“Keystone Clones”

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The Keystone XL pipeline is not the only game in town. There are other dirty tar sands pipelines in the works, with one close to becoming a reality. See Tar Sands Timmy’s take on the Keystone pipeline and others.

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  • jack Haesly

    When every river , stream and creek is polluted with the glassy sheen of petroleum, when every bay, estuary, and beach is covered in oil and tar, when the very air one breaths and every glass of water one drinks is contaminated with hydrocarbons, then and only then, will the monsters of the petroleum industry silently steal into the night… forcing government and the people with their tax dollars to deal with the consequences. It’s that simple folks. Greed works that way. The art of the robber baron with the help of Wall Street is alive and well in America and elsewhere.

  • trog69

    How lucky are we Boomers, huh? We get to enjoy all the benefits of the Tar Sands oil boom, and we’ll all be dead when the environmental bills come due! Win/Win/Dead so who cares, right?!!

  • stabilizer

    I think you nailed the philosophy of 90% of the Republican Party and more than half the Democrats. It’s the MEMEMEMEMEME song.

  • stabilizer

    It’s the American Way, free market capitalism for the citizens, socialism for corporations.

  • simonhhh

    Near Term Extinction Event coming to town near you…if the boomers or our progeny are not already dead…we will have front row seats…

  • Michelle BarlondSmith

    Actually Tar Sand Timmy the Enbridge line will carry more than the Keystone … but as one of those people protesting … I love you