Caption the Cartoon: Who’s Got Issues?

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Yes, our political campaigns have issues, but not all issues are treated alike. Some — like climate change, poverty, and education — are routinely ignored as if they don’t merit any attention at all. We gave you a chance to give some voice to those topics… literally.

The winner is Perry Stevens. See the winning caption above, and check out all the winning captions and cartoons in the official Caption the Cartoon Winners’ Gallery.

Cartoon by Norman Dapito.

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  • Anonymous

    Can you believe Benghazi is in there and we’re not?

  • Diane Davis-Weeks

    Another ignored 47%…

  • Robert Neil Raper

    They said we can come right in as soon as there’s peace in the middle east…

  • Robert Neil Raper

    You guys don’t want to go in there… you should see what they’re doing to healthcare…

  • Steve Ohno

    Look. All I’m saying is that getting all hot and bothered about it, and sitting out here crying “poor me” isn’t helping anything.

  • Robert Neil Raper

    I think they’re hoping if I go away you guys will come with me

  • Robert Neil Raper

    Better make room, Human Rights is on its way out.

  • Robert Neil Raper

    Did I just pass women’s issues in that ditch back there?

  • Anonymous

    title: Americans Focus on Vital Issues in 2012 “I believe Obama WAS referring to Libya when he said “acts of terror” although he did not specify Benghazi. It was an implicit reference. And why DO democrats wear such tiny American flag pins?”

  • Dan Ortega

    I heard there’s a drone missile with our names on it too.

  • Terry Gribbin

    We’re gonna need a bigger bench.

  • Doug Smith

    It’s incomprehensible that a candidate for the Presidency of the United States could get it wrong given the strategic importance of the Strait of Hormuz!

  • Rachel Dangermond

    Let me introduce myself, I’m a book.

  • rkbm

    we are not in kansas anymore..

  • Cameron Scott

    Why is our bus always late? I can’t wait for the day when we get to ride in the campaign limo like Oil Exploration, Foreign Wars, and Taxes.

  • Linda

    Your right kid climate change and poverty are real you know that and I know that but did anyone tell them?

  • Cynthia Anne Webb

    It’s like sex abuse, if you pretend it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist…

  • Martin Jetton

    We’re not invited to the party.

  • Barbara Lacy

    Can’t they see, so goes our fate, so goes our country

  • J. Wilson

    I like it! I would tweak it to also include: …and besides you need a big corporate sponsor to pay the price of admission.

  • Frances

    What excuse did they give you?

  • skor

    And you shall inherit the earth.

  • Dustin Ogdin

    I guess we’re lost in the shadows under that shining beacon on a hill they’re always talking about up there.

  • nkrause

    Energy policy regarding our Nation Parks was not invited.

  • Len0216

    Ignorance is strength…

  • madmike

    …who’s going to get corporate money out of poilitics and corporate influence out of government? I seem to remember… Hmmm – wasn’t it ?

  • Trish Scott

    The new guy says he has a plan.

  • ellie

    Is this the stop for the bus to Canada?

  • sandra

    we will only be discussed if we is have binders full of women and don’t mention big bird

  • Durkster

    Boy, I wish my name was Life or Liberty or the Pursuit of Happiness ’cause then we’d never get put out in the cold.

  • Anonymous

    So far three buses have gone by with nobody in them but the sign says “SOLD OUT.”

  • sandra

    did he say “the buck stops here” or “the bus stops here?”

  • Sassy Gramz

    Sorry, kid, the pleutocrats just don’t care about your future, only theirs

  • Beverly

    Big Bird went to take a leak

  • CherokeeGirl

    Remember the movie “Schoolhouse Rock” kid? Well, now they are going to have to redo the whole darn thing due to money owning congress now. They have to remove all semblance of decency and integrity to make it accurate.

  • lizzie G

    It’s like this, kids, we are not a profit center.

  • theda

    Maybe we’d get more attention if we rode horses and carried bayonets.

