How to Protest Keystone XL Without Getting Arrested

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Barbara Haws is a Brooklynite, but she was raised in Nebraska. The proposed TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline would pass through her home state, and she’s not happy about it. Her cousins — Nebraska farmers — are so unhappy about it that they chained themselves to the White House fence in protest and were promptly arrested. Haws herself chose a simpler form of protest:

A friend is now borrowing the sign and carrying it around the city. He’s also making a video of his experience to post on YouTube. Perhaps it will become a meme.

Barbara Haws is the archivist and historian for the New York Philharmonic. This video was produced by Chris Lee.

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  • Neil Forte

    The more advertizing to stop this the better

  • Anonymous

    Yes, you can also put a sign or write on your car window.

  • susan Lovejoy

    An important read…each one of us CAN do something!

  • Marsha

    Lovely voice! Is she sure NYers don’t know about it? they prob. know it by KXL and I’m pretty sure out of the 400,000 marchers for the CCMarch there were tons of NY”ers against KXL=TransCanada/ fracking/ because those ARE the issues that CAUSE CC. Not just in NY state, but over the whole country. Even if they find out (not likely) to not cause CC. They affect our natural recourses and promote pollution and release of chemicals into the environment. That ALONE should be a reason against it. .I as well have roots in NEB, and I marched with probably her cousins in DC this summer against the KXL …I was and still am, hoping they are not JUST for their back yard and for every ones! since Pipeline East is already planned as well in the works…intimidation of land owners along the Hudson River /Thruway corridor have already been approached…..TC set up meetings with small towns… and lets stop calling it oil lets call it what it is TC bitumen line..Sand much is not oil and is thinned for transport with highly volatile chemicals not only a health hazard with in itself but when touch air explode…ie In NY alone not only do they wish to store it along the Hudson as well as but in the pipeline underground, as well as sent by ships AND the trains already…. Would they fight for us in Washington?