits.
    Revisit Wilmington, NC, in 1898 and hear of the killings. To this day the place is a racist battleground of divided peoples and hatred from one block to the next. Chicago and Detroit are ruined hell holes for visitors and relocating there alone is out of the question. In fact I am sure you understand why giving up works better than the consistent watering of hate with information.

  • cyrilla

    I missed Bill Moyers after he retired. And was so pleased and excited when Bill Moyers returned. I did not necessarily like Bill Moyers at first but learned to love him through the Joseph Campbell interviews. Now, Bill is one of my most important sources of news. Makes me think. offers educated perspectives. I believe that as technology develops, we can all participate at various levels to assist Bill Moyers to continue his work. Any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    Bill! You are so nice you could be a Canadian!

  • Anonymous

    Love watching Bill’s show……….and I’m Canadian. Too bad most Americans get their news from Fox.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so disheartened that we will be losing your voice, at least on television in the format we’ve known it. Your program has continued to inform and inspire me in times that often seem dark and without hope. Your voice is so important to us and I hope you will find ways to continue to bring your cogent analysis of the critical news of the day to our consciousness. Namaste.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, Bill, Bill. You deserve time to rest and retire, sir, but the last time you went off the air, it was a real loss to the rest of us. I hope you and your team will be able to retain the ability to access your singular vision and clarity of thought, bringing us provocative and important topics and people talking about them. All best to you, Mr. Moyers. You’re a treasure.

  • Anonymous

    OH, DEAR! NO! MOST of us don’t. Too many of us do, but not most of us. Unfortunately, the rest of our press here these days in on a modicum better. Yay, Canada. Nice to be a neighbor so close (I live in Vermont).

  • Anonymous

    I found you on Facebook and have come to depend upon you. again, for information and thoughtful articles. I don’t have TV so have never seen the show but I first discovered you during the Johnson admistration and have read your articles ever since whenever I could find them, and in those days I was a Republican! Forget TV, stay on the Internet, please!

  • Vic Garbarini

    Dear Bill, If ya go, we will hunt ya down and bring ya back, Even if we have to eventually use tin cans and string, we need you now more than ever, God Bless.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t go… I always look forward to watching. Your work is too enlightening and important to leave PBS viewers.

  • Laurel Keesler

    Seriously? That is a ridiculous statement.
    FOX is a joke and most Americans know that. I know many people who often comment on Bill Moyer’s program.

  • Linda Belans

    You are one of the only voices of truth in journalism. Please continue to inform us in any way you can!

  • Danielle Siembieda

    No! Don’t go! I rely on you. There is barely any reliable news stories on television any more. You have an obligation to the public to show good journalism. Please don’t leave us with the hacks that that claim to be news reporters.

  • Alice

    Dear Bill,
    We have welcomed you into our living room every week , eagerly anticipating the insight you always bring with your exceptional guests. Thank you so much! We will miss you!

  • Tom Cooper

    Bill This is so you can run for President in 2016 right? :-) Will miss the show and the truth and wisdom you provide

  • Betsy Oney

    The extreme danger to democracy of privatizing education.

  • Sarah Gordon

    Don’t leave us now, Bill Moyers! We need your strong voice, examining all sides of the issues.

  • Cyndy Clarke

    Why? is it lack of funding? is it PBS’s fault? We need you on TV BIll :(

  • Ron Quandt

    Keep up the solid and truthful work! I have enjoyed your articles and your show.

  • Colleen Flanagan

    I am thankful to alot of the social network development that has allowed important voices to continue past retirement on all sides – presenter and audience. I am encouraged that there are individuals like you and Parker Palmer as sane voices during such a devisive time. Thank you for treating your audience as informed, smart and caring people. And, as Green Sangha put it…Namaste’

  • Kai

    I am one of the many that value your voice and appreciate the clarity and integrity with which you approach the stories of our times.
    What I’d like to see going forward? More citizen engagement. More government accountability. An attentive and compassionate democracy. Less fear of the hard questions and issues of our challenging times. I think BillMoyers.com addresses all of these and then some. So – what I’d like is more.

  • Snuffy

    More of the same, Bill! You are a beacon of common sense, humanity, morality, vision, and education. Please please don’t stop – how else will we know the truth behind so many issues that affect us all?

  • Tom Lund

    Keep doing what you’re doing Bill! Your commentaries are always rock solid but they always have been!

  • Meyers

    would love to see Bill give a monthly talk for his website. Perhaps taken at home in a relaxed space, call it musings from the
    “Autumn Chair”

  • Sally

    Would love to see videos of ongoing interviews, if not with our beloved Bill, then with others who are of like mind, with access to all the facts pertaining to each subject, and please interview our smartest activists and intellects?! We need this information to continue!!!

  • nancy lowe

    Too choked up thinking of your no longer broadcasting to think further…You are my voice, our voice, you make my heart sing, you are a precious treasure.

  • oddjob

    If there were other journalists out there as prominent as you are and willing to say what you say I wouldn’t mind in the slightest that you want to end the show, but that’s not the world we live in.


  • Christopher Hill

    Bill, I have read, watched and listened to you for years. Your voice is essential in this world, please do not stop being who you are and keep on shining your light on this darkening world.

  • Paudeen Ostenson

    Dear Mr. Moyer, I have been a follower of you for years and you have taught me so much. The general news outlets are full of sensationalism and sound bites meant to keep the public afraid and no real information. Most broadcasters aren’t even journalists, just talking heads. You brought us information from both sides of the isle and the pitfalls that we as a country are going through and why.Thank you for all you have given us in the way of truth, when we are drowning in rhetoric and lies. Thank you for all the years you have given of yourself.

  • Anonymous

    You are a national treasure, Bill Moyers.

  • Progressive Patriot

    If you must go, I wonder why? Please say that your energies will then be focused on moving us forward, and away from the grasps of corporations and the 1%. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the powerful truth that you always supply. Oxygen and Light!

  • Michael Hughes

    Pass the torch, Bill. We need a “Karate Kid” finish for the end of “Moyers & Company.”

  • Eg Reckley

    Yes, always appreciate and am inspired by your commentary, Mr. Moyers. Especially interested in the state of our democratic ideals, how to keep them moving forward in this age of crony capitalism and deep-seated corruption. Admire your work. Thank you for exploring and taking advantage of whatever venue you find open for your voice.

  • Judith Vogelsang

    There’s nowhere else to find the thoughtful discussions you bring to television. Is there a way to extend the run of the program? You always manage to reveal the larger overview in any topic of concern, something always left out of other media coverage. We want — and need — more of Bill Moyers on TV!

  • Ann Harmon Cooper

    thank you sir. you are truth and hope……a real patriot.

  • Bernie Karpf

    Mr. Moyers — there aren’t many people i admire left but your one of them….

  • Roger Fierst

    Please remain involved. Please keep the information coming. You are an inspiration.

  • belleSUNNR

    We can’t have too much of a good thing! Hope you’ll keep us “tuned it” with accurate and insightful reporting and commentary. Current journalism, unfortunately, doesn’t always fill that bill…Moyers!!

  • Lolita Buxton

    Each day we got exasperated with media news as it was obvious media has been bought out. When turned to your program we sense, feel and know the truth is being spoken and reported. With that we regained hope and inspiration. Thank you from coming out of retirement; we so needed you and your guests to help us see what “actually” is happening and why.

  • Lila Suna

    We can hope for Bill Moyers t.v. specials …

  • SueJ

    Wherever you are we will find you…since our TV viewing is recorded over the air or off the computer and looking good on our widescreen…I’m hoping you continue your in depth interviews…and that we’ll never notice the difference :)

  • Lila Suna

    We can hope for a Moyers t.v. special …

  • Michael Parkinson

    Dear Mr. Moyers, I’ve been watching you for many years on PBS and reading your articles via Facebook and email. I am one of many who are counting on you to continue providing thought provoking commentary on life in America. Thank you for enriching and informing all of us.

  • Alice Hamett

    Thank you so much for all the enlightening discussions. You are a national treasure. Will miss seeing and hearing you, but will enjoy reading your posts!

  • scoopgal

    I need you to bring integrity, honesty, equality etc. to journalism. I started to cry thinking you were delivering a farewell message. Please stay connected and engaged as long as possible. My sincerest appreciation for what you do. You lead me to think and behave beyond my self interests. I’m grateful.

  • DarqueSideOfTheMoon

    Intelligent, insightful commentary. PLEASE keep it coming!

  • David Chaskes

    More than ever I appreciate the diligent effort you put into your interview preparation and story coverage. Your work constantly reminds me what the standards ought to be, and the importance of accurate media coverage in a functioning democracy. You’ve inspired many younger journalists to step up and be bold with our convictions and beliefs in the face of unprecedented spending on harmful propaganda and distortion of the truth. May we always have champions like you and your team, willing to swim upstream carrying the beacon of truth.

  • Paul Quesnell

    All this multimedia and web stuff is good, but I still find the “vast wasteland” of TV has the most impact upon me.

  • Chris Bledsoe

    Bill – your (and your team’s) contribution to true journalism is priceless. I hope you continue to investigate, report and comment on all the true issues of the day. I have only very recently discovered you – and I read and gather a lot of information from many sources. I hope to continue to be enriched by your fantastic reporting.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t go! We lost you once and can’t afford to lose you again.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Moyers has brought me a sharp critique, penetrating analysis, and a voice that “speaks truth to power” for decades. All I hope for is that this continues, to be a shining light to guide us through the dark and show us the full potential of democracy.

  • cagboulder

    whatever happens, please don’t let anything stop you…

  • Pat Goldberg

    I will be sad when the show ends. One of the best shows TV. Will miss it. Is it you Bill that wants to close it down ????

  • Anonymous

    You are the voice of american democracy! The best of USA!

  • Diane Rogers

    My heart’s broken that your program will be ending 1/2014. You’re my
    hero, Bill. But since you’ve asked what we’d like to see on your site,
    I’d still like to see the same kind of interviews of individuals
    involved in salient topics affecting our future, in the U.S. and the
    world, perhaps some by you (if possible) and by others of your caliber. They could be 15-30 minute interviews, a sort of
    Moyers Media (something like TED talks except with an interviewer).
    You’ve brought people to me that I would never know otherwise. I find it
    very powerful to see/hear responses to insightful questions from people
    who are in the trenches or who have studied particular subjects
    in-depth. Secondly, I very much enjoy your powerful essays that put
    topics in perspective in a comprehensive way that helps people truly get
    the issues, what’s at stake, and how they might help effect change. Thank you, Bill, for who you are and all you’ve done.

  • Michele Collier Norrid

    Admittedly, I read most of my news on the Internet, but Bill Moyers is very much a part of that equation. Although I do enjoy the produced and recorded interview segments. I hope that, no matter what, Bill Moyers will continue to provide his voice to current events shaping America. I know that he does his homework and it’s obvious how much he cares that people get the truth. He’s one of the few journalists that I trust!

  • ilovemylife5

    Say it isn’t so! Just this last week, I shared with a friend about your show, how it lifted me, even in this time of hard-to-be-hopeful. It is the truth-sayers that you bring forward that I would like to have you continue.

  • Julie Wigg

    I am in shock! and heartbroken. Your show has been the beacon of light in this disfunctional decade and gave me hope that sanity could return to the nation. I am greatly saddened by the thought that Bill Moyers will leave the airways. Please continue to offer a liberal voice.. if not on TV then BillMoyers.com. Thank you for being you.

  • t frytz

    Don’t go!!!

  • Amy

    You are my hero, Bill Moyers. And I mean it in the deepest sense. Your pursuit of what is right, decent, honest and fair makes me strive to do the same in my own little corner of the earth. You inspire me every day.

  • Sara

    Bill, you seem to me to be one of the only true journalists left. Democracy needs your voice. I appreciate all that you do! Please keep on.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love for you continue to offer new podcasts. I love to listen to them while running, and will miss them sorely if they are discontinued!

  • Anonymous

    Bill, I’m a Progressive activist here in Galesburg, IL. I hope that as time goes on, more people will start GETTING INVOLVED. You’ve sure done your part to make that happen. If you need to retire, we can certainly understand. Another hope is that someone will come along to carry on your work, as you did.

  • Alfreda Melvin

    Amen, amen, amen, and AMEN!!! to all of the previous comments. Virtually all of the current activity that is called “journalism” isn’t even close. YOU are a national treasure, and we need your even and well-researched commentary and guests. Please stay as active as you can!

  • Patricia Tingley

    Glad you will still be our voice and guide in these times! Count me a 84 y/o loyal viewer; have been with you since the early days!

  • Barbara

    You are an endangered species! Media without Moyers is a loss too painful to accept. You are the one who speaks truth to power in a sane and civil way. I need your perspective to navigate the threats to our democracy. Please don’t disappear.

  • Paul Kelly

    Here’s a chance – with a new BillMoyers.com – to have what the Democratic rank-and-file, and the planet, need most now: a bottom-up place from which to organize. We had terrific success with this concept when we organized the grass roots, ‘Michigan Volunteers for Kerry/Edwards’. It was the unions along with our
    organization that won Michigan for Kerry – in SPITE of the Democratic Party’s
    top-down rigidity. Because the techniques we devised have gone –
    apparently – undiscovered or ignored, even sites like MoveOn end up being just
    another top-down, ergo impotent, organization. Three of us organized
    all of Michigan in just a few months using the best ideas our organizing
    practices unleashed – one of us is, today, a Representative in the Michigan
    House. The energy that is needed now lies on the ground, in the streets,
    in knowing and meeting the people on your block, in your subdivision, in your
    town – who feel as you feel. And there are plenty of us. We are all we
    have, and, with one great site, we are enough. We on the Left are the
    smart ones, the fully-human – brains and hearts. We are quite capable of
    organizing ourselves – as MI Vol’s for Kerry proved. The awareness is there – but
    diffused because the means for accomplishing the very simplest yet
    most-fundamental element of organizing is missing. Though straightforward
    and logical, the Best Practices we implemented cannot be given the respect they
    deserve in a single Post. Get in touch, BMoyers dot com…. we have much
    to do; Let’s turn the discussion now to what we can DO… NOW… and unlock the
    pent-up energy just waiting for the site to be put into place that can
    facilitate it.

  • Anonymous

    I am particularly sick and tired of the great philosophers being used by the sophists of our culture. Adam Smith has been so misused as to make me realize that economics as a science is practiced by the very few and far between.

    Smith made the following observation:

    “A man grows rich by employing a multitude of manufacturers; he grows poor by maintaining a multitude or menial servants.”

    Smith, Adam. Wealth of Nations Kindle Edition.

    In our fatuous politically correct age very superficial individuals would see this as dissing “menial servants”. That is entirely wrong, of course. “Menial servants” were included by Smith in his category of “unproductive labor”. Other members include: 1) physicians, 2) lawyers, 3) actors, 4) kings, 5) queens, 6) the military, etc… Simply put these professions can only exist based upon the surplus wealth created by productive labor. Productive labor in its most abstract form has nothing to do with “unions” or “the working man” as such; rather it is simply the act of creating a material good which somewhat finds useful and wishes to buy.

    The Great Lie of the Reagan era was that we could more our material wealth creating industries overseas and remain wealthy. What utter nonsense that was. Oh it was so much easier to shift those wealth creating industries overseas instead of persuading unions that their policies were wrong. So much easier than investing in new technologies and processes to keep wealth creating industries in the United States.