  • Scott

    How long do you think we have until they take our bench away?

  • me

    and, that is how we became a 3rd world nation. now off to the mines with you.

  • Todd

    “Of course they know…they’re just betting you won’t ask.”

  • Joyce

    With what the corporations and billionaires paid for entrance we could all get help.

  • Tim Karr

    The bus has already left, Next one comes in four years.

  • Kathy Ortega

    Don’t worry, our President will continue to fight for us. He didn’t mention us last night cuz the other guy just doesn’t get it, can’t spell it and doesn’t care.

  • Perry D. Ford

    Dudes, I totally get that you have facts. But based upon what they’ve done to me over the last hundred years, you’re toast.

  • Esther

    “I’m sure they’ll mention us in the next debate”

  • MillGupt

    Are you wondering if we are in the same league as “horses and bayonets” ?

  • MillGupt

    Poverty and I are used to being left out in the cold, but what about you Climate Change?

  • William Davis

    I tried to teach them, but they layed me off before I could finish.

  • Mark Reynolds

    I wasn’t in their binder either!

  • Mark Reynolds

    I wasn’t in the binder either!

  • Sarah L Hill

    Stick with me kid. If you and I work together, we can try to
    manage the guy to your right, who’s really going to mess you up in a few years.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think they don’t want me because I mistreat my pages?

  • Anonymous

    They said to check back in with them on February 30.

  • Anonymous

    This bus goes to the blogosphere, right?

  • Ingrid Chafee

    caption suggestion: “See no issues, hear no issues, speak no issues’

  • Sampa

    Politicians are Un-teachable!

  • Jim Mandigo

    “I hope we at least become a footnote in history!”

  • Mark Reynolds

    Remember the last guy who said it was just a G****m piece of paper? Neither do they.

  • jh13

    Mitt Shrugged.

  • pdo

    Issues? We ain’t got no issues. We don’t need no issues. I don’t have to show you any stinking issues!

  • waiting for hope

    Hey! I think the bus isn’t coming today or ever – it’s busy rolling over the 99%.

  • settador

    is now perceived as a viable alternative to a president who is
    perceived as not having done a very good job. How catastrophic!

  • Unlucky47

    Me? For having a spine. How did you guys end up here?

  • Tauna Rogers

    Left Behind again by the monopoly of the duopoly.

  • Katy

    It’s ok guys, we will be adopted by the Gates Foundation

  • Peter Vizel

    So, what do you want to be , when you grow up?

    nation is currently obsessed with producing two things, and two things
    only: JOBS, and MONEY. What troubles me is that nobody seems to care
    what we’re making them for!

    What do these jobs we so wish to create DO for society, humanity, the planet? What do we spend the money we’re making on?

  • James Bridges

    Ann said you people are to blame for all of this.

  • Wilma Weant Dague

    It’s another lock out. Good thing they have replacement refs from the minor leagues.

  • Tom

    We always seem to be on the roster but why is it we’re always benched whenever the big game is played?

  • Debora

    They just don’t get it: I can’t teach them to read the writings all over the wall from here…

  • Rick Crowell

    Now I know what Rosa Parks felt like. Sitting in the back of the bus does not attract attention.

  • Mike Blevins

    It’s not Right! We’ve been Left out!

  • Lesuch

    GOP… Lie, Cheat and Steal…debate or no debate!

  • Dew

    Let’s change our Costumes, We’re Just Too Scary!

  • Anonymous

    “They can’t hear us because free speech is really expensive these days.”

  • Ginger Haycox

    Waiting on the Romney bus. It only makes one stop 1(%) Greed Street.

  • KAB

    Good thing for Global Warming my friend; otherwise, we’d really be out in the cold.

  • Jean Sutherland

    Don’t you believe it when they say “it’s what God intended.”

  • Tony D.

    The Poor are Uneducated because of Climate Change? It’s too confusing to Campaign for in America!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the bus stops here any more …

  • Douglas Gonzalez

    So which one of us goes to the back of the bus this time.

