“You vs. Corporations”

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What would happen if an individual tried some of the same legal-ish tricks that Apple and other corporations use to avoid taxes? A Mark Fiore political animation.

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  • MJ

    Although the story highlights a huge problem, I’m more disturbed or no comments here. Key hearing your head in the sand working people.

  • Ann

    Lots of comments on Facebook posting.

  • doug

    kind of a free ‘dramatization’ dont you think? One sympathizes but this is just entertainment..no information here at all.

  • Paul David Lee

    TRUE VERY TRUE…..Good character read John

  • Nancy

    That’s right! Workers of the world, uh, something about keys!

  • http://posologist.blogspot.com/ Jeff Healitt

    I think entertainment (cynically) is the point of his cartoons. What kind of “information” were you expecting?

  • Anonymous

    Although the story highlights a
    huge problem, I’m more disturbed or no comments here. Key hearing your
    head in the sand working people.­ ­http://mybestfriendmakes65dollarsper&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

  • Graciela


  • http://www.facebook.com/wayne.clark.718 Wayne Clark

    OK –cheap bread & circuses in the land of underachievement

    Hoodwinked and swindled by tax dodging captains of industry,
    Land and water fracked beyond repair by capitalist wildcatters,
    Government incapacitated by conservative notions,
    Rejected seniors deprived of needed services,
    Neglected children bullied at school and molested by media,
    Homeless and hungry begging in the shadows of the not for profit mega churches,
    Babble quoting lobby-slators justifying persecuting minorities,
    Browns rejected at the borders,
    Yellows restricted to ghetto-ed quarters,
    Reds run off their inherited mineral-rich land,
    Blacks beaten down and their prospects rapped up,
    Queers bashed by thugs inspired by politicians and pastors of hate,
    Muslims next in line for the full wrath of the religious righteous,
    Over fed dust bowlers waddle through thriving palaces of bad math and invest in state lotteries while test scores are 30th in the world,
    Packing heat, armed and dangerous,
    too many mentally unfit to make deadly force decisions,
    ………Guess we can give up settling differences with a game of Scrabble.
    I know, blame the teachers….yes that’s it….throw the bums out !

  • Christopher Hayden


    Fat from drinking and
    Mean from thinking
    That bodies stinking
    Is better than linking
    Everyone together in one cruel world
    America is dying as Red flags are unfurled.

    I’ve been meaning
    To check my leaning
    To the Right before I might
    Lose my sight of love and reason
    And help drum in a bloody season
    Where all those who get bagged for treason
    Get strung up and hung up
    Or put against the wall.


  • Anonymous

    The sad part about Mr Cook’s testimony is the complete and utter arrogance he demonstrated by implying that Apple is doing the right thing. He could have said this: “I admit that the federal government makes it easy for a company like Apple to screw the country that made it possible for Apple to exist. We could have chosen to not screw the country, but this is America, where the more money you have, the more there is a need to disown moral thinking, public responsibility, and payback. That being said…we will continue to screw the country until its brilliant legislators decide to not allow us to do it legally and without regret. God bless America!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/fthilgal Betty Chapman Paola

    If you need information go to “Koch Brothers Exposed” on YouTube by Robert Greenwald. or Sundance intl. “Citzen Koch”,Koch blackmailed PBS, so they could not air either show. Look up Bill Moyers video on ALEC, the secret meetings of corporations and legislative puppets, where corporation design state and federal laws.. The Koch Brothers are the originators of the Tea Party,.and Sarah Palin, is their little darling. She screams about the horrors of Big government. when there is no question Big oil and Big Corporations are running this country. This is suppose to distract you, and duh, it works on many.Think they could find better, this woman has publicly stated that Paul Revere rode to warn the British, and our Founding fathers freed the slaves! Sort of tells you how much she knows about the Founding fathers.
    Anyway Ive started a petition on We the People and hope I can get 150 votes so it will go public. It is for the IRS to investigate and tax ALEC and its 501c 4 Tax Free status. Corporations are designing your laws here, for their profit and taking a tax free ride.Also have 1 to stop Monsanto, and another to stop Keystone XL if you want more info please contact me.