    Thirty-years anon we are harvesting the fruits of this mendacious sophistry. Of course we cannot afford Medicare, Social Security, and Healthcare for All. How can one afford those things when we run $500 billion to $1 trillion trade deficits year in and year out for decades?

    So, I believe that great good would be offered for American Civilization if we started to “honor labor” and recognize that the price to be paid for cheap goods is eventually the impoverishment of a civilization.

  • Kristin Newtin

    Please, never retire, and live to 100, at least! I wish you could be President!!

  • Anonymous

    Who will take up this task? HOw will we continue to effec change? You are a light, please….don’t turn the switch off….don’t even turn down the dimmer!!! It’s too vital a time!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Bill

    Whatever you choose to do in your next season I know I will be grateful for it. My one suggestion concerns the state of America’s mainstream media, which does not have a good track record when it comes to reporting on economic and political issues. Throughout this last 5 months of very closely following the Snowden revelations, I have learnt a lot more about the problems journalists face while working within corporate media organizations. So I am looking forward to the Omidyar Group’s new project, featuring (so far) Greenwald, Poitras, Froomkin, Scahill, and Sequra. I know it would be impossible for you to get Greenwald (again), as he’s not taking any chances by crossing the border into the US, but it would be lovely and interesting if you could perhaps invite one or two of the others to discuss the problems with mainstream journalism and their philosophy and plans for NewCo (perhaps they’ll have a real name for it by then).

    Another possibility more directly related to the NSA scandal is Bruce Schneier to talk about the current “epic battle for cyberspace”, or Jay Rosen of the PressThink blog. Both together would make a dynamite show.

    Whatever you choose, I’ll be there. Thank you, Bill, for all you do.

  • http://revolutionarysharing.com/ Bullhorn Journal

    Please, Bill, stay.

  • Anonymous

    Bill are you also broadcasting through Youtube. I would subscribe.

  • Renee Aubuchon

    I appreciate your public presence and thoughtfulness. I also appreciate that you might want a break from heavy schedules and work demands- just to BE and enjoy and experience some peacefulness.

  • Jodi

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Please stay with us on BillMoyers.com … Your broadcasts “wake me up” and make me “feel my spirit ” ~~~ Thank you.

  • Paul Hopper

    Say it ain’t so.

  • Kathleen Cook

    I can’t imagine a day without Bill Moyers. I know I’ll get a tidbit that makes me think, that makes me pause, and that does at least one teeny-tiny thing to make me a more thoughtful, helpful and smarter person. I’ve been a “friend” for 30 years, and I hope to be one for 30 more, at least. :)

  • Sally Ann Bergquist

    Please keep “following your bliss” Bill, you know that this is the light, the power and the way. Thanks for the smarts. You know how short we are on HEROS (the power of myths) … we’ve come to count on you for enlightenment. God bless. You are one of my HERO’S. gOD bLESS!

  • Elizabeth Grady

    I am so sorry that you are leaving again. There are way too many important topics and issues that you cover. Who is going to take over what you do, the way you do it? I read a lot and I do listen to other sources, but I love the way you cover issues. When you are upset about what is happening, it is truly meaningful and from a place of knowledge.

  • Margot Faubion

    Dear Bill Moyers, Thank you for the quality of your guests, discussing issues discussed nowhere else, and for the gentle but precise questions you pose them. Have you started a mentoring program to groom younger journalists? It sounds to me that you are winding down, even though I hope not, I understand. Thank you for your years of dedication to protecting and defending our American democracy.

  • Arlene Joyce

    You are such an inspiring light in this dark world, a true journalist who brings forth key issues to be examined and acted upon. You are not replaceable. You have kindness, integrity and brilliance. The world will be a lesser place without your voice. Please keep involved as long as you are able. I respect you more than any public figure I have ever known. Thank you for the many years of service you have given. I am not sure that you have any idea of just how much you are really loved.

  • Anonymous

    Bill and company, I will follow you anywhere. Thanks for your hard-hitting unwavering focus on our unraveling Democracy.

    Thank you so much.

  • Tara Crowley

    I would love to continue to watch you through whatever channel (no pun intended) you format your show on. Keep doing what you’re doing, our democracy needs voices like yours and the engaging people on your shows.

  • Steve Cross

    You are a great interviewer. I’ll miss them.

  • jbstiglitz

    Dear Mister Moyers,

    I was fortunate enough to meet you in person once, and you graciously spent some time answering my questions. It was greatly appreciated. I told you then that you were my #2 hero behind Walter Chronkite. With all you have done for “journalism”, “ethics”, and “democracy” (quotation marks used as it seems few really know what these words mean any more) over these past few years I believe you have now become number one. The humility and respect shown to all those you interview or discuss, no matter if they are opponents or friends, is a wonderful thing to see (and to teach) in this us against them at the highest volume world. Your teaching, passion, honesty, and humility are a great gift you have shared. I hope you continue with a couple minute editorial every once in awhile, to show you are still fighting the good fight, and to kick us in the butt to take a close look at the issues without bias and form our own decisions, with the things we have learned from you.

    You are, and always have been, my hero. Thank you, and blessings on you and your family.

    Jeffrey B. Stiglitz
    Bellingham, Washington

  • Leanne Haase Goebel

    Bill Moyers you are an example for journalists everywhere. Please keep bringing us the well researched reporting and salient discussions without hype, pandering and punditry. Thank you for doing interviews that inform and challenge and have propelled my life forward in subtle and fascinating ways.

  • Jerry Donohue

    I remember you walking on the correct side of the street with Maya Angelou in Stamps, Arkansas, giving voice to fellow Texan Jim Hightower and numerous poets, artists and visionaries who have lifted our spirits. The daily blog is great, but I hope we will still see you do interviews at least once a month in the new year. I have been a student of yours the past 40 years. Let’s continue the great ride.

  • LB

    All I can say is that I am glad you are in this world!
    Thank you!

  • David Dustin

    Bill Moyers, I have appreciated your wisdom and insight for going on four decades. Thank you for being who you are, and for your riveting journalism and political analysis. I hope you will find it possible to continue standing up for democracy, justice, civil rights, and common sense in America for many years to come, in whatever media platform is convenient for you. You will always have my keenest interest and deepest appreciation. God bless…

  • Janet Sellers

    Oh, for a moment I was worried you were ending the cause – please keep on informing and educating and entertaining us with wit and wisdom. I’ll follow you where ever you go. I mostly see you and your team on Facebook clips – I don’t have a tv.

  • James Ayres LaMar

    What is the fallout from Sagan’s “Cosmos”, Joseph Campbell’s “Power of Myth” series, and all of the other forwards-looking examinations of the science-educated church set? When will a science-savvy church rise from the progress since the moon landing and the discovery of DNA, evolution, and the mapping of the human genome? We need a new church with a brain that honors scientific reality and social awareness. We can still respect the old faith, but the old faith has to let us move onward and upward without jealousy!

  • nabrubus

    What Are You ? A Jackass?

  • Channing Hillway

    The Internet is the future. Please continue there. Your interviews are solid gold and do not depend on a big budget. Please keep them going.

  • Dorothy Petrie

    Please, please, please find a way to continue your good work. I can only echo what everyone else has said. You are a voice of reason. You ask the hard questions. You and your guests need to continue to be heard and to inspire. Thank you!

  • Nimmi

    Dear Bill, We cherish your broadcasts. Please continue to give us your guidance and we will follow you wherever you are. You can not throw us out. May God Bless You Always With Lots of Laugh, Happiness, Health, and Wealth Always.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sad to see you go,again. Please continue online. I never miss a show. They are a treasure. Your voice is irreplaceable and very needed.

  • Nimmi

    I totally agree!!!!!

  • Nimmi

    Yes indeed!!!!

  • Nimmi

    Yes 30 more years please!

  • Nimmi


  • Nimmi

    Please stay.

  • Nimmi


  • Nimmi

    Contact chemraj24@gmail; another adjunct professor.

  • Anonymous

    I am happy to see that Bill Moyers will still be broadcasting about important topics. It will now just be on the internet which is appropriate and I am thankful. Bill, I would like to see HEMP, the most sustainable and useful plant on the planet, be investigated and explored on one of your programs. Until the 1930’s, it was farmed in nearly every country in the world for industrial purposes, but was banned and banished from the public consciousness in an act of industrial sabotage by demonizing it’s medicinal cousin, marijuana. Hemp is an environmental solution and will be a boon to the economy when this country finally allows American farmers to grow hemp and allows our entreprenuers to manufacture products and invent new ones.

  • Reneee

    You are the only journalist I find worth listening to any longer. I live for Sundays’ episode. I love your topics. I find myself reading books from various guests who have been on your show. I forward the transcripts to friends, share on my Facebook page and cannot imagine life without your broadcasts. The world will suffer an enormous loss without you telling it as it is. You followed your bliss it would seem, and I am richer for it. Thank you. I hope that you find a way to continue educating all of us.

  • Jane Morrison Snage

    Diane Ravitch: Author of “Reign of Error” Re: Public education: how it is NOT failing but (demolition of…by reformers of corporate types.)

  • Constance Dent

    I don’t always get a chance to watch the TV version of your production but I’d be devastated if you didn’t continue on online! Like many others, you bring to my attention things I don’t see on regular media sources as well as comment thoughtfully on some of the issues they DO report. Yours are the sensible comments that give me understanding and Hope for Journalism in general! Thank you.

  • Marcia Hagen

    Bill, I have been listening to you for more years than I can name; I am 77. Thoughtful, intelligent liberal discourse, what a treasure.

  • Paula Turner

    Murrow. Moyers. Crusaders. Best of the best. Heart/soul will ache without you. –You who are so loved for the courage to ever-answer your calling…

  • Rita Vesper

    MUST you leave the airways of PBS??

  • Rebecca

    I am one of those Bill Moyers fans who was delighted to see you come out of retirement, especially with conversations highlighting the most vital issues of our day – and fearlessly. Please continue in whatever way you can, as long as you can. Our country needs you. Thank you for not retiring!

  • Marylin Schultz


  • Greg Flynn

    I can’t think of another program, on the web or TV, that presents more relevant, timely and enthralling topics than Moyers & Company. I often found it difficult to catch the show on TV but spent many satisfying hours online thoroughly engrossed while catching up. There are only a handful of individuals of note that seem to genuinely care about the plight of the average citizen and, by extension, our country. Please continue to ignite the embers of change. Continue to introduce us to people who matter and whose causes and efforts matter to so much to the future, not just of our nation but the world. Thank you Mr, Moyers for all you’ve done, and please, keep up the good work.

  • HÃ¥kan

    First, thank you for everything that you have already done, bringing information that seems to be stifled elsewhere. Second, I have had the good fortune to travel and live in a few different places around the world. Before the dawn of the internet your program was watched when we returned to the US. Now that I am older and traveling with my family I am happy to have the chance to continue watching and reading your program from the Philippines, Turkey, or wherever. I hope that your voice continues to be broadcast in some kind of media. A question, as a journalist, who do you turn to for your information? Thank you, again.

  • Anonymous

    ” engaging you in the renewal of democracy” sums it up. We need this more every day. Your letter speaks about a commenter saying you give the dangerous gift of Hope. I believe knowledge is power & my “hope” is that you’ll somehow be able to continue on TV. I don’t always have time to sit in front of a computer but thanks to Roku I can put your WONDERFUL shows on while doing mundane chores. I will be lost without you!

  • Lael Bradshaw

    Please continue speaking on the internet, we all need your insightful wisdom and in depth journalism. I have so enjoyed you over the years and always look forward to” my Moyer hour.”
    I have learned so much from your programs. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

  • Walker

    During the recent Government hostage situation…. You were a voice of reason and sanity… A voice we could trust because we KNOW you— through years of acquaintance…. Forget “Morgan Stanley”… When Bill Moyers talks, we LISTEN! Thank you. Please stay with us however you can.

  • Brad Bullock

    What Constance said.

  • Anonymous

    stay on internet by all means. but, try to stay on tv for the tv watchers out there. breath of fresh air.

  • http://www.paulleary.org/ Paul Leary

    Yes, please continue, we are at the beginning of a revolution.

  • Anonymous

    your voice is so important. I will endeavor to follow you however i will be able.

  • John Levin

    Travel the country doing live shows with interesting guests and do Internet/social media, too.

  • Cat Sullivan

    More interviews with leaders about the activism for social justice. There are so many things to talk about that are not being covered enough; from the banksters, to senior justice, to gun violence, to the environment, to the wage gap, to health care, and to poverty in this country. I listened to the whole interview with Mr Dyer and believe me, like him, I do not have rose colored glasses, but the things I am seeing on the ground are bringing a great deal of hope to we “little people” out here.

    Cat in Seattle

  • Muldfeld

    My parents’ small town supposedly has high speed internet, but the connection cuts out every few minutes, so streaming video’s largely a no-go. We NEED your incredible show — easily the best on the increasingly compromised rightward PBS — to remain on television. Please. Thanks so much for all you do. I record your show every week onto DVD-Rs. And news like this makes me grateful I do! Please find a way to make public television keep your amazing show on air to keep speaking truth to power.

  • Corinne

    You keep my head above drowning in despair. When I watch you, it’s online. I would give to you whatever I can to keep you going here! Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Oh no, I didn’t know the show was ending! One of the few sane, honest, patriots on television. Who can fill these shoes?

  • Kris Schaeffer

    You are a respected brand for honest, balanced, and important news. Make sure we know how to keep on getting in touch with you. I hope this means only a change in the form — no more show, but blogs, article, tweets — etc. still to come.
    Content? Analysis of constitutional issues. Supreme Court. Big money. Environment that needs fixing (now!). Economic inequality.
    Also consider being a portal to other respected sources and information.

  • Quebarbera!

    Hah! I am a mere Canadian, but if it weren’t for Bill Moyers, there would have been many days in the past until now that i would not have clicked into FB at all! Pleeease, continue with Bill Moyers. After all, so many of us follow him, learn from him, gain insight from him, and become more conscious because of him! He has a wonderful way of stating the obvious that we all wish we could have seen, let alone stated ourselves. And he also has a marvellous way of making all the supporting arguments for his points of view so accessible!! This is a world class man … a man of such intellect, wisdom, grace, and consciousness that I can’t imagine any person taking his place.

  • Anonymous

    Talking about “renewal of democracy” is wonderful, but democracy will not be renewed as long as the Great Fear Society we’ve lived in since 9/11 goes unchallenged. The foundation of that society is a belief in the evil of others and the moral superiority of ourselves. The truth is that the evil we fear lives in us. The question is are you actually willing to put all the adoration of your following on the line to expose that evil and bring down the fear society. If so, it is long passed time to question who actually destroyed the World Trade Center.

  • Diane Brown

    We will all miss seeing you on TV, but we’ll keep tuning into Bill Moyers.com as long as you do. Thanks for being here with an intelligent voice and a courageous, caring heart.

  • Jeanne Gibbs

    Yours is the voice of reason in a mad world. My husband and I look forward to your broadcasts and I follow your ‘blog’. You have interviewed experts well on all manner of subjects to inform your audience and chastised and/or praised those who have earned the public notice. Please stay close so we can continue to benefit from your wisdom.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Bill: You stick with us and we’ll stick with you.

  • Anonymous

    You are the voice of reasonableness in a world of screaming and derision. Unfortunately, retirement is not for you. You have been chosen, Bill.

  • Jane Smiley

    You are a national treasure, insightful,articulate, willing to ask real questions. I don’t think Russell Brand can command the same following……………

  • BrainImplant

    It’s a Saturday tradition for me to go online and watch the show. I don’t even know long I’ve been following your work anymore. Was pleasantly surprised that you returned, and will keep an eye out for when you do again. Bless.

  • http://tiny.cc/ewcollins Eliot W. Collins

    I enjoy Bill Moyers, but I would not say that his show has been balanced. One of my complaints is that he rarely interviews anyone with an opposing viewpoint. His discussions with his guests are often just “echo chambers”. I will still miss him.

  • Anonymous

    I guess most readers did not get that I have followed all Bill Moyers versions since the late 60s and he did his best work then on the Journal but I was seeking a reaction from the usual suspects and got it. Bill recently married George Lucas and Melody Hobson so he can always fall back on his Baptist preacher roots if the online edition flounders but he did move to my New Jersey so I wish him the best.

  • Anonymous

    Please continue. I read, listen and link your stories all the time. I don’t watch on TV, I watch links on the internet and read stories…

  • Anonymous

    How about using Kickstarter for funding your program. I surely would donate.
    Sherri Rosen, NYC

  • Anonymous

    Sorry,Andrew,but it was egghead professors who got us into the Vietnam disaster as part of Robert McNamara’s Defesne Dept. team.A few more got us into Iraq as part of the weapons of mass destruction myth. Nothing wrong with Bill Moyers talking to a few but that is mainly what this program was about. It never had the sponsorship clout of previous BM programs and there were a lot of repeats.Bill is an old lion now and very few are paying attention. I should know as I have viewed since the first edition of Bill Moyers Journal way back when. He is a very good man,no disrespect intended but something is wrong with some of our intellectuals and nobody wants to admit it.

  • Mary Poundstone Miller

    Your reasoned, impassioned voice is needed in the public square. I seldom watch the television show, but I try to keep up with the posted articles.

  • drcopperhead

    this is the worst news. i tape your show on VHS off public tv. i do not have cable and i will not get cable. free tv. i do have internet and i hope to see your work online. i too share links of your show. i can not believe there is no funding for a show as important as yours to b on free tv. i watch u all the time. watching online gets tiresome and its nice to relax and watch tv at bedtime. im in shock. its “so” america 2013. funding for ” big brother” and “americas got talent” but not for a real investigative journalist. we r truly “bottom of the barrel” folks. officially one big country of “bottom feeders”. i want to cuss but i wont. i used bottom feeders instead. i have a feeling somebody wants Bill to b quiet. after watching Bill’shows i imagine there r lots of folks who would like Bill to b quiet. im afraid pandora’s box has been opened thanks to people like Bill and some of the american people have had enough. bill pulls no punches with anybody, left or right. thats y they all want him off the air. has public TV lost its conscience? sorry for the rant. this does not make me happy. thanks for your work Bill. no funding? right

  • R Green

    Please keep on doing what you are doing with BillMoyers.com! I am grateful because you provide a clear, concise voice, and occasionally even hope for so many of us.

  • Anonymous

    You provide a needed voice, Mr. Moyers. Find a way to keep speaking out.

  • David Zarko

    I listen, watch, and read via Internet all the time. I don’t have a TV, but will watch clips online. Please try to find a way to continue. I cannot imagine this country in this age without you.

  • Muldfeld

    I’ll try to do that, LinearBob. Thanks for the advice.

  • David A Fleenor

    By all means continue. I find your comments and views very refreshing. Along with the discussions with your guests. They give people with open minds things to think about in a down to earth delivery.

  • Pat Keenan

    No more Fri nights with Bill Moyers? Worst news since he retired from Bill Moyers Journal. Please find a way to stay on PBS. I will still follow online but I love watching on tv. Best guests, best info, best show I watch all week.

  • robert

    Dear Mr. Moyers, this enterprise simply must continue! This information appears nowhere else in our media.

    Moving forward, I would like to focus on the concept of steady-date economics. I recommend, as your first guest on the topic, renowned economist Herman Daly. You migh also consider Annie Leonard and her “Story of Stuff” and “Story of Solutions” enterprise. She and her team have achieved a level of effective, concise story-telling that is unmatched.

    Even the most progressive of politicians, not to mention Paul Krugman, spout the nonsense of growth economics. Exposing this for what it is — nonsense — is the perfect fit for Moyers & Company…

  • PattyMara Gourley

    Bill Moyers for President (channeling Molly Ivins from heaven).

  • James R. Becraft

    You have been one of the finest journalists of our time.

    Thanks for your diligent work and humanitarian point of view.
    Your associates are worthy to continue the tradition of such journalism with integrity and a humanitarian point of view.
    May you and your associates and those mentored by you continue on in the new media world.

  • orwell

    I really hope that the Koch brothers aren’t behind this.

  • Betty Romano

    I will follow you whether it be on television, radio or online…you are the rare journalist who tells it like it is and we desperately need you today!

  • Anonymous

    In 2008, your show & PBS lost every loyal viewer who voted for “A
    New Pearl Harbor”. I will never forget how that huge spontaneous
    grassroots effort to expose Truth was flippantly dismissed by you as
    internet shenanigans AND you refused to even mention the name of the
    book on your show. The “Insanity” plaguing the World today, began on
    9/11/01 and we still don’t know who (though most now suspect fanatical
    Zionists) attacked the US & how they did it. All we do know is that
    19 homicidal/suicidal, alcohol drinking, crazed freedom hating Muslims
    armed with box cutters and led by a man on dialysis living in a cave had
    NOTHING to do with it. I appreciate the danger involved but Humanity can never learn from history and evolve, if they don’t know what really happened on 9/11.

  • Maha Valerie Christensen

    Beautifully articulated!

  • Thom Prentice

    Please continue, and please continue to show. Remeber Nixon’s campaign slogan? “Now, more than ever…? LOL You are needed, Bill, now more than ever. Unless you are just sock and tired of it all and even Bill Moyers deservessome down time in retirement!

  • VetTeacher

    Bill Moyers has been a lone voice of reason throughout many periods of political irrationality in public discourse during my lifetime. Thank you for your service, and rest assured that you’re needed now more than ever.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t been able to catch every show lately, so I apologize if its been covered, but there is a lot of action going on with native / aboriginal tribes in Canada, standing up to stop fracking and tar sands development. Its a very interesting non-violent movement where the tribes are saying “if the government refuses to step up to protect the land, air and water, then we will.” “Idle No More” is likely the first contact for you if you wish to investigate this issue further. Thank you for all you do – your work (Bill) literally changed the course of my life.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Moyers … I think that your show is the most important thing on television, and the conversation you are having with us is the most important conversation going. However you decide to keep it going, please keep it going! There is no one else who combines the intelligence, scope, humanity, and focus that you have.

  • Harry Leslie

    Canadians like myself appreciate your integrity and will be loyal supporters of all you do.

  • Anonymous

    Met you many years ago, when you spoke to the AARP convention in Atlanta and we went to lunch afterward. My boss at AARP was an old friend of yours, Lloyd Wright. Have admired you then and since. Hope you can continue to serve democracy and us in every way possible. We need you now more than ever!

  • WisdomSeed


  • Anonymous

    I was interested to see that Marianne Williamson was running for congress but checking the 33d district she has chosen I discovered the present representative is Henry Waxman, a quite progressive congressman. Why did not she choose to run against a conservative? strange and disturbing choice.

  • marymh


  • Alexandra Stutman

    I am pretty happy with have seen so far, therefore, please keep it going! I don’t know what else to say, except for THANK YOU!!!

  • Mike Clifford

    Please don’t go away. We need your voice.

  • Nurse Jo

    I’m not sure exactly HOW LONG I’ve been watching you–seems like only yesterday you were with LBJ. Anyway, please don’t stop. You’re needed to keep us informed. And some of us are “flunking retirement” & have gone back to important jobs because there’s work to be done!!

  • Anonymous

    Get on “The Daily Show” and “Colbert Report” and your friends will likely GROW!

  • Thomas Botch

    Great stuff Bill!

  • Connie Bacon

    Say it ain’t so, Bill. Say it ain’t so!!!!!! Mr. Moyers, you are one of the few voices in media that is “OUR” voice, MY voice, THE PEOPLE’s voice. Your eloquence, your poetic intellect, your unwavering spirit and dedication to what this country could and ought to be has been a precious gift for all of us, especially those of us whom have been silenced. I have turned to you to for comfort, for a voice of reason in an irrational world. I have turned to you to fire me up, to get me out there, one more time with a protest sign, on the barricades, in front of City Hall. I have turned to you, a light against the darkness of ignorance, despair and fear. You are such a dear part of so many people. Thank you, for raising your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. And, no pressure, but if you were to run for office…well…let us know.

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t go back into retirement. Yours is a voice that needs to be heard across America. Nobody explains anything better than you do and quite eloquently at the same time. Please don’t retire, we need you.

  • Anonymous

    I am happy to read that you intend to remain engaged in the restoration of our democracy. An area that I would like you to revisit is the vexed question of home mortgage where the recipients continue to suffer at the hands of the banks. The only people who seem to be getting rich off of the demise of home owners are lawyers who make promises but do not deliver and the banks. Please investigate how the banks continue to scam home owners with the complicity of attorneys.

  • Dragantraces

    This is a shame. A damned shame. There is really no other place on television where one can count on The Truth. Not a truth, or even “truthiness.” No screaming, no fake religiosity, no name calling. Just verifiable facts, verifiable experts, and verifiable humanity.
    Even if Bill Moyers himself does not continue, it would be a service to all who understand his value if others could continue in his footsteps. It is certain that there is a small cadre of people assisting in the production of the material on Moyers and Company. I suspect there might be some talent there that could be tapped…

  • Pete Joachim

    Bill Moyer’s legacy must be continued forever someway, somehow.

  • Ric Shorten

    Agreed…lets keep the concept going in tribute to Bill Moyers and he can do guest appearances.

  • Anonymous

    thank you and your wonderful wife. I appreciate and value the open mindedness you two give. Please champion a thoughtful and courageous thinker such as you and your sweetheart. I mention you both because it is evident the insightful team you two are. What great examples we have been privileged to. On to current concerns…how can we address poverty, the rape of our economic system which used to be a jewel, privacy concerns, access to important accurate issue information, diverse content important to making good choices and much more?

  • Suzanne Cloud

    Dear Bill, your show will be greatly missed, but I hope you will continue to broadcast on your website. We need your voice out there. With so many bellowing opinionators out there chewing up the scenery, your quiet voice rings true on my soul. Bravo Bill, bravo.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t recall where I read this—-I think it was George Will——but only 2 % of Americans use PBS as their source of news. Now that is very sad. And I did read somewhere that Fox News has the highest ratings in the U.S. for news. That is sad too. So I don’t think I’m being ridiculous.

  • Leota Shimabukuro

    Bill Moyers not continuing on PBS?!!! WHY???

  • marvin steiner

    You’re doing just fine.Stay health and continue you’re outstanding work.

  • Janet Van Sickle

    I am heartbroken to think that the best voice on television may fall silent. Whatever it takes, the program should go on. Just let us know what we need to do to make this possible

  • Davida Foy Crabtree

    We urgently need to clone Bill Moyers! His unique vantage point and skills in delivering a phenomenal public commentary supporting true, open and compassionate democracy must not fade from the scene! If I were to propose anything, it would be a Moyers School of Journalism for the 21st century. Teach a new generation Moyers’ core values and skills. I will miss the program — one of only two I ever watch on TV.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that’s what they’re doing with Joshua Holland.

  • at_clearing

    You and your people are a blessing and a joy for all of us. You bring light to everything and make sense of it all. I’d like you to look at how a signer of the Grover Norquist pledge to not raise taxes can legitimately take an Oath of Office as a member of Congress. There is a clause in the Oath (damn, don’t they mean anything anymore?) ” that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; “. I don’t understand why the obstructionist tea party people aren’t impeached?
    No one seems to want to go here?

  • Owen Johnson

    As one who doesn’t watch Moyer’s & Company on TV, but on the web site, I’m just hoping nothing will change! I find the show a nice change of pace from the shrill voices everywhere else and enjoy the in-depth look at topics others either scream about on one end of the scale, or ignore, on the other end.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoy your work; please find a way to continue and I will spread the word.

  • Anonymous

    If you watch Moyers much you must be aware he doesn’t share your assessment of the ACA. Further, until enough people can be convinced for us to change to a single-payer system, the ACA is better than what we’ve had and will do just fine.

  • Andrew Reinbach

    Mr. Moyers, you have set the standard for responsible and professional journalism for many years. You are an institution–even if you’re not old enough for one. I thank you for it. Carry on, please.

  • William Parker

    More of you.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see an in depth look at the history of America’s health care system – why employer provided insurance might have looked great in beginning but is nonsensical now when there is no labor shortage?” Employers having to compete for labor provide insurance happily as they did in the 1940s – 1970s . When there are more workers than jobs as now we get, instead, this new reduction of hours model to avoid the mandate regarding providing insurance. Our government reps took and takes bribes from insurers to keep these vultures in the game.

    Who paid what to whom and when should be of much interest?

  • Anonymous

    I too am grateful for all the enlightening programs on Bill Moyers and Co. I have emailed those on my list and to the Political people working to better our Communities and we hope your program stays on for a long time.

  • Bruce Preville

    When does education begin to merge into action? At a certain point there is no excuse not to.

  • Bruce Preville

    Can you get crowdsourced to do unhindered investigative journalism? We could use some of that.

  • Gary LaMaster

    I will pay close attention to anything you report on any medium. Keep up the great work!

  • http://www.robblightfoot.com/ Robb Lightfoot

    I hope you continue, and some of us semi-retired journalists would
    love to be a part of the team. Let us know how we can participate, even
    if only to do some legwork for projects, or to send you proposals or
    leads. http://www.robblightfoot.com

  • http://olympicpeninsulaflyfishing.blogspot.com/ Bob Triggs

    I hope that there is a way to continue your great work, without putting too much on Bill Moyers himself. Let the poor man go fishing once in a while!

  • http://www.activistsdiary.com/ Activists Diary

    I didn’t know you were ending your program! I admit I just started watching you within the last year, and have loved every broadcast. So, my request is to make all of the 2 years of programs available so we watch past ones.

  • Anonymous

    There’s nobody in the media who does as good a job as you, Mr. Moyers. I’m sure you have trained a good bunch of folks to stand in for you. You’ve worked hard for our country, and nobody deserves a comfortable retirement more than you do. Godspeed.

  • Nan Jørgensen

    Please continue. You are vital, Bill Moyers!

  • Nick Apollonio

    I wish I could get your program on TV but I just have basic cable. Will follow your site, and many thanx.

  • yarowan

    OH, NO!!! This news has literally brought me to tears–(not the easiest thing to do)! My sense of hope plummeted. The loss of the PBS series is sad enough, but “exploring the possibility of continuing through…BillMoyers.com” sounds a little shaky, too.

    Topics? I think you’ve been doing a superb job of choosing those, already. When I try to think of anything I else I want from you, the only thing which comes to mind is, “More! We need more! We aren’t doing enough and we’re not doing it fast enough! So, more!” But I don’t want to be too demanding. (“…goal of engaging you in the renewal of democracy” sounds intriguing.)

    We already have a serious shortage of voices like yours. How will we make it without you shining your light of sanity for us? Without you, our chances drop like trees in the rain forest, like birds in an oil spill, like bees in their hives–like our democracy in Congress. We need you, Mr. Moyers. How can we help?

    P.S. I would tell you thank you for all you have done, but no number of them would ever be enough. . . . Thank you, anyway.

  • mrdonsmccarthy@gmail.com

    I love your work, Bill!!! Thank you for continuing to do what you do, and you always have my support!

  • Mikeweb66

    Keep up the GREAT work Bill, and everyone else there. Don’t stop!

  • sleepingdogmatist

    Thank you for your work, Bill. Beyond the monetary expense, I’m sure given the rigor of this program that it is exhausting (especially in the current sociopolitical climate), so I completely understand. That being said, there are many of us out here who would like to see you continuing to buttress a progressive–and by that I really mean socialist–movement in the United States, in any way you can.

    We millennials are for the time being still finding our political legs.

  • Francesca Maese

    Will continue to follow you. Thank you for speaking up for all of us and our world.

  • Larry Barkan

    We love your program and will miss seeing you weekly.

    We do hope you will be broadcasting on the web. Thank you for your service to humanity. We hope you are in good health and will continue so for decades to come.

  • http://www.youtube.com/silvanusslaughter Silvanus Slaughter

    A voice of sanity in a sea of device, selfishness, and corporate rubbish. Thank you very much.

  • Anonymous

    Well said Mr. Slaughter, can’t add a thing, other than will miss it and hope it continues online.

  • Cathy Nolan Vincevic

    Thank you for returning from retirement and thank you to the people who funded your program. I wish we had more people like you “speaking truth to power.” I hope you can return and more journalists strive to attain your excellence.

  • David Bell

    Do continue through billmoyers.com, and Silvanus Slaughter said it best.

  • Anonymous

    I learned about body burden from an early show and became an advocate in favor of better regulation of toxic chemicals. I would like to see you follow up, online if necessary, with an examination of the compromise to TOSCA, reached right before Senator Lautenberg passed away. If passed, it will trump local law, which is stricter in MA and a few other states. EWG and Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families have spoken out against this compromise, in favor of real reform. Investigate why the EPA’s plan to label BPA and a few other toxins “chemicals of concern” failed and why the White House Office of Budget and Management was responsible. Also, I would like to see you examine the problem of spent fuel rods at nuclear power plants across the country. Our local 40-year old Pilgrim plant received license renewal for 20 years, despite objections from our legislators and an appeal from the MA Attorney General. Its 3000 spent fuel rods are not dry-casked. They lie in pools and are much more numerous than expected, since the Yucca Mt. plan was shelved. In other words, we have, in Plymouth, a nuclear waste dump. Should a super storm like Sandy hit the area, RI, CT, and much of eastern MA, including Boston, would receive nuclear particles. This antiquated plant should be shut down. From your show I have learned about the power, wielded by large corporations. We citizens have learned to stand up to that power. Your audience needs you. Please continue to open our eyes and thank you for all you do.

  • Jerry Hyde

    I am starting a twitter campaign to get support to keep you on line. Especially on facebook. We need your respected voice!!! Jerry Hyde

  • EB

    I love you Bill Moyers! You care about people and you take the time to explain how certain groups harm others and how we can help. Please keep helping us with your show! However, if you need a break, do what you need to. We support you.

  • T.G.E.

    Very grateful for the way you represent. I hear you.

  • BBC

    Why are you loosing your PBS program? Is your funding drying up or is PBS dropping you? Or is it your decision, for reasons of your own? I think the answer to that question could be yet another sign of the times–a meta example of the things you present on your program. Would you share it with us?

    I would like to see more of your programs about spirituality, as with Joseph Campbell and Huston Smith. When the times darken to the extent they have there is another level to human experience that still retains the light. Periods of ignorance and corruption arise because people and institutions (including religious ones) have forgotten this. You can help them remember. Perhaps some programs with Buddhist teachers; Christian teachers who relate to Jesus as a wisdom teacher, not as a savior or scapegoat; Ken Wilbur, a contemporary philosopher, who sees the Big Big Picture, Julio Olalla who teaches Ontological Coaching as a path of transformation that works and has is roots in Spirit but not religion. There are many others.

    Best wishes and thank you for all these years of pulling back the curtain to help us see what’s really going on.

  • Anonymous

    I hope you will keep climate change in the news. The deniers are still hard at it. It would be great to do a report on the legislators that deny climate change and how much money they get from the fossil industry to do that.

  • Tom Groover

    I would like to see your kind of investigative journalism into the workings of the privately owned central banks and who create money out of nothing and charge us interest for using it, and the how the banksters take ownership of us and everything we think we own, our government and our planet’s natural resources etc.

  • Lynda and Carroll Wilson

    WHY is the show being discontinued???? It is by far our favorite show on TV….probably because you are one of our favorite people in the world!

  • Samantha

    Ever since I saw the Joseph Campbell interviews several years ago I have been hooked on Mr. Moyers’ interview style, his heart and humanity, and have continuously been impressed by the guests on the show and the topics covered. To lose this program will be to lose a vital voice on human rights, climate change, and a whole host of other issues that television news so often gets wrong. I would love to see some continuation of this program, even if it’s short online videos or essays by Mr. Moyers. I treasure his voice in our national debate–he is truly one of a kind.

  • Suzanne

    I was so glad when you came out of retirement, and now so sorry to hear you are leaving again. Thank you for all you do to help us understand what the heck is going on.

  • Traverse

    Please continue! your program brings not only hope but a reality check and a reminder of how many wise, caring, and thoughtful folk are out there, whether activist or not.

  • Myra

    Thank you for returning! Please stay on the issues that are critical to our health and well being…climate change, citizen action on political issues, GMOs, transparency on health care. One of the more important issues is the cost to health care of the last few years of life. We warehouse our beloved ones and allow them to become cash cows for those who will give them “care.”

  • Steve Furtado

    You Sir will be missed, your common sense level headed approach to Journalism is so extremely rare these days. As for what I would like to see on BillMoyers.com? I would say keep doing what you have been, Climate Change, Big Money in Politics, I would like to see a serious story on just how little our countries Constitution is even considered anymore by our countries leaders. It seems to be more of a door mat these days, its sad really. Thank you Bill for all you do, and if you ever ran for office you would have my support.

  • BobH

    Is there not someone, somewhere, that you could mentor to step up to your spot on public television? America needs, requires, your voice still be heard on public television.
    Thank you Mr. Moyers for your service. Thank you.

  • Paul Schumann

    You have an amazing body of work. Each week I trust you to bring truth. To whom do I now turn?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to hear you are leaving, Bill. Thank you for the education and enlightenment that cannot be found nearly anywhere else in the media landscape.

  • James

    One of the only voices of truth in this jaded culture of America. You have been for me the sounding board of reality and truth. Both my wife and I have followed you wherever you have been to connect with what is happening. We will continue to follow you, however we will miss your articulate manner and reassuring

  • Catherine Mason

    Yours is the only real in depth coverage of what is going on in government and finance today. I know you cannot go on forever, but I will miss you profoundly.

  • Philip Fontana

    Bill, Your messages are too valuable to America to go “off the air.” Exposure & impact online just are not the same. You change our lives! We need you there for us! It always comes down to money. We are too creative to let you go! There must be an income /operating stream that won’t be a 1-2 year “gig.” And we can be creative also to tweak the format to keep you there & lighten your load. We can do this!!! Philip Fontana fontana14@optonline.net

  • Kathryn Smith

    We rely on your voice for truth, relevance, dealing with complex issues, and for introducing voices that we would never hear into our lives. Thank you for the many, many years you and your wife have given to informing us and equipping us as citizens for improving our country.

  • Jennifer

    You are a breath of fresh air who challenge us to remember our values and that we the people are in charge of our country’s destiny; not the politicians. You provide us with good information and encourage us to continue to read and seek truth from many sources and to even shed the close mindedness of political party wars. You will be sorely missed. Perhaps there may be a network of people to be mentored by you throughout our country who will be committed to “your kind of journalism” and with a goal for peaceful solutions to our problems that will benefit “all peoples” and not just the rich or those who can “afford” to take part in marketplace of public discourse and decisions! You are a lifeline we don’t want to lose!

  • http://www.serendipit-e.com/blog Chris Boese

    OK Bill. I accept that I am powerless to stop you from stepping down this time. Everybody deserves a good retirement, even if we all still selfishly want our pieces of you, forever and ever. I got to meet you at a book signing, and it is still one of my most important memories. I LOVE everything you do and think about. You are my high priest and teacher, and you did that while foregoing that seminary school.

    However, I just want to say this. In the past year, your TEAM has REALLY powered up in social media in a way that makes a tremendous impact. They are savvy, well-timed, well-optimized (this is my field, and I’m hard to impress), and I post their stuff on Facebook and Retweet every chance I get (to my 3,000+ followers).

    Dude, please, keep these people on the job, and keep lending your name to their wonderful and important communications. They have refined the skillset they are using, but without the gravitas of your thoughtful presence, their skills might fall on far more deaf ears, or no ears.

    I wish you good health and a happy retirement. And may your mind be just as engaged with your terrific social media staff as it ever was. This is important work, maybe more important than anything that appears on TV.

    Best wishes,
    Chris, your absolutely adoring fan

  • Fariba Mirbaha

    You are one of my favorite people in the world, one of the most decent people I’ve ever known. I will miss your presence and journalism profoundly.

  • Kathryn

    Thank U so much for all your work and dedication to seeking the truth. I am sure U have inspired other journalists for the need is so great. Blessings to U & yours, Mr Moyers.

  • Jim Reid

    Go in peace Bill. Know the difference you have made in keeping rational discourse alive. The .com team needs to keep together under your name. There are key battles ahead.

  • Leslie Larsen

    Please come to Kaua’i – we are ground zero for WE THE PEOPLE saying no more poisoning. The chemical companies are spraying restricted use pesticides on the GMO crops and us 240 days a year – 100 tons a year. Our government has shown us it is bought and sold. Bring your wisdom and support us now. It is a turning point!
    I will help you in any way you need to cover this.

  • chuck mcvinney

    Of course, Bill, we want more of the same. We cannot get by without your kind heart and incredible insights. Don’t stop til you have to – I’m not!

  • judi tepe

    Bill, thank heavens for journalists such as yourself. What would Sunday mornings be without your insightful way at looking at our crazy world? Don’t stop!!!
    Judi Tepe

  • David Gregory

    Please see if you can organize a show that will keep your team intact. The abysmal Need to Know showed that WNET is pretty clueless as to news programming. Maybe KCET- as an independent Public TV station- would be willing to syndicate it for you.

    Anyhow, thanks for all you have done for all of us.

  • sally sommers

    I too, wish you and your team the best and thank you .It is with a very heavy heart that I receive your news. I hope you continue to inspire a nd inform us in any way you deem possible we need your educated iinput so much at this time. I agree with the previous message with his ideas of programs and also wonder if there is anyway you can affect the rest of the media to be more positive. the amount of speculation that fills the airways is a disgrace to all of us and does nothing to build our knowledge.
    Thanks and blessings and peace. Sally

  • Murrieta Marti

    When you left TV before, I was devastated, then so joyful when you returned. I’ve been talking to all my friends about your wonderful interviews. You and Fareed Zachariah are the only two interviewers who let the person finish her or her sentence without interruption. There are others who have high quality “gets,” such as Charlie Rose and David Gregory, but they just cannot keep from interrupting and stepping on the point the person was trying to make. Thank you for everything, for all I have learned from you and hope to continue learning online!

  • Lucia Harvilchuck

    This is to learn how to lovingly live with vigilance, intelligence, integrity, and kindness: to watch, listen to, and learn from Mr. Bill Moyers. You have been a beneficent host to hosts of individuals and their cultures. You have lessened the meanness around you and in the world. We are not only sad at your leaving, we are immeasurably impoverished by it. May blessings surround you always.

  • Kevin Smith

    Bill, I’m so sorry to hear that your last episode will be on January 3rd. “Moyers & Company” is, as one network used to put it, “must-see tv”. This show is an absolute PUBLIC SERVICE. It’s shown in Miami at 11 a.m., Sundays, pitting it against the Sunday morning news shows, and it blows all of them AWAY. Is there any way you can keep this show going, but with a new host after you retire? It is MUCH-NEEDED television. Thank you for this magificent thinking-man’s show!!!

  • Faith Gagne

    OH Bill! Say it isn’t so. You’ve got a friend in me, even though I do not use Facebook. There is nothing out there that can match you and your show. I don’t care if you talk about the rate of growth of the lawn in front of the White House, please reconsider, stay, and keep up the wonderful work. We need you.

  • Donald Machen

    Dear Bill, I learned of your January retirement on NPR news early one morning and was deeply saddened. I feel that your take and that your interviewees on the nation’s problems are absolutely outstanding. I never miss a viewing if at all possible. I do encourage you to continue in whatever format seems appropriate for your own needs, but the nation needs your understanding and search for the best solutions.

  • Ann Case

    I know you’ve thought of this, but consider the people who respect and depend on your view point who don’t have a computer and the skills to be part of your online community. On the other hand, this may be just the push they need to acquire the computer and the skills! And thank you for all your years of service. One of your first programs on ideas came on here at 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. and I could not watch – because afterward I would be so buzzed with thought I couldn’t go to sleep! Also –
    I went to the Poetry Festival at Waterloo because of your program on poetry. You have gifted my life in so many ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ann Case

  • Raven

    Bill, Your clear eye and special sensitivity have been a beacon for all of us who feel as if our democracy is failing. BillMoyers.com will become our next roost.

  • Sue in Des Moines

    I didn’t read in Bill’s message that he was retiring. The TV show is going off the air. It would be great to have commentaries from good guests, regulars and Bill, of course, on the website.

  • John Tibbetts, Ed.D

    Bill, I do hope you will stay with us into 2014. I especially hope that you will have an opportunity to explore some of the myths and realities of education in America.

  • Michael Andreas

    Several years back I sent you a dollar bill to kick start your presidential campaign. You were kind enough to send it back with a wonderful letter which to this day is framed and hanging in my studio. Not having you as a weekly beacon of truth and common sense (which is exactly what you’ve been for all of us), will leave a giant hole in the world of journalism and my TV viewing schedule.
    God knows you are due for a well deserved break. However, should you change your mind, that dollar is just sitting here… just say the word!
    Thank you.

  • Bob

    I watch you online anyway, so it wouldn’t make any difference if the TV show is no longer on the air. It would be great if you could keep the same format as the current show; I’ll be there watching and getting some real information.

  • Doug

    Bill, if you have the motivation and resources at your disposal, you could consideration producing podcasts. I’ve been educated and entertained by your programs since NOW in 2002. Thank you.

  • Mike Peterson

    Say it ain’t so, Bill! I am a Luddite who has enough trouble logging onto my e-mail, let alone Facebook or Twitter (They’re obviously targeted by the NSA anyway). Still, I wish you well in your ACTIVE retirement, even though, as Chris below, has so eloquently stated, “even if we all still selfishly want our pieces of you, forever and ever.” Sincerely,

    Michael E. Peterson

  • Tani

    I am SO sorry to hear that you will be leaving TV viewers on January 3. You are one of the very few voices of truth and reason left on TV airways. I will miss the counter balance you give to the ocean of lies, misinformation, brainwashing and propaganda that dominated corporate controlled media.

    If there is any way you can find an replacement to keep your show going, that would be most welcome and badly needed!!!!

  • Wes Sims

    Bill … You and Charlie Rose give hope to us other old guys in the media. I’m 70, semi-retired, but still producing special reports for Public Radio KUSP in Santa Cruz, CA. I save every one of your emails and watch a good many of your interviews online … some on Public Television. Your programs are always thought provoking and relevant. I look forward to your continued contributions to good journalism and public discourse.

  • Jarrett

    Bill, I was saddened to read your show is coming to an end. It has engaged me in ways I couldn’t have imagined and I have shared episodes from you Sherman Alexie interview to your Susan Crawford interview. You are intelligent, thoughtful and poignant. However, I am excited about the prospect of you continuing to produce content online. In fact, my wife and I typically stream episodes anyway. Hence, don’t stop, keep up the shows, host them online, and you will have a happy couple down here in New Mexico. Thanks for everything.

  • Kendall Furlong

    Oh no! There’ll be no place left to go for truth.

  • Gladys Pfaff

    A sad day for us…. you interview the people I need to hear and you ask the questions I need answers to.
    Your program, no…you, are indeed unique and it will be a great loss to our bank of knowledge if we no longer have your skilled hand in exposing us to a true democratic process at work.
    A simple thank you does not seem adequate.

  • Anonymous

    No one can replace Bill Moyers. Who else would bring unbiased truth to light? I look forward to BillMoyers.com Have you considered creating a Bill Moyers School of Journalism?

  • C. Chandler

    I have enjoyed your focus on Dark Money and Income Inequality in America…keep the focus clear and please leave your archived programs up for all to see…Thanks Mr Moyers.and God bless you!!!…:)O(:..

  • Nygle

    All good things must come to an end; it’s the nature of things; impermanence. Your show has always been a ray of sunshine in the sometimes bleak world of media. Hope will prevail. The fight against ignorance carries on. All the best to you Bill. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    please continue on line in print try ‘subscribers to democracy’ with forums for discussion and feedback and if possible, let’s nail the misinformation asap We have our VOTE; let’s use it.

  • doro

    You are a true patriot and help so many of us stay focused and aware. you deserve to “retire” but am glad you are making plans to stick around.

  • Tracy Puett

    Thank you Bill et al for everything you have done in the name of sanity and the people’s democracy.

  • Greg Utter

    please continue to give voice to the things that really matter!

  • frc

    we sincerely hope you continue voicing your insights on all issues. your opinion has always been presented with respect for the audience’s ability to reason rationally as citizens, consumers, and humans. if you post it, we will read!

  • John Bennett

    Thank you more than I can say. I have watched in various forms for many years.

    Please use the internet media in a way that suits you and your staff. Just please keep us informed through email messages when content becomes available.

  • Rick Keller

    So many have said it better than I could. Let me just add my thanks for the extraordinary job you have done and are doing to empower us to become change agents for social and economic justice, a more caring society, and a restoration of real democracy, I hope that you will continue to find ways to enlighten us about the ways in which our society is being undermined by the forces of greed, prejudice, and self-interest, and that you will help us to learn how we can organize ourselves to be effective.

    As an aside, thanks so much for your recent message of support to the National Priorities Project, one of the most important sources of information for enlightened policy-making.

  • Henry B Murphy Jr

    You have been a huge force in making me more politically active. If 100% of the people voted, if money were forced from politics, if elected officials could serve only one term, if 60% of the people contacted their officials on each issue as it arose? Many possibilities to put the people back in control. I don’t agree 100% with your positions, but you and I are a world away from the corporatized mainstream media. Keep it up!

  • Pat in Idaho

    You are a source of honest, responsible journalism. My husband is 92, and I am 80, and we have just about given up TV….haven’t had in even turned on for weeks. WE READ! And we read, and also listen, via our nice big iMac screen! Keep on, Mr. Moyers! We depend on you!!

  • Kevin

    Bill Moyers IS the best thing on tv, the only thing that comes close is Democracy Now w/Amy Goodman.

  • Geraldine Bowling


    Thank you for all that I have learned from watching your show. I’m am always say to people don’t you watch Bill Moyers ( so may issues). Please keep the information flowing.

  • Karen G.

    Dear Mr. Moyers. Your unfailing dedication to journalism (the real kind), and bringing the truth to light, is invaluable. Please continue to keep us informed via Bill Moyers.com so that we can know what the real story is. Also, you your dedication to the human spirit, well thank you just isn’t enough. Karen Gaffney

  • Robert Harrison

    As a scientist and public health physician, I have been relying on your website 2-3 times per week. Please continue this source of news for all of us. It is indispensable for independent coverage of climate change, public health issues, showcasing grassroots advocates and telling the truth about economic inequality in America. You give me hope every week that collective action can make a difference.

  • Gulf Coast

    Please keep me on Bill Moyers email list, but please don’t force me to join Facebook!!!

  • Charles F. Wurster

    Bill Moyers, Your broadcasts are extremely valuable and insightful. Please do not leave us to the corporate media alone. You must continue to preserve this democracy. PBS should extend your coverage. Isn’t that what public broadcasting is all about.

  • Maria Cuerda

    Wish you wouldn’t leave the airways. We need your voice. If you have to leave I hope you’ll post videos of interviews online. Thanks for all your good work.

  • Al & Barb Williams, Oak Harbor

    I’m 77 years old today. Many times I’ve told my wife we’ve been fortunate to live when and where we have–the last 30 because of you. I doubt our kids and grandkids will be so lucky. Your epilogues have been treasure chests of excoriation, but spot on. Go in peace Bill, and thanks for making our lives and nation better, more honest, and decent–or at least for trying. You will be missed.

  • Richard Black

    Citizenship is taken seriously because of your honest, not for profit, appraisal of issues that matter to the majority of the human race. Thank you for continuing to shine a light in the dark corners of American policy.

  • Justin Mayer

    Bill, you are one of the finest human beings ever to walk on this crazy spinning globe. If you can, keep doing the same show you’ve been doing but just online if you can’t be on TV. I would be more than happy to pay a fee for yours shows if that’s what it takes. I suspect that many other viewers would do the same.
    I would be deeply saddened to not be able to see and hear you anymore. If you do need to retire I understand and wish you the best. And yes keep on engaging us in the renewal of democracy. Thanks for all of the great shows I’ve been watching for 35 years.

  • R.C.Springer

    You have come so far and done so much for so many. I hesitate to question someone’s right to give it a rest, if that’s what it’s about. The ring of truth from you and so many of your guests cannot be replaced. Possibly you need to invite Mr. and Mrs. Obama over for a bridge game with Mr. Buffet and Mr. Gates. Better, Pimco’s Bill Gross could drop by and deal some poker and then possibly you’d get a full house for all your guests.

  • Rose Vernier

    Why do you have to go, Bill? If you leave PBS, will you stay with social media and the worldwide internet with billmoyers.com? Please speak as long as you have breath and a patriotic American’s mind. Please speak up and speak out. We desperately need witnesses, observers, role models, teachers who are not blind and deaf and dumb. We need Independent-Interdependent American Citizens who speak Truth Whole Truth to Power and Liberty and Justice.

  • gloria

    I’m shocked & saddened. Bill, you are the voice of truth & reason. PBS has benefited with your show. Please consider a continued presence via social media, YouTube, news articles & lecture. You & your news team have given the public the gift of truth.

  • like-mind

    Congratulations on your run, Sir, and thank you for embodying the anachronism of cutting-edge investigative journalism. Thank goodness this is all happening while so many of us folks who remember how it’s supposed to be, are still around.

    I personally sense a tipping point has been reached wrt our planet. Survey of US waterways finds 50% befouled. 2050 will see the hottest weather we remember, become the daily norm, unless averted. Moderate mitigation stalls that to end of century. It will take good people in leadership over many years to bend the curve. Recent study asserts global abatement plans are under-deployed and falling short of goals. Our physical possessions are based upon the oil technology of plastics, so not only energy sources but replacements must be developed, much like those ‘plastic’ forks at Whole Foods take-out which are made of cellulose.

    Seen in light of this, the instability of current GOP might be serving the needs of Humanity lol ~ discuss!

  • Carol Marychild

    Is Goliath winning? Has your uncompromising commitment to truth cost your place on the public airways? Is your leaving TV because of loss of sponsorship or public broadcasting cowardice? Is there anything we can do to keep you on?

    You and your guests have been the primary means of keeping me sane in this increasingly insane world. You bring hope into the despair that results from facing the truth of our corporatized politics and has launched this old soul as an activist.

    Please bring on your show the other light of hope who has kept me from being psychically paralyzed by the environmental crisis, Joanna Macy, whose work is made accessible through her book, “Active Hope: How We Can Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy.”

    You are the only one out there who has combined passionate compassion with reason to bring perspective to the crisis of democracy, grounded in your spiritual reliance on those “Unseen Hands” that have guided your life. Thank you and bless you!

  • Naomi

    Please keep our needs as a country uppermost when you decide how to get your message out. You are the only voice we have that brings sanity to our thinking about the critical issues we are dealing with. These ideas need to be heard by as many as possible and as loudly as possible…. Thank you !!

  • Anonymous

    Your voice is critical — keep it coming…however, whenever, whatever form you can. I will find you as your contributions fuel my inspiration, nurture my soul and give me hope.

  • Anonymous

    As I come to this comment section, there are nearly a thousand well-written, heartfelt accolades from your followers and I can’t really add anything to them, only to say that your series of interviews with Joseph Campbell, alone, is worth the price of admission.

  • Deborah Cox

    Thank you for coming out of retirement to provide your analysis. I missed you. I hope you get some rest, you deserve it.

  • Barbara Mengason

    Thank you for making our country’s issues more transparent. I will miss being reminded each week that a democracy only works if the citizens keep alert and informed. You have kept me informed.

  • gussie

    You and yours know how to go forward . . . do as you have. I am 66 & depend on this program as a beacon of truth, among less than a handful of other sources. Can the US ever regain my trust in government or love of country? NO. I so need to hear intelligent, empathetic voices speaking truth to revive my spirit; and to be reminded that my actions and thoughts do matter to me regardless of the sham and shame within which my citizenry is encased. If I could leave this country, yes, I would leave as a gift of self-love and self-respect.

  • Rocco

    Bill—thank you for opening up our eyes and minds so we can make sense!
    Rocco J Colella

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, Rocky Mountain PBS chose to run Bill Moyers at a weird time (Sunday at noon), while repeating, re-repeating, and re-re-repeating the same tired old crap during prime time. The powers that be in Denver don’t have much faith in their viewers’ intelligence. This is the kind of poor programming decision that makes me want to scream.

  • Marsha

    Bill Moyer tops my list of those most deserving of attention for his informative conversations and his obvious integrity. He is a treasure PBS needs to keep, and we all need to make happen with our support!

  • Loyallistener

    Hello, I was a constant watcher of your programs until I could not get it on TV, but keep up by listening on my computer. Thank you for keeping us all informed. It feels sad and yet enlightening. I like the shows best that highlight successful programs / individuals or groups who work for a better world. THANKS – keep up any help that you can and maybe find a successor???

  • Angry Old White Man

    It seems that everything I post gets taken down for one reason or another but I’ve never cared because your show has always been worth the time on the laptop. Mr. Moyers, you have done all you can to wake us up. I am very sorry that the last broadcast will be January 3, but the rest is up to us and always was. You deserve your laurels, and if there are any more available you should get them as well. Thanks for coming out of retirement, and by ll means please continue to give us your thoughts on moyers.com any way you choose. We always trusted you before; no reason why w shouldn’t now. Enjoy your re-tirement, such as it will be, and come back any time.

  • A true fan

    Sorry to see you go, again. Thankful you were & then were again! We don’t have internet access from home, unfortunately that leaves my husband out of the loop of hearing your weekly messages…you are what keeps him hopeful for this sad world. He will miss you most on the TV.

    Thanks for presenting your unbiased views and getting to the root of issues! Enjoy your retirement & know you moved so many of us!!!

  • moderator

    Sorry if you’ve been having problem posting! I will go back and make sure none of your post got caught in our spam filter by accident. Thanks for being a part of our community.

    Thank You,
    Sean @ Moyers

  • Will

    I feel the same. Thanks for expressing it so well, Justin. I know you speak for a huge number of other long-time fans, like myself.

  • Terry H.

    Sorry about the cancellation but welcome to the internet where everything is forever, hopefully including yourself.

  • Jack Cormier

    Stay with us…..somehow!

  • Ane

    ..& Thank YOU, Mr. Moyers ~ you really help me understand things.

  • Jack Endicott

    Is this because the Kochs bought NPR?

  • LaVonne Reimer

    I haven’t watched TV in years but I am a friend on Facebook. Seeing a new post or link is the highlight of any day for me. It’s always great to hear directly from Bill but the selection of other authors is outstanding too. Please do continue to engage us through BillMoyers.com. As others have commented below, your voice is uniquely powerful and urgently needed today.

  • Dianne J. Moore

    I pray you are able to stay on the air after Jan. You are the only decent TV programming on Sat night. I learn so much about what’s REALLY going on in our country. Let the truth be revealed.

  • Charlie Ridgell

    Keep on keeping on, Bill! You are the best interviewer because you are a great listener, ask great questions, and you respect your guests and your audience.

  • Max Cacas

    Mr. Moyers, Thank you for what you and your team are doing. If I had one suggestion, I wish you would use your considerable wisdom and perspective to help give a platform and a stage to younger people who share your vision. I think the best legacy you could leave us is to help encourage and give voice to younger people who are able to strongly and coherently feel as you do. Thank you again!

  • RRuss

    I agree with BBC. Why would NPR drop a highly rated, well respected show? Considering your funders, I doubt they withdrew funding, and I would also doubt there are not others willing to step in anyway. It could be that you are getting to the place in life where it is too much to handle, but considering that you may continue online, that seems unlikely. But … the fact that the NPR has accepted $10,000,000 of Koch brothers corruption, it seems likely that they found your broadcasts incompatible with their goals. For all NPR gas accomplished over the years, I am disappointed to see such a blatant sell out to such corrupt corporate interests.

    Rather than allow for speculation, please speak the truth fully, as you are so well respected for doing.

    I will miss your show greatly, but have no problem following online.

    Thank you for a lifetime of serving the best interests of the American people.

  • Clytie S

    First Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan goes, and now Bill Moyers? Thoughtful news on PBS that highlights our democracy and its health seems endangered.

  • Jima Rice

    I can’t think of what to suggest because I always rely on your insight, good taste, intelligence, decency, and canny sense of what’s important to inform me. Whatever you do will be valuable and I sincerely urge you to continue in some means – TV especially if it’s possible. What would we do without PBS?

  • Pierre Curtis

    I enjoy following you on my PC via social media. You have a great team, and I truly feel I can rely on you to bring the independent alternative view. Goodness knows we need it in the ever more corporate dominated & controlled media. So I would ask you and your team to keep up the good work, even if it is via the internet.

  • Don

    Bill, can’t tell you how much I will miss the voice you bring to the important issues of our day. I am 73. You inspire me to keep on giving to the world no matter how old I get. The world needs our wisdom, along with the energy and vision of youth for fresh perspectives on solving the problems our generation has left them. Thanks for giving of yourself.

  • orwell

    Did the Koch brothers get Moyers fired?

  • Brooke Heppinstall Kroenung

    Thank you! We’d keep you forever if we could. I can only access the website, but, please give this wonderful team a platform to keep it coming!!

  • Michele Wilcox

    I have enjoyed every one of your broadcasts and find them very insightful. Even though you are going back into retirement, my hope is someone will pick up where you leave off. Thank you for your tireless efforts in getting the truth out to people and giving us all a kick in the pants when we needed it.

  • Linda Sang

    Thank you for speaking my mind as well as your own, gussie. I didn’t even realize I felt that way until I read the words “Can the US ever again regain my trust in government or love of country? NO.” I’m 67, a year older than you are. Maybe that has something to do with it. I can remember when American democracy kinda-sorta functioned, but those days are long over.

  • T. Hildebrandt

    There are way too few smart moral minds standing up for the unrepresented in this country. I’m not sure what your future plans are, but your impact on public opinion is invaluable and the rocking chair on the porch will never be as gratifying as your continued influence in an American population that needs all the help it can get.

  • rica mac

    I am wondering if Naomi Klein would/could take up the gauntlet……We desperately need the voice of sanity and hope coming through our airwaves and on my FB page not only in USA but here in Scotland too!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Considering that broadcast TV is on the wane as a primary source of information for the current and coming generations – the loss is mostly for boomers (like me) who grew up with it. I have already gone over to cyberspace for the sort of ‘real’ news that Bill Moyers delivers and it only seems fitting that he find his place there for all. Maybe connect with some internet TV station or Glenn Greenwald’s new enterprise. Whatever it is – I look forward to it. Rock on Bill!

  • Tom Fulda

    I was saddened to learn that your program is coming to an end. I am 72 and i know that my energy level isn’t what it used to be so believe me i understand. I have followed your work for a good while and you have made me think and act in ways i otherwise might not have. I admire who you are and what you have. You are a national treasure and should be honored as such. If i had any say I would suggest to our President that you be honored with one of those medals (national medal of freedom?) he gives out from time to time. I have found retirement to be full of wonderful and rewarding opportunities. I hope you will. Good Luck!

  • SueAnn

    Please continue the show.

  • Anonymous

    Not since Izzy Stone has a voice been as clear and concise about truth as Bill Moyers has been in these past few decades. He is the most articulate and thoughtful and compassionate voice in the new media today and yesterday.

    We need his voice or another like it if we are to remain civilized. The movement to divide and fracture the core of this country is strong…. and if it becomes completely divided .. the power at the top will be completely pitted against those at the bottom and the only recourse will be rebellion and much pain.
    Please let this voice be heard.

  • crobin

    Even though I’m a “boomer” I rarely watch the TV show, but please, please, keep your Facebook page up and going. It is a rare beacon of truth and sometimes, a tiny, little bit of hope.

  • Lisa Larrabee

    Thank you! One thing I’ve noticed in many current dialogues is a lack of understanding of our Constitution and how the system works or is supposed to work (without partisan political lenses clouding the picture), And, I think a lot of people are hesitant to ask questions, so they don’t. For example, people read the Bill of Rights and I don’t think they realize all of the case law that defines it. How about a Constitutional forum, with experts, to explain things in lay terms?

  • Beth Ramos

    FB feeds are the way I get my news today. Please keep on going!

  • Lauren Shub

    Where did my post go? I lovingly wrote a long post, thought I could sign in by FB or Twitter, was asked to create an account with Discus, did that, now I’m in and my post is gone. Slightly sad. Guess I’ll recreate my post later.

  • eyeswideopen

    There is so much to discuss and…expose!!! I really appreciate the truth-telling of your programming!! Please, please keep up your wonderful, in depth journalism, there’s so much we all need to know and/or have explained in layman’s terms. This country deserves and NEEDS what you bring to journalism and television!!

  • George Watson

    The good die young or their shows get cancelled too quickly. See you in cyberspace Bill. Lot’s of work left to be done! 😉

  • Matt

    i think the show is great hope you keep airing it on the web

  • ptuii

    Your straightforward analysis is sorely needed in today’s arena with the likes of Rush and Glenn and Alex and all the local, homegrown hatriots. Your wisdom is enlightening, truth with a twist of humanist. I urge you to continue via your website if PBS has become KBS (Koch Brothers System) and now fears your program. In any event, I wish you well, and I desperately hope you will continue to guide your listeners.

  • Darlene Fletcher

    OH YES!! Please continue on any media that is available to you! We will miss your broadcasts, but would look forward to keeping connected through BillMoyers.com.

  • aj14

    Don’t stop, whatever you do.

  • Kathy41

    just more of what you’ve been providing, please

  • Greg Vezina

    Bill you should get involved with the efforts of many in Canada and the US to start an independent non-profit “Democracy Channel®” on the Internet that can become a single point of entry for information and collaboration, with programming that can also be broadcast locally, regionally and nationally containing many of the things that cannot be found or developed by the traditional news media, including a secure, confidential polling site that will allow millions of people to know the opinions and positions of others on matters of public concern, which will provide citizens with the information necessary to make knowledgeable decisions that their FCC licensed broadcasters are supposed to provide on the publicly owned airwaves. I will contribute the registered trademark for “Democracy Channel®” to the effort.

  • Jen

    I thought last night’s show was especially awesome and am crushed to think I won’t be able to see more on PBS in 2014. I still prefer tv for your show because I’m a boomer for whom buffering will not be suffered.

  • Pamela N.

    In general terms, I’d like to see more of the same content that you have been airing. Specifically, I would like to see something along the lines of the information provided by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway in “Merchants of Doubt.” They exposed the scientists who are working with the Heartland Institute and Heritage Foundation to cast doubt on the science behind global warming, just as they have previously tried to cast doubt on the link between tobacco and cigarettes, and industrial pollution as a cause of acid rain, etc.

  • Mary Ruth Kowalczyk Kolk

    Oh no! Say it isn’t so? We were so happy when you came back. Bill we need you!!! You are the voice of reason – practically the only voice of reason. You always do your research and follow the story to where the evidence takes you. Okay, I’ve calmed down enough to answer your question about what would we like to see on your web site beginning in January. In my humble opinion, you should not fix that which is not broken…ergo keep the exact same format you have been using on TV. I hope this is a good thing for you, Bill. God knows you deserve some time off. We wish you all the best and we sincerely offer our appreciation for your fine programing.

  • Lynn Eckert

    Please keep going! You’re insight, analysis and compassion are sorely needed.

  • The Daley’s

    When your show stopped viewing in our S Jersey area on Sundays my family
    realized how informative your show is for us. We are struggling with out the inspiration that we received weekly. I keep up with your letters over the internet.. but my family suffers while channel surfing.. what you gave us was a glimmer of truth and a spirit of hope. Sunday afternoon with out Bill Moyers is just wrong….. The Daley’s

  • Anonymous

    Bill, your voice on TV is one of too few sanity pieces that brings news and views that cannot be found elsewhere. I relish and embrace your honesty and deep delving into the truth that is sorely missing in today’s politics. Where do I go now to really understand what is happening behind our backs, as you so ably serve up in buckets?
    TV is one of the best venues. You have brought us many “movers and shakers” who need the exposure you have given them. This country is drowning in ‘bought’ politicians, who only clamor for “Me, me, me,” and have absolutely no humanitarian feelings for anyone, including the constituents who elected them. Once they step over the threshold into congress, it is all about money and perks.
    Your many interviewees have pointed this out. They bring us hope. They are fighting the ‘system’ and you have given them an outlet to inform us of their good deeds.

    Thanks for all you have done in your life in service to the country and to us.

  • Rev. Susan Gabbard

    Bill, “thank you” is not enough when we consider your long career as a true journalist. Having worked in public media myself for some years, I long admired your work and was glad that our station carried your programs. You also raised the roof – and awareness – at the United Church of Christ General Synod in 2007, in Hartford, CT. Wish the press had covered your speech as they did that of then-Senator Obama. I’ve shared that speech from the UCC website numerous times on Facebook. It has greatly informed my work as a pastor speaking truth to power. And I heartily agree with Greg Vezina that we need a “Democracy Channel” online. Blessings to you and if I could put a 20-minute standing ovation in here, I would.

  • http://mimiatthemovies.blogspot.com/ Mimi Fink

    I agree that the Internet is the way to go. You might consider using Crowd Sourcing for some of the funding. Inform your friends and fans, and I think you can make a go of it.

  • Ascend Asheville

    Run for President.

  • Jennifer Dukes Howell

    Your ability to open our eyes to problems we haven’t even known was there has been sometimes startling and sometimes refreshing. I will follow you to whatever media you go. As some have mentioned, I hope you are not leaving because of lack of sponsorship or censorship but to have more time for retirement. Best Wishes, and I hope that you are mentoring others to attempt to step into your shoes in the coming years!

  • Jan

    Your absence on Public Television will create an unfillable void. This is some of the worst news I have had in the realm of ethical journalism. Absolutely will continue to follow you on fb. but this is sad news. If you are ever able to return to PBS I will be there watching.

  • http://mimiatthemovies.blogspot.com/ Mimi Fink

    Just want to add, I volunteer to help in any way I can.

  • pattypug

    Oh we cannot do without you…what can we do to help.

  • 1Patricia

    Please don’t leave us and if you don’t want to go into politics, who would, you get so much more done by airing your thoughts and investigations. Internet is the best way to reach the most amount of people. Thanks for years of great reporting.

  • Bonnie Yantis

    Through all the fury, tears, laughter, snickering and being shocked – your guests almost always amaze one way or another… I always ended with hope because of knowing that you and your fans were there. I also loved laughing so hard – you’re a main medical commodity, See you on ,com

  • Gina Burton-Hampton

    Thank you. I suggest that you and your team focus on giving young journalists a format and mentoring in how to do honest investigative reporting. Replicate your journalistic integrity over and over again. Look for opportunities to use new channels, OWN, Algazeera, Democracy channel for sources of these new journalists. Create conferences and traning sessions and venues where they can hone their skills and reinvigorate their vision for truth telling. This could be the time to solidify your legacy.

  • Carol Wayne

    Please, please dont stop….we need you so much…keep reporting and doing what you do so well…..

  • Emma Juliano Ramos

    Oh no! What are we going to watch on Sundays after your program is gone. Did some rich, extreme, powerful rightist get you fired? Thanks for your great reporting.

  • ronnie

    Thank you for your dedication, diligence and service in reporting the truth about the state of our democracy today. I have always counted on Moyers & Company as a source for truth and honesty that is so lacking in political news today.

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE stay Bill! We need your wisdom and your choices for topics we need to know about!

  • Gary Kloner

    We need you to simply continue now more than ever !

  • Jim Bullard

    “Final broadcast Jan 3rd”. That’s terrible news. We need your calm rational voice to counteract the right wing loudspeakers.

  • Larry Perfetti

    Thanks, Mr. Moyers for everything you given us over the years. I would like to see a program about pediatric cancer treatment. In particular, I would like to have attention drawn to the facts that only 1 chemo drug has been developed for children with cancer in 20 years, that our NIH only gives 5% of its cancer budget to pediatric cancer research and treatment, and that the American Cancer Society only uses 1% of its budget for pediatric cancer. If “children are our future” (and all the other political platitudes about our deep concern for children) is true, why then are we not spending more time and using more resources to help children with cancer? Thanks for considering my request. My best to you, your wife and staff. Love and Peace, Larry

  • John F. Mertz

    Hope you can find a way to continue inspiring us to work towards the America that could be, while informing us of the America that should not be.

  • Shlomo Posner

    You can count on my family and I for continued support!

  • Dottie

    Please stay!!!! You are a voice of hope and reason. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Janine Maves

    I value your voice, and thank you for speaking up. I’ve always wished you could be president . . . or king . . . or god.

  • Madonna Fong

    Why will Jan. 3rd be your last broadcast? Say it isn’t so Bill! Your programs have been so intelligent, thought provoking and a television broadcast must! There is so much vacuous-time-wasting-brain-numbing radio and television programming on regular network television! Your progam is so deparately needed!! Don’t go off the air!!!!!! Please! ~ MAdonna Fong

  • The Thinker

    I would like you to showcase the growing inequality in American and increasing poverty. I was struck by a recent quote “hopelessness and rage born of poverty and inequality.” I don’t think that people realize that continued greed and wealth inequality will sacrifice our community and security. Bill, you could make them get it.

  • The Thinker

    You and Joseph Campbell — one of the best series of all time. Thank you!

  • Kathleen K

    Bill Moyers and Company have been the most important place for me to find the truth about what is happening in our dysfunctional society/government. It is my hope that you will continue to speak that truth wherever you go. Please know that we still need you.

  • carita

    More of the same, with a focus on how private citizens can work to reverse the inequality of money and influence. I have enjoyed your show each week on the internet following your broadcasts on the weekends

  • docnadineb

    As the “Wild Things” in “Where the Wild Things Are” by Sendak, say, “Don’t go!! We’ll eat you up, we love you so!” Yours is the best show on television – period. I use segments of your show and your writings on Bill Moyers.com and on Facebook, frequently in my teaching in a Master of Social Work Program at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Social justice is one of the anchors of our mission statement and you are always calling for this in everything you do! Don’t go!

  • Wisconsin admirer

    I have so enjoyed your broadcasts. Your news reporting is intelligent, in depth, presented with compassion, and sorely needed in this time when other news reporting is entertainment news (unconcerned with accuracy and focusing on sensationalism). You have my admiration for the way complex information is presented in understandable terms for the lay person. Please keep doing what you do so well.

  • Judith Cooper

    Keep it going, what ever you do. One of the few trustworthy, intelligent people out there in the broadcasting world.

  • Janice Kuckuk Minardi

    I enjoy, respect, learn from, and am inspired by Moyers and Company. Many thanks to you and your team and to Public Broadcasting and NPR.

  • Elizabeth Grady

    I laugh along with Stewart and Colbert, but I ponder and think along with you and your guests. We can’t do without that.

  • Bill Gurnon

    Your program has always been informative, enlightening and inspiring. Thanks for doing it for another couple of years. Now that you’ll have some free time, maybe you’ll decide to run for President. I’ve been telling my wife for a long time that you’d make a great one. Think about it.!
    Meanwhile, happy 2nd retirement!

  • Curious George

    With regret I hate to see your show leave the air. We need level headed thinking and a presentation of behavior that is solely interested in the preservation of Democracy. I have a question that maybe you can help answer. Obama signed the ACA bill after Congressional approval in 2010. If a bill is approved and all ready has Appropriations funding of the act, how can Cruz legally shut down the government for defunding as the Anti-Deficency Act has not been cited. Would the cost of 24 million solely predicated by this action be an unlawful expenditure and create malfunction of contractor services.

  • Constance Griffin

    I would like you to continue in the same vein that you have traveled in and share with the public your ideas, information, knowledge and perspectives on our world today. I think you are the Walter Cronkite of today’s world and because you are, you have become one that we can look to for honesty and in-depth coverage. You are a national treasure. I look forward to more publications, both paper and web. Thank you for your honesty and humanitarian coverage of world events.

  • Anonymous

    Please extend.
    There are several serious, species survival, ‘seven generations ahead’ reasons why you are needed HERE & NOW! (Yes, that small group who affects change a la Margaret Mead’s quote, depends on people like you. Well, yes, YOU & your team specifically!)

    The ‘People over Profit’ priorities, the strugglers for quality of life, environment, human rights here in US & around the world, the innovators, organizers and social justice activists — or simply those who believe(d) in the American Dream — still need YOU & your team to continue!

    The Spirits of FDR, ML King, Thomas Jefferson, whose great monuments I recently visited in DC needs you to CONTINUE. And stay also to continue to identify, train, and connect REAL journalists & activists to carry the progressive, human rights gauntlet forward.

    Who else does this consistently, understandably, accessibly to all US citizens?

    So, while I can imagine you earnestly & humbly saying – well, no one is irreplaceable, I say if you must retire for personal reasons or choice, please know you do so with our many blessings.

    But if you are being hassled or pushed in any way by PBS or ‘sponsors’, please say so – on your FB page or somewhere we can find. I then vow to contact PBS & to walk away with pledges & checkbooks, if necessary. And should you be pushed (by Koch Bros. types), please allow us to communicate, pressure or vote with our feet.

    As you well know, these times seem an age of deep misinformation, distraction & ignorance, of ‘shock doctrine’ or ‘divide & conquer’ crises, of systemic corruption and citizen disenfranchisement. So– learn, act & struggle we must.

    We desperately need drum majors now– in this fight against fear itself, against intolerance, greed and self-destructiveness. We need YOU, your insights, your work & play amongst the activists, the questioners, the journalists & the innovators.

    Lastly, I want to add that I personally have learned so much from you & your decades long efforts, I have even had my personal life enhanced by who and what you present, that I wish to sincerely thank you again — no matter what happens next!

  • Jo

    I’m disappointed that you won’t be on the air. I count on your to keep it real and keep it civil. No one else does that like you, Bill. Please, change your mind.

  • JT Sturgell

    Would love to see a focus on Civics Education. It was something Ralph Nader used to talk about, but with new voter laws suppressing the young and the poor, a focus on civics in our schools is needed now more than ever. Whether developing a curriculum or just a short series of videos and support materials – our future depends on the engagement of young people in governing our nation.

  • Carol Marychild


    Please bring on your show Joanna Macy, whose lifelong work and new book, “Active Hope: How We Can Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy” are dedicated to empowering people to act for compassion and justice for all earth’s creatures. Like you, she understands how all the crises facing us are interconnected, but refuses to be overcome with despair, opting instead for hope, connectedness and activism.

    You have over the years helped me enormously to understand why and how our grand experiment in democracy has come into such grave danger, and how we can still take it back. Ditto for the grand experiment of life on earth, which is slipping through our hands. It is all a spiritual crisis of consciousness with incalculable concrete consequences. The thread we hold onto is Hope, which you have held out for me during my times of despair over the state of the human experiment.

    Thank you for your dedication to truth all these years, giving us inspiration as you followed the Unseen Hands that have guided you from the Peace Corps through the White House to your interviews with Joseph Campbell to the remarkable dialogues you have shared with poets and politicians and little people.

    I don’t want you to leave public TV! I reluctantly must trust those Unseen Hands to guide you to what comes next. Bless you!

  • Lori Anthony

    I am sooo sad that I will not be able to watch the sanity, intelligence, wisdom, insight and yes, hope, you bring to American politics after January 3, 2014. Whenever I want in-depth information that I can trust has been fact checked and is journalistically unbiased, I always turn to you. I hope you are healthy and well and will be around for a long time to inspire, inform and educate we, the average citizen who wants to know more. Thank you so much for your many years of journalistic integrity.

  • Lori Anthony

    He can’t. That was a large part of the idiocy of the “defund” campaign. The Tea idiots didn’t know the difference between a Bill and a Law.

  • Ever

    Keep hammering the widening gap of inequalities, the two extremes (rich & poor) growing, and highlighting people who are making efforts to make positive changes in our society, education, health, the economy , our environment and the world in general. It would also be nice to look at what other countries are doing to solve their socioeconomic and environmental problems, particularly Scandinavian countries. And keep highlighting that in order to gain equality and justice in this country we need a government that works and that has equality and justice in its mind and as a responsibility that the citizenry pays for, instead of having a team of vandals who side with and give economic breaks and tax heavens to the extreme wealthy; a broken government that taxes regular Joe to help the big corporations and donors of their political careers and campaigns and that ultimately support their crooked lifestyles. Thank you for your excellent programs and I look forward to more.

  • Adrienne

    My son, Josh Broome had the good fortune of doing some of your voice over work at WNET as he launched his audio career in broadcasting. (What an introduction to journalism for a young man)! I think important work is following up on all of the millions, billions of dollars donated to the victims of Katrina, Haiti and Sri Lanka and as of late folks who lost through Sandy. Where did All of the money go?

  • jov8

    As some have already written…”you are a national treasure”…Your perspective and ability to relate “history” to present issues is amazing. Do not go silent please…your voice is needed now more than ever.

  • Anonymous

    Your show is one of only a few worth watching. Appealing, enlightening, corroborative, and affirming. Thank you. Please don’t leave.

  • Duane McDonald

    Dear Mr. Moyers; It saddens me to know that you will soon be leaving your show “Moyers and company”. Your show more than any other has always been to me a breath of fresh air. A place where one could go to hear an honest dialogue on the important issues of the day. The honesty and compassion that you have embodied throughout your broadcasting career has made you a national treasure. I wish for you a very long and healthy and happy retirement. May God bless.

  • Tom Glenn

    Your shows on PBS are some of the best. I will miss them but I will contine to follow your insightful commentary, and of your guests. Just a thought, and I have not researched this, have you ever given a TED talk?

  • Pacificoyster

    I hope you continue online. You and your program are irreplaceable.

  • Sai Das

    Bill. You are like this amazing lover who comes and rocks our world, makes us fall hopelessly in love, then leaves. Our hearts are broken and we treasure the precious time we had together and hope against hope that you will return again. After you, all of the others pale in comparison. Don’t leave us! Come back! We’ll do better this time…no more Sherlock, TNT’s Southland, FX’s Louie, AMC’s The Killing, Showtime’s Homeland, CBS’s The Good Wife.

    I’m not clear on why you are leaving this time. Money (funding)? Family? Life? I know you are in your “golden years” and all, but c’mon, John Dingell still serves in Congress for 57 years now and he’s 87! Give us 5 more years and hand-pick a protege to at least try to take your place.

  • Hume

    One of the very few current affairs focused programs with “substance and depth” …. no way to keep you on PBS? I think what you and your team have been doing is greatly needed and should be kept going for the greater good of the country …. and a lot of what helps/hopes to improve the U.S. is of benefit to countries outside the U.S. as well.

  • Georgia Sanders

    Gosh….we need your calming voice amidst the chaos..You have our trust. When I see things happening in the world sometimes I wonder if anyone else sees what I see and then I listen, watch or read Bill Moyers…it affirms and enlightens me. Thank you so much

  • Doglover

    Knowing how to ask the right questions is more important than any answer that may be given. Thank-you for your competence in that effort.

  • George P. Miller

    You are one of the few voices of reason in a sea of loud, overbearing hubris. You will be sorely missed, Bill. I sincerely hope there is someone, somewhere, who can take your place.

  • Sylvia

    You are irreplaceable…and your program has been essential in providing us with the important information that is missing in the “news coverage” we find on our network news programs and many of our newspapers. When you first retired, your well-intentioned replacement could not bring the experienced perspective that you provide in your interviews. For those of us who long for the days of Walter Cronkite and in-depth “news specials”, you are our only answer…along with Frontline and some PBS programs. When I compare “regular” news programs with what I read in the Christian Science Monitor or see on your program, I find little in common. Their coverage is of the impending super crisis of the next storm front- be it natural or political. With the control of the economic elite over our news agencies as well as many politicians and our incomes, our democracy is in peril. You have been a “safe place” where people can express important ideas and allow your viewers to filter this information into action in their own lives. You have provided impetus for us to try and save our country, to not accept what is being forced upon us by “the few”…and we are grateful.

  • L. McGee

    Mr Moyers, You have been one of my favorite people for decades. Your thoughtful, rational, logical insights into issues of the day; cuts through the din of hyperbole of those wishing to drown out the voices of reason. I hope you find a way to stay involved. We still need you.

  • mamurphy

    Your show is the best on television. I rely on it to keep myself & my family informed. We can’t do without you. Please stay and keep up informed.
    INMHO I applaud all the other comments on this page that are so eloquently written.

  • Monika

    Final broadcast!?! what? No !! That is so saddening, I love your shows and your message and the fact that it shows I am not alone in my thoughts and beliefs and actually have mainstream ideas. You will be sorely missed America needs more programs like yours

  • nm creatrix

    Oh no, I am just recovering from your last departure. My Friday evening was bereft without your most excellent programming. Just keep up the good work, and tell it like it is…

  • Joh

    I like it, but it’s mostly geezers talking to geezers about some pretty heady stuff. Still, I’m glad someone is doing it. I like the interaction of an audience like on Book TV (c-span).

  • Rosemary Driscoll

    I’m incredibly saddened to hear that January 3rd will be your last broadcast. As a faithful viewer, I’ll miss this most intelligent program. Knowing, however, that you may continue to be a presence on the Web and provide a much needed voice of reason is truly comforting. Perhaps an upcoming program could feature Bill Moyers, Diane Ravitch, and Arne Duncan discussing the debacle once known as “No Child Left Behind” and now labeled “Race To The Top.” Thank you, Bill Moyers.

  • Deb

    thanks for all you have done to open our eyes! I hope you can take on promoting solutions to the climate changes that carbon pollution is inducing. And please open a new Facebook — and let us know how to stay tuned, your facebook page is full! is there a newsletter?

  • Joan Marshall Hutcheson

    Every Sunday, your show bring sanity to my life. Thank you, your guests, PBS & of course every one involved in the making of the show. I’ll continue to your site on th internet.
    Joan Hutcheson

  • Sue Carlton

    Remember when Molly Ivins asked us to draft you as a presidential candidate? I still have the post card you sent saying “Thanks, but no thanks” so, of course, I hate that you are leaving PBS. You reach not just those of us already in the choir but oftentimes, those who are waiting to join and don’t quite know it yet and sometimes those still standing outside in the rain. This is my way of saying please don’t leave us entirely, we can’t afford to lose you.

  • http://twitter.com/KaylaWildflower @KaylaWildflower

    No! Why are you leaving TV? I won’t come to the website. Websites are like email – there’s just too much! With TV, it’s on at a certain time, so I have to commit, and to you I committed every week. Please, your show is unique. If you’re still going to be active, the one suggestion I have is move it to CNN or MSNBC for a broader viewing audience. It’s critical!

  • Pamela Meyers

    Well, I would like see BillMoyers.com not “going” anywhere! Mr. Moyers, you have not stated the reason for your departure. You were once the voice of calm and reason (and still are to some extent) but sometime in the last year, you have found your passion and have been expressing yourself more freely. No offense, but it has been an enriching experience for me to see you as disgusted, dismayed and enraged about our government and how it has detached itself from the common men and women who are angry about worrying about food, fuel, transportation, health, etc. I understand that you may be tired of all this. Please take care.

    Thank you for mentioning the Food Stamp Crisis. No Headlines, No Facebook, No Acknowledgement Anywhere -except You, Bernie Sanders and Rachel Maddow. All day, yesterday, I had a heavy heart because the most vulnerable population in our society (due to no fault of their own) has been battered once again with this action.

    We have become a stressed, tired and an ashamed group of citizens who may never recover. My husband and I are disabled. We each work the maximum amount of allowed hours (about 20.) Both for non-profits. We both had careers and we did not expect to be poor at this stage of our lives. My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter live with us in a rented home. My son works, so none of us qualify for fuel assistance despite the fact that the oil bill was $1,600 for the winter.

    We do not go away, buy coffees at the cafes, or shoes, or any unnecessary items.
    I am not complaining because I know other folks have it much harder. My concern is that this is the very beginning of a tsunami that will crash over us – leaving the government victorious because we will now be the invisible people.

    If you know of any countries with a relaxed immigration policy, please let me know.
    I am embarrassed to be a U.S. citizen with a government run by corporations and religious zealots who will not take care of their own. I live in VA. What’s next for us?

    Thank you, Bill Moyers, for being my comrade in time of need. When I was enraged or very very sad I often found solace in the company of your words. When no one understood my grief. I wish you all the best as you possibly step away from the madness. My friends, even my doctor, tell me to put it all aside – but then, who will stand and alert the others? With much appreciation for your work throughout the many years. With gratitude. You will never be replaced. Pamela Meyers

  • Silvana

    I look forward to Sunday. Watching your program is what makes me look forward to Sunday. The quality of your content, visitors, and delivery is of the highest. Your program is one of the fewest that makes spending time watching TV worthy. I would rather you not cancel your broadcast, but if you do, I will follow it on the web. Thanks for your commitment to exceptional journalism.

  • Anonymous

    If you like Bill on Facebook and check off “Notifications” you can see and hear all his great stories at your leisure!! I do agree w/ you, though that I wish there was a better way his messages could reach a broader audience. But the problem w/ CNN and MSNBC is that they’re corporate owned, so he likely wouldn’t have the freedom he enjoys now to say what he wants to say, or report on the stories he wants to report on.

  • tsoyaha

    i feel so much that watching your show on Sunday is a visit to a spiritual meeting that leaves me so much to think about during the week after…..please continue …we get so little “real” thoughts and ideas to review by the “commercial stations”. For those of us living in small rural areas, your show is a place of hope in ideas that allows us to see differently and with good data to back those ideas up.

  • Michael Close

    It will be sad not to have your show every week, I will miss the show and your guests and all the thoughtful topics all should hear. There is always truth and the hope to find better ways to move forward in our country, we all need Moyers & Company on every TV channel, Radio, and Online to spread the word. Everyone here online had such nice things to say, with very good reason, the voice of reason. You Bill Moyers and Company

  • Anonymous

    My 1st comment is that I just want to continue to watch Bill Moyers going forward, regardless of whether it’s here or on TV! I personally go more to the web than I do TV for news because the networks now are mostly just propaganda for the corporations that own them. I love all the stories Bill does, especially some of the ones of late. There are a few topics in particular that I hope Bill continues to shine a spotlight on: the state of the economy, climate change updates, government secrecy, and the fallacies of the current 2 party system we have – how money is what drives all decisions in Washington these days. In particular, this last one is important because the more we can convince people that it doesn’t matter who or which party holds office anymore, the more we can unite as a country against the special interest in Washington. My favorite episode was the interview w/ Mark Liebovich, author of “this Town”. Would like to see more like that because it’s something people from both parties can come together on.

  • Carol Marychild

    Hello? Anyone notice the comment I sent at about 6 p.m.? I don’t need to see it posted, but would like to know someone saw my suggestion to interview Joanna Macy, author of “Active Hope” and founder of The Work that Connects.

  • Liz Nigh

    We do not receive from any of the 3 networks or any new papers the information you provide. I learned so much from you and your guests. I have read your book and several books that your guests wrote.
    Thank you for being you.

  • Colin M. Grant

    Dear Mr Moyers, I am a retired Scots-Canadian living in Calgary Alberta who has spent umpteen years watching your many and stellar shows. I look forward to every single one of them. Many years ago one guest (a fellow Texan) you had spoke of the meaning of “REVERENCE”, I have never forgotten that show. When you look in the dictionary and look up that word you find the name Bill Moyers. Alas, I have dreaded the very thought of NOT seeing you again, but I am a fair and reasonable viewer, while it sickens me it has to happen some time. Please enjoy retirement, but also, can you have a slew of like-minded hosts to continue your excellent shows. But, you be their mentor and if needed create the Bill Moyers Institute where you have personally graduated them and given them their marching orders to continue your work!!! You are a dear and gentle man, loved my many hundreds of thousands of people including me. Take care.

  • Kathy Moore

    Mr. Moyers, thank you for your coverage and insight into the world today. I will follow you where ever I can find you. Please don’t stop. We need you.

  • Portal Person

    You are a National Resource and will be missed. And whatever you contribute to the national dialogue will forever inspire. I’ve loved so many of your interviews of wise men and women like yourself. Thank you for caring so deeply.

  • Mary

    Oh – so sorry we won’t be seeing you weekly. But thank you for keeping the website up, and us informed!
    Bravo, Bill!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Moyers , I have followed you with relief ( a lover of questions gets lonely in a fear tangled fascist state ) since the 80’s. I will follow you as long as i am able . I love that you are comfortable asking hard questions and not knowing the answers . A truth seeker is a light in dark places. Well done sir .

  • James Swarts

    Dear Mr. Moyers,

    As that rare voice of sanity in an insane media there really is no one I can think of who can serve and inform the public as passionately and honestly as you have for so long. You and your selected guests shed light in a very dark tunnel. I can think of no other interviewer who is so calming and insightful, yet full of such passion The last of the true New Dealers – people who care about fairness, equality, and the future of both our country and our planet.

    If there is anyway you can continue to provide the insight and perspective you have given in service to our nation please find a way to do so. If you can provide interview and commentaries on BillMoyers.com I would be one of the first to subscribe. We so much need the prophetic voice that is so absent in most of the wilderness we call modern media that the nation needs you as the Israelite captives in Babylon needed the voice of Ezekiel.

    What every you choose as the next phase of speaking truth and bring enlightenment we wish you God’s speed and await whatever you choose as your medium of communications.

    Peace and Blessings,
    James L. Swarts

  • Rose

    Why?!?! I watch your show every Sunday just to know there are compassionate, intelligent people in the world. You and Amy Goodman provide a true north to guide us through the disinformation, misinformation and plain propaganda that surround us. Thank you, Bill.

  • Jeremy Applegate

    When asked for an example of responsible journalism you are always the first person that comes to mind. I may not always agree with your opinion or your perspective but I respect way they they are presented. I have grown up with you and your presence on PBS. My world view has been shaped by your many guests and ideas presented. Because of these thinks you are only instrumental in the way I look at issues, but you have been influential in the way I live my life. Thank you for many years of amazing insight, and here’s to many more.

  • France

    Thank you Bill for having dedicated your career to inform citizen like me…very much appreciated! Plz, keep it up…vital for our democracy!

  • Ann

    I wish you could go on forever. Your shows provide such valuable information and insight into the corruption of politics and corporations; morals and ethics are non existent in today’s world. Your show is the highlight of my weekly TV viewing and will be sorely missed. Hopefully, a valid replacement can be found with you appearing occasionally???? As a 77 year old myself, I can appreciate your decision, however, total “retirement” is not advised.

  • MaryAnn Gorka

    Keep up the good work in any way you can, Bill. Your voice is our voice and we NEED to be heard. Thank you for wonderful work you have done for so many years.

  • Andy Boyle

    The insights you share are as required as fresh brewed coffee Sunday mornings to get the day and week ahead started on the positive path. Thanks from Canada

  • RCH

    Although I knew who Bill Moyers was, I think I became a big fan during the interviews with Joseph Campbell. I have been a big fan since…

  • bob moon

    I am grateful for your sane voice in a county that is filled with talkers. Great to have someone who thinks and shares it with us. I hope funding will come so we can keep in touch….

  • Anonymous

    More Yves Smith. She rocks! And please do some stories on how the word terrorism is being used to criminalize all sorts of free speech and democratic rights, including freedom of the press.

  • Meredith Cahn

    We were so glad you returned to the air and will miss you fiercely as a voice we need to hear and as a voice that sheds light on the dark, hidden places – all in service of making the US live up to our ideals. We wish you health and long life to see the changes we need.

  • noprops

    Depressing to hear you won’t continue to be on the air. Your journalistic integrity is a rare thing these days, and so needed. I hope PBS sees the same need, fights growing corporate influence over its programming, and continues this type of informative, in-depth programming. It is their public trust at stake now.

  • Anne Dugan

    Please don’t go away, Mr. Moyers. You keep us honest – we need you!

  • John Ed Baker

    Thank you for everything you do, sir. It has been a privilege over the years, when talking to people who doubt various news sources, to always be able to refer them to you without reservation.
    Even as the PBS NewsHour continues for another generation, my hope is that what you have begun will continue, in whatever form you choose to make it happen, for our children and grandchildren.
    My best wishes and God’s greatest blessings to you, your family, and your work.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Mr. Moyers, I cannot thank you enough for your tireless and vital work in exposing the corrupt underbelly of American politics. Yours is the ONLY public affairs program on ANY major network which doesn’t parrot the talking points of those in positions of wealth and power. Please stay in good health, and keep fighting the good fight!

  • Anonymous

    Amy Goodman’s program Democracy Now, for all its flaws (the theme music at the beginning is dreadful, and Amy’s monotone can be grating), is consistently informative and thankfully immune from corporate influence.

  • Anonymous

    David Brancaccio (who used to host the excellent PBS news program “Now”) is the only presenter I can think of who may be able to fill Bill Moyers’ formidable shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Please continue! We love you!

  • mimbrava

    You MUST continue engaging us and speaking truth to power via BillMoyers.com. You MUST. Please.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe I will be losing you again from PBS. This cannot be happening yet again. I need to know all of the information you have been alerting me to and no one else even comes close. I am devastated.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Moyers, you are a national treasure and your TV program is essential. I doubt if I agree with you on every issue, but I still need your program to inform me of things I otherwise would not know, and to force me to think long and hard about our occasional disagreements. For your TV program to disappear again is simply not acceptable. I may be old-fashioned, but I still think that a TV show will reach more people than a web site, especially a one that is carried on all cable packages via PBS.

    I hope that those who feel as I do will organize and apply pressure — whatever works! — on PBS to make your program a permanent fixture, not a tantalizing pleasure to be snatched away whenever political or funding pressure dictates.

    If in fact this is coming from you in your own creator-endowed pursuit of happiness, then I wish you all success in that. Hopefully you could anoint a worthy successor. But somehow I suspect that more sinister forces are at work here. Watching your TV show tonight, I could not believe that someone in such fine fettle would voluntarily end this.

    I urge all those who feel as I do to mobilize and preserve this essential program. We cannot afford to lose it again.

  • Lizg789

    Yes, please!

  • Belinda Thom

    Do not stop your reporting. The content is often depressing but I wait eagerly each week fot your next podcast. You are voice of sanity in thesae dark times. I need your probing and thoughtful questioning to keep me sane. hx for all u do.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no! You can’t quit! Your show is the bright light in news these days. CBS news has been taken over by the U.S. Military; NBC news tries hard but doesn’t want to offend, Fox is the mouth piece of Murdoch’s Tea Party and ABC news is the new “People” magazine of the news world, with inane stories of trivia and a safe slant on all else. Although PBS Newshour has greatly improved, it still takes a very cautious approach to every news piece and issue, and in the name of “balance”often has “experts” speaking from the very agencies and corporations who are deep into subverting our democracy.

    You bring intellectuals, courageous activists, truth-tellers to power and more to our homes every Sunday evening. Please don’t leave. How will we get the truth?

  • warren

    Can we do anything to keep Bill Moyers on the air?

  • Katie

    Please, if you must go, pass the torch along to another likeminded soul. I can’t imagine a week without Moyers and Co. The world will be a drearier place.

  • maxey megrue

    Bill Moyers and Co. is on the top of my list….please out live me Bill !

  • Jean

    I hope that you and your staff know that we, the American people, need the honest journalism that Moyers & Co. broadcasts to us every week. Please keep the quality journalism coming to us! I will miss you. Your shows have shed so much light on some very dark subjects.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Bill, I would like to ask you to stay for the good of a Democracy that has gone astray. And, I would like to ask you to stay for my own selfish desires. When I watch you speak, feel the commitment of larger ideals resonating behind your words, it helps restore my equilibrium and instill at least a glimmer of hope.

    But, those desires also seem selfish. You have given so much to the world around you – irrespective of ones political affiliation. You have trumpeted the value of equality, expressed your bewilderment at unnecessary suffering, you have held your own professions countless hypocrisy’s to account, and you have explored the Hero’s Journey with Joseph Campbell as you navigate(d) your own heroic journey.

    Along the trajectory of our lives we realize the lived life is finite and time is not only precious but a commodity in ever decreasing supply. The cues of our actions heard within the nuanced symphony conducted by Eros and Thanatos. You have done your part for King and Country and now it rests upon the shoulders of others to invigorate and instill hope. Not for a perfect society but a better one.

    It is in the spirit of all that you have done to inspire others who will continue to embrace meaningful ideals (like myself), that makes it easier to wish you well in whatever you do and for however long time permits you to do it. Good Luck – but not Good Night.

  • Beverly Isenson

    We have appreciated and valued your program, and your earlier programs. We dearly hope you will continue shining light on important often-overlooked issues, and sharing your broad, deep and magnanimous analyses. We look forward to visiting BillMoyers.com after January 3. For us, retired small-town reporters and political activists, you have been a beacon for Democracy whose significance surpasses Ed Murrow, Anthony Lewis and just about anyone else in news except, maybe, Walter Cronkite.

  • Rose

    You are one in a gazillion, Bill Moyers. I cannot say it any better than those who have commented before me. However, I can reiterate that I can’t imagine PBS without you. You have been a companion to my political viewpoint for many years and I am not ready to let you go. I will visit the website, but so wish that you could still guide me via PBS. You are a treasure and we need you now more than ever. Deepest thank you for the service you have provided us all. Safe to say – we love you and your wonderful mind.

  • JR

    I imagine that it takes a ton of energy and drive to do this weekly program. I will sincerely miss your insights, your candor, and your demonstration of the art of asking great questions. This said, I will continue to come to your website and look forward to possibilities that may unfold as you explore that medium more fully. Thanks and deep gratitude for your broadcasts and your website. I fear I’ll never get to read all the great books you uncover :-)

  • Mona Mehdy

    Excellent interviews and coverage, to point this lost society towards better directions. Perhaps you can add a colleague to help you—your program is vitally needed.

  • Elaine

    Please keep the website robust. I can live without the television show as long as I can read Bill’s eloquent essays. No one writes with his elegance and insight. The “What Matters Today” is a feature I depend on. Please, Bill, don’t leave us totally. I can se leaving PBS…it has become obsessed with its “two versions of the facts” style of reporting.

  • Anonymous

    Please stay online. We need your calm, thoughtful approach to journalism now more than ever.

  • LibertyAndEquality

    Sincerely, modestly, and with grace Bill’s passionate interest in life has been to see that everybody in America was given the freedom to be heard.

    Come January 4, 2014, who will fight for the everyday woman and man against all the many forms of intolerance, economic oppression, and political abuse?

    Can any other person be as liberal in spirit, vigorous in mind, and saintly in character?

    We will all miss his understanding, sympathy, and integrity. Moreover, we sincerely wish Bill and his loved ones happiness in the years ahead. May they enjoy life at its best!

  • Patrisa

    Bill, you will never know how many “ah ha” moments I have enjoyed over the many years of viewing or reading your reports. On some universal level we are indeed brothers/sisters. At times it has been freaky how often your mindset matches my own.

    Otherwise, I am one of the marginalized who has never been able to understand the thinking processes of so many of my fellow citizens. Having you and your associates as kindred spirits has been and continues to be a saving grace. Bless you. I have my fingers crossed that funds and minds appear that will encourage you to continue. I rather suspect that “retirement” was really coined by Del Webb when he wanted to sell his premature nirvanas his Arizona.

  • Barbara Clowers

    I am always amazed that PBS, our corporate sponsored not-really-public TV station allows this program to air. Therefore, I am not surprised that your run is coming to an end. I appreciate every program and the courage, honesty and truth to be found on this one and only populist progressive program broadcast on our airwaves. Thank you..

  • Gary

    Bill, I just listened to your show with Nichols & McChesney on the influence of money in our democracy and the sad state of investigative journalism in this country. It further underlines the many voices in the comments and pleas written here that we need journalists like yourself more than ever. So may I add….please do not leave us now! Thank you

  • Rebecca

    Mr. Moyers: As a second generation follower (my parents thought you to be a man of immense grace and intelligence, and I do too) I am saddened to hear that I will not be able to see you on TV. With many others, I wish you would reconsider. If you won’t, please have an ongoing online presence – your commitment to ideas and their free exchange, as well as to social justice, is essential.

    Of late, I have watched you absorb the news of how bad things have gotten with great sadness. How did we get here? As an educator, I can only say that constant, broad and honest education efforts are our only hope. In that effort, you are a stalwart. You are, in your way, the people’s town crier, a poet of the essential questions. Please keep going and know that you have the eternal gratitude of many. Rebecca in NY

  • Janet

    So sad to think of Moyers and Company ending. I noticed tonight that a search for your show/name on the PBS website returns no results! I will ask PBS to explain this.

  • Blanca

    I can’t imagine a Sunday evening without your show. I thank you for putting in clear and intelligent words what’s on my mind and, I’m sure, on the minds of many citizens that are desperate to see a different kind of journalism. I’m amazed to see that very often the issues that you cover are nowhere to be found in the regular media. As somebody mentioned before, many of us feel voiceless and powerless until we hear the Truth from your commentaries. Then we know there is still hope for true American Democracy.
    Regarding money in our democracy I believe is something that will take years or decades to correct and it will only happen if we continue to voice our discontent, put pressure to dismount Citizens United or look for alternatives like the ones suggested by Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Orstein in their book It’s Even Worse Than It Looks.

  • nameless

    Yur best program before you retired was about corruption in American judicial system. I would like to see it on your web. Before you retire please make one more program about this.

  • nameless

    Unfortunatelly PBS TV is mostly to create jobs for journalists so the more mainstream they are the safer journalists jobs are.

  • Philip B

    First, thank you for your immeasurable contribution to the social discourse on the hot-button topics that concern so many of us. I have 2 suggestions for what I would like to see on BillMoyers.com. Both have been allowed to move forward pretty much unchecked as a result of the oligarchy we have become. No. 1 is horizontal hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which will rape the land, deplete water resources, and yield toxic waste for which there is no safe disposal. No. 2 is genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, in our plant seeds, and consequently our food supply, and the ongoing resistance of big agribusiness and the companies that use their products to label them. The corporate agriculture model is a colossal failure.

  • Sandra Thomas Belcastro

    You have introduced me to so much and so many of true value. Not sure I can break my addiction to Bill Moyers and all you bring. Thanks for staying!

  • Richard Osborn

    Some things – and people – are irreplaceable.

  • Anonymous22

    Please reconsider and continue your program on PBS. If producing it weekly is too difficult, consider biweekly or monthly. We (the American public) really need your voice on TV. You, and your guests, speak the truth that no one else does.
    If that truly is not possible, please continue your website with the same kind of guests and reporting you have facilitated in the past.
    Thank you for your great reporting and sincere concern for true democracy!

  • Edward Moriarty

    A way to participate without being on Facebook would me much appreciated. Next to my Jack Russell, Chewy, nothing gives me quite the feeling of inner peace as I can obtain watching Moyers & Company. Each week, I find that in the midst of all this national insanity we are bombarded with, there are are people who not only try, but insist on pointing us in more positive directions.