  • Donna Hoffman

    Toughen up, kid. Your future’s in the hands of politicians.

  • Karóle

    Me too, all my mail today was about given them more money to save me.

  • Ben Snell

    “I shouldn’t have mentioned you guys.”

  • Tania

    Don’t worry kid…God has a plan for us.

  • magdalenewriter

    Did we just pass Women’s Issues and Civil Liberties in the ditch behind us?

  • C Ruth Neudahl

    WE were not invited to the parties.

  • Carol Anthony

    Got any change?

  • Kirt Vanderzee

    Hay Earth. Did Atlas shrug or is that infestation on your skin acting up again?

  • Celeste Carlson

    Yes, the road here was paved with good, if not misguided, intentions.

  • Kirt Vanderzee

    If they would stop rewriting me you guys would be in better shape.

  • plip

    Why don’t they care about us?

  • Martin Brooks

    “If they think we’re too much to deal with today, just wait till they see tomorrow.”

  • Mikki Mack

    “THE GOP” ca 1950

  • Lannie Loeks

    How come we always are the 1st to get kicked off the bus?

  • Mikki Mack

    forget all the progress that has been made since JFK. Women’s rights, civil rights for all, better pay, better work hours, safety in the work place, voting rights for all citizens, family medical leave, maternity leave, school food programs for kids who otherwise go hungry – we have come so far we cannot go backwards we need to keep moving forwards, the GOP says they want smaller govt in our lives – why? So they can deregulate businesses and make more $$ for their overseas accts they avoid paying taxes on? if they want smaller govt they why are they waging this war on women’s reproductive health care choices? Are they all ignorant when it come to science and the human body?

  • Jonna

    I haven’t read Derek Bok’s books but I like his quote, ” If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” Around the world as well in the United States, education holds an important key to both the issues of poverty and climate change.

  • Sarah L Hill

    I hate to break it to you, kid, but even thought It may not look like it now, that guy to your right is really going to mess with you and everyone in your situation in a few years.

  • Steve Ohno

    Wow, holy chasm between intent and effect, Batman! Seven thumbs down!
    The intended point of my caption was that Education was the key to addressing issues like climate change and poverty — so I was trying to demonstrate Education being supportive — NOT to minimize the issues of climate change or poverty. But, like they say, if you have to explain a joke, you can be pretty sure that the joke sucks, as my caption apparently does! I stand chastened, chagrined, and humbled (but I will be back next week with something clearer, AND better!)

  • C Ruth Neudahl

    Guess we’re not seen and not heard!

  • NFitzgerald

    Since corporations are people and money equals speech, I guess we will just have to sit quietly in the background…… Shhh!

  • Pat Christensen

    If any of them had ever listened to me when they were growing up, even once, we’d all be in there right now.

  • colleenbawn

    When I said I didn’t want to go to the ‘big house’, I didn’t think we’d be abandoned completely

  • Two Degrees

    …and, can you two believe, there’s not a reporter in sight!?

  • Sandra Finn

    “Sorry guys. I don’t teach problem solving–I teach to the test–and you aren’t on the test!”

  • vannamocha

    Bus to Canada stops here, right?

  • Sarcasius Maximus

    ‘Prosperity’ told me I had to wait outside too.

  • Mark Reynolds

    Get a Brain! Morans

  • David Camenisch

    I’m young. I’m poverty. Maybe I’ll be adopted by Brad and Anjolina. Climate change, if you keep getting warmer no one will want you. COOL IT. Education, you are needed by us all. Without you climate change risks being ignored and solutions to poverty may never be discovered. Shame on politicians for ignoring you. They would not exist without you. It will be you, Education, that will ultimately solve most, if not all, our problems.

  • leslye morita

    They didn’t forget us, did they?

  • Jeffrey Sponberg

    Orwellian legacy realized

  • Robert Neil Raper

    They know we’re still here, right?

