“Outsourcing America Exposed”

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Across the country, for-profit companies are engaged in a hostile takeover of our schools, roads, prisons, drinking water — even government itself. In this animated video created by Mark Fiore for the Center for Media and Democracy’s “Outsourcing America Exposed” project, Outsourcing Eddie shows us the many ways in which America is for sale.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry – I usually reflect on what Bill Moyers et. al. post, but this is just to cynical to share, left me feeling dumped after watching…

    Yeah – it’s clever. Ugh. If only it weren’t so close to home.

  • Anonymous

    Yarkot, you’re not alone. This was on Salon.com today: http://www.salon.com/2013/09/26/study_everyone_hates_environmentalists_and_feminists_partner/ I’ve experimented on Facebook, and notice that all but a few staunchly political people (the ones I resonate with the most) would rather like photos of kittens or an inspirational slogan on a forest scene than just about any piece of political news. Framing is everything. This makes our job as activist — or even just plain ol’ citizen — more challenging. I’m sorry, but your comment made me feel sad. The animation gets right to the heart of the problem, and though cynical, as you say, it does indeed expose the depth of the corruption. This is exactly what Americans need to understand.

  • Anonymous

    mt56 – then you should follow me on fb; I don’t disagree with you about the depth of the problem. I do disagree that this particular cynical approach I believe is ineffective – it does not motivate, it does not cause one’s soul to rise to the occasion (or for those who would, to rise to the defense). There must be a better, more direct way – one which speaks to the citizen in each of us, which will awaken the outrage which it deserves. This makes fun, almost could be seen to dismiss it off hand, or be so broad or general or unpersonified as to not connect. It is sad, and I believe neigh useless. We need something better which is this biting.

  • Anonymous

    States & municipalities are paid, employees become the private firms issues as do issues with services.

  • http://www.you-read-it-here-first.com/ John Bailo


    Our schools are overpriced and failing — $10,000 to $12,000 per urban student and no results.

    Our roads in disrepair and we don’t have enough highways.

    My drinking water is horrible (it gives me skin tags) and I’ve complained for 10 years to gov-ah-mint with zero results.

    Prisons…well, those are mental asylums…but we need to build more and get more crazies off the streets and locked up.

    If private industry can do that…then let’s go business!

  • Mere Ubu

    I try to be cynical, but I have a hard time keeping up. (with apologies to Lily Tomlin)

  • Anonymous

    Not so sure any of this is a joke. If so……the ‘joke’ is on us. They are doing these things and we aren’t aware of it. I think we need to be afraid, very afraid. The wealthy own us….so it’s both parties that have let this happen.

  • Kat

    Yes , Barb, exactly right., go to http://www.alecexposed.org , it is not a joke. Also Google, The Story of Stuff , A Very good primer, for how all this is happening.
    It is not about Obama Care it is about dismantling all of America.
    The Chinese are buying in Detroit, so are the Canadians,NESTLES CEO says water
    Is to a right it is a privilege , that it all should be privatized,Nestle owns or have taken , thousands of Sources of Water in the USA and the list goes on
    Also Google, Top secret America, The Washington Post. Share what you learn , it is up to. Us to stem the tide, millions in the streets in a non violent way is what we need
    Google code Pink…welcome to the real America,it is not the American Citizen that is the problem

  • Anonymous

    school funding has been cut to the bone in Texas.

    Republicans refuse to fund our infrastructure.

    Republicans have restricted regulation in many ways. (be glad you do not have flaming water from fracking)

    prisons are full of non violent offenders due to the drug wars, 3 strike laws etc. many states have signed contracts with private prisons that guarantees 90% occupancy so it is now in those states best interests to lock up as many citizens as needed or it costs the state $$$

  • Anonymous

    can no more own anything extrinsic to one’s self than one can own the air one
    breathes, the sun on one’s face or the water one drinks.

    How therefore can contrivances of those presuming ownership of (or a right to
    constrain access or to pollute) all that, or ownership of what minds (extrinsic
    to their own) imagines or creates, not be considered to possess a psychopathic
    hubris or diabolical quest?