The Familiar Beat of War Drums

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We’re heard this before: stockpiles of chemical weapons, the clamor for action to uphold our “credibility,” a mainstream media too ready to accept the official position and even to urge it on, another potentially deadly misstep into the maelstrom of Mideast politics.

As the saying goes, history may not repeat itself but it rhymes – a good reason, then, to take another look at the Bill Moyers documentary, “Buying the War,” the sad and bitter account of how the public debate and scrutiny of the 2003 invasion of Iraq were stymied by a government eager for a fight and a compliant press unwilling to seek out the truth.

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  • george the sceptical

    We’ve been sitting on our hands for a couple of years.

    Now is not the time to be in a hurry.

  • Ric Shorten

    Liars, Liars all your pants on fire. Retire in shame.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently our senior-most politicos simply are
    incapable of learning . . . or perhaps they just love a good war, especially if
    they are not the ones being shot at or bombed. Our senior Vietnam Warmonger,
    John McCain, accompanied by his very own Tonto, Lindsay Graham, are insisting
    that we go to war in Syria. Why, oh,
    just cuz . . . well, actually cuz Assad turned his very own chemical industry on
    his own people—well technically I guess they are no longer HIS people. They’re
    sort of anti-his people.

    And we have
    everyone running about yelling about bright red
    lines having been crossed. Oh, and the Brits and the French, not to
    mention the Israelis and the Turks are all running about without their heads
    yelling “War, War, we want War!!” Except now the
    Brits told their purported leader to buzz off and quit acting like Charley
    McCarthy to Obama’s Edgar Bergen.

    The Russkies, of course, are adamantly opposed to
    war, and they are ungracious enough to remind us about Iraq, and even comparing
    Obama to The Shrub. Way to go Vlad. . .
    you really know how to hurt a guy.

    But I keep wondering.
    What is there about that part of the UN Charter concerning non-interference with the internal
    affairs of its member states, that we all don’t understand? In what way, I wonder, would
    bombing/invading, or otherwise warring against Syria be in any way different
    from the Shrub’s patently illegal invasion of Iraq? Yes, Assad used chemical
    weapons. So, what? He’s using bullets, bombs, tear gas, probably flame
    throwers—in short he’s emptying his arsenal at his people in an attempt to
    remain relevant. His pathetic attempts
    may not, probably will not work, but it seems to me that’s for his people to
    work out. I continue not to understand why it’s ok to shoot your people, or run
    over them with tanks, or tear their bodies to
    shreds with bombs from the air, but
    it’s not ok to gas them. Maybe we don’t
    get this thing of DEATH. When folks become DEAD, it really no longer matters how
    they became DEAD. They no longer exist (no, they don’t enter heaven, or hell.
    They just no longer exist). So, why do we care how they came to be DEAD? Yes,
    Assad is a 12th century thug,
    but so are many of his enemies. Is Putin
    really much better than Assad? No??? Yet, I don’t see us playing war games with

    So, we really need to
    consider sanctions, perhaps, but not bullets, or drones, or other war toys. If
    we cannot get the UN to enter as a global force (enter Mr.. Putin) then maybe we
    shouldn’t play George Bush, once again.

    Perhaps we need to put
    Mr. McCain back in a jet fighter, with Mr. Graham as his copilot, and let them
    play their Vietnam Redux game, but all by themselves. There will be no real
    winners in Syria. But let us not be one of the losers there.

    Nobody actually appointed us as the World’s Police

  • JonThomas

    Quite good there Arty, quite good.

    ‘Tis a shame that it’s not ‘them’ who are incapable of learning. ‘They’ have learned quite well.

    Sure, Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry could learn a thing or 2 about laying down a proper back beat, and a bit about good 7 part harmony from Gen. Powell, Mrs. Rice et al, but as you pointed out, they are getting good accompaniment from the borrowed back-up singing duo…Graham/McCain , they representin’! (insert wanna-be gang hand-sign here.)

    It’s the People who are incapable of learnin’.

    The song that these happy Jacked-up leaders are singing is a rendition of that favorite ditty from The Who…”New Song”…

    “I write the same old song with a few new lines
    And everybody wants to cheer it
    I write the same old song you heard a good few times
    Admit you really want to hear it”

    I, though, would prefer to hear…”Music Must Change”

    Dare to dream!

    “But is this song so different?Am I doing it all again?
    It may have been done before
    But then music’s an open door

    Deep in the back of my mind’s an unrealized sound
    Every feeling I get from the street says it soon could be found
    When I hear the cold lies of the pusher, I know it exists
    It’s confirmed in the eyes of the kids, emphasized with their fists

    But the high has to rise from the low
    Like volcanoes explode through the snow
    The mosquito’s sting brings a dream
    But the poison’s derange

    The music must change
    For we’re chewing a bone
    We soared like the sparrow hawk flied
    Then we dropped like a stone
    Like the tide and the waves
    Growing slowly in range
    Crushing mountains as old as the Earth
    So the music must change”

  • Anonymous

    The thing about that part of the UN Charter the Western nations feel should not apply to them, e.g., the UN cannot tell us what to do, but all others it can,” or something like that. Whenever the US-Israel has a gripe with the UN, it seems to be because the UN will not be its YES-MAN and give it free reign over all things including the UN. That’s is what those who would, ignore and find fault with. They do not want the obligation of world team player the United Nations calls for, even if it was established in the United States. If the US could change things and become the presidents, and vice-presidents, and congress of the UN, so to speak, they would have no problem with the Charter because they would rule it to the death of all eventually, especially the poor and vulnerable countries first.

  • tinkll1

    The original mistake was the statement of a “red line.” Unfortunately, that brought ego into this situation, and the embarrassment of not backing up a threat. The British parliament had no such difficulty in saying no, and our congress is unlikely to be asked…. Viet Nam, Iraq. I suspect we will fire off some symbolic cruise missiles, hopefully, not at a pharmaceutical factory. Lets concentrate our efforts on helping the refugees so that they don’t become another bloc like the Palestinians that are still in camps! We have served our term as world’s policeman, and it is time for the next delusional empire to take over.

  • Anonymous

    Seems classic case articulated by CW Mills in his power elite where he described DC as small group of like minded like people coming from same basic schools repeating each other and coming to the same conclusion. Ambassador Wilson, with solid evidence Iraq having wmd’s had to be ignored and wife sacrificed by the power elite.

  • Anonymous

    WIlson had strong evidence there were NO wmd’s. sorry.

  • Anonymous

    If Assad was a corporation would we be giving him subsidiesinstead of talking about going to war?

  • Anonymous

    Mills described romney’s life to a T.

  • Jeff Healitt

    Every American, especially those with short memories, who seeks to make informed personal decisions needs to watch this documentary at this time. Thank you Bill!