  • Andy Morrison

    “Get comfortable. They’re proposing public transportation cuts too.”

  • Jan Morgan

    Cheer up, maybe they will see us in 2016?

  • Dave

    The man inside said he didn’t want to help us. That we were FIRED!

  • Mark Ballew

    Tha wouldn let me in! Me nether, if I cood spell, Id send a leter complan’n. How much’s a stamp? Dont no!

  • Rocky Racoon

    Tell me Again, what didn’t Marx get?

  • Rocky Racoon

    Socialism or Barbarism!

  • Rocky Racoon

    General Strike!

  • Guy Matthew LaCrosse

    I’m not sure if this depiction is accurate. The climate should more angry than sad.

  • FXHiggins

    With all the millions being spent by the campaigns do you think any will trickle down to us?

  • F.X.Higgins

    Don’t feel so bad, Republicans campaigned on “Jobs” last election now he’s being held hostage.

  • jury

    We can’t vote until we become “job creators” for citizens united.

  • F.X.Higgins

    We’ve been left out here for years while “Tax Breaks” have been in there since the 80’s.

  • Bill Kapaldo

    The Topic Toys on the Road Less Traveled in the Land of Disregard

  • Molly Donahue

    Don’t bench our most important resources. We need a different kind of climate change…treat educators as professionals who will lift up the impoverished with the knowledge needed to change the world.

  • Bobbi Cee

    They said I’m irrelevant.

  • darthvadersmom

    “Well, at least we’re all in this together.”

  • Lee Erickson

    If only we’d been a binder full of women.

  • Racpat

    Why don’t the religious people care about us?

  • Lucy

    If you don’t have any money to spend, nobody wants to talk about you

  • Robyn Lapp

    Well, since Congress is obstructive, maybe The Donald will come through for us…

  • Gene Ogorodov

    Left out in the Cold. Or another triumph for State-Capitalism.

  • Barbara Lacy

    Public education, the very backbone and soul of our country. It is the eraser of proverty and ignorance.

  • D.J. Airozo

    They suggested we talk to the gun lobby.

  • Amy Cox

    Too Inconvenient a Truth for Laissez Faire Capitalsim also known as Ideology is more important than truth.

  • Fran Wilson

    You just missed the last bus to “America The Beautiful”.

  • spirit.177

    hey kid why are you out hear among us in such uncertain climate? i can see you’re poor but you’re a four leged human like they are, wait let me guess they can’t solve the poverty issues either. what is this country turning into?

  • Racpat

    Why don’t the religious people care about us?

  • linda

    Let me try to define “redheaded stepchild” for you.

  • Animesh

    If ignorance is bliss, then we must be in heaven…

  • Jan E.

    This is scary! We’re gonna’ need lots of help to get off the bench!

  • RainbowExplorer

    The Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion in modern America’s Land of OZ.

  • RainbowExplorer

    Too “uncool” for American Campaign School.

  • RainbowExplorer

    We’re stuck here, until ignorant and rich people stop staring at themselves in the mirror 24/7.

  • RainbowExplorer

    How long do you think we’ll be allowed to stay here, before the police charge us with loitering?

  • RainbowExplorer

    So, exactly how intense does the winter weather get around here, anyway?

  • RainbowExplorer

    They changed the security system to one made by Citizens United.


    I know the government has thrown trillions at education, yet we’re no longer in the world’s top 10; I know they have also spent more trillions on poverty programs yet we have more poverty in the US now than ever before, along with more people on foodstamps than ever before; and we’ve got all these climate issues with global warming, etc., yet no one is even mentioning us in this election. Maybe if we sit here and wait long enough one or both of them will take notice of us and decide that just maybe we ARE important!

  • Nancy Weant

    Education speaking: “Okay, here’s the plan, all teachers K-12 all through Higher Education walk out of all classes (with students who are willing in tow) until we get their attention and the attention of the mass media. Yep, that oughta do it and then when we have their attention you guys jump in and piggyback on our issues since we are all in this together now.” Climate Change and Poverty speaking: “Sounds like plan, man”.

  • Doris Logothetti Lombard

    Sic semper tyrannis.

  • TriciaHart

    “Can you hear me?Can you hear me now?Can you hear me NOW?”

  • wnancyk

    Well, at least we still have our dignity.

  • JPSmith

    Let’s huddle together and look bigger so we’ll be hard to ignore and receive more attention!

  • Dee

    Put us in coach. We’re ready to play today!

  • Audrey Coulter

    My caption is “I’m on page 1,210 of the capitalist manifesto, what page are you on?”

  • ken

    Obama for the people, Romney for himself and friends only

  • TriciaHart

    “They say, we represent the last bipartisan effort of the new world order!”

  • pk

    3 strikes & you’re out of this race!

  • VIVA Teachers

    Made this Facebook share! “”They said my call was important to them..and I should wait here; someone will be with us soon.”

  • Christian V

    Yeah, but they’re doubting AND neglecting me.

  • Teacher Lady

    I know your Mom said, “Don’t talk to strangers. But you can trust me!”

  • shawneebill

    If you can just learn “the scientific method” and “critical thinking” on your own, we can get back in the game.

  • cat mama

    Jobs are necessary or course, but what good are $’s if you can’t breathe the polluted air, drink the polluted water, have health care, or the opportunity for an education in order to acquire the skills to get out of this MESS.

  • cat mama

    The country is burning all around us, and we’re waiting in line.

  • cat mama

    Get off the bench. This is not a game.

  • Rod Stoick

    Cheer up guys, the President mentioned me by name many times, and you by implication
    as many or more…now, let’s help some folks get to the poles!

  • bernard katz

    “Wadda ya ,mean, you don’t want to grow up to be president!?”

  • christopher j goelz

    maybe one day ,people will understand the real need for us!

  • sylvia barnes

    Hi Jack, where’s Jill Stein when you need her?

  • PrestoPete

    We must have Romnesia!!—How did we get here?…Why are we benched? We are the most important “players” ! Aren’t we? Somebody say something….anything…don’t just sit there and look so sad….speak up….

  • penelope

    Waiting for the political campaign bus that’s never going to come.

  • Bolero

    I’m afraid we’re waiting for the bus, only to be thrown under it.

  • Anonymous

    I guess they don’t consider us part of the wretched refuse since they gave us the bench!

  • Mary Brauninger

    Benched again! Do you think we’ll ever get in the game?

  • John Fanuko

    . . . No room at the inn . . .

  • Don

    Our Mother Earth is most sacred and on this all other issues follow.

  • R. Archambault

    “Silly issues. Romney is for war.”

  • Bobby Ray Wilson

    Business as usual will be the bench of our future…

  • Stacey Gladstone

    “Apparently it’s black tie only. But they want us to stay for a photo op after everyone leaves.”

  • Teresa Kammerer

    Trust me it’s better this way. Look what happened to education when it became the subject of political gain!

  • Beverly Morneault

    “I guess we’re more complicated than the process of making money.”

  • MassDemsRUs

    They said “You ‘one issue voters’ don’t represent our party”.

  • Judith

    They told me to tell you two to stop complaining and just “chill”.

  • Bev

    Maybe Superpac will save us.

  • Geolr

    Hey, it doesn’t matter what I tell them, these politicians have already decided what facts they want, and don’t want, to support their gut feeling on the easy stuff. We three reqire a longterm plan from a species that doesn’t have a good legacy of dealing with things anymore complicated than where their next meal is coming from.

  • George Perkins

    Cartoon caption: “I’m afraid we missed the campaign bus.”

  • Farmer Rick

    They don’t care, they don’t care, they don’t care about us!

  • Bruce Perry

    Shall we try somewhere outside of Ohio?

  • Rick Royