How to Protest Keystone XL Without Getting Arrested

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Barbara Haws is a Brooklynite, but she was raised in Nebraska. The proposed TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline would pass through her home state, and she’s not happy about it. Her cousins — Nebraska farmers — are so unhappy about it that they chained themselves to the White House fence in protest and were promptly arrested. Haws herself chose a simpler form of protest:

A friend is now borrowing the sign and carrying it around the city. He’s also making a video of his experience to post on YouTube. Perhaps it will become a meme.

Barbara Haws is the archivist and historian for the New York Philharmonic. This video was produced by Chris Lee.

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  • Neil Forte

    The more advertizing to stop this the better

  • Anonymous

    Yes, you can also put a sign or write on your car window.

  • susan Lovejoy

    An important read…each one of us CAN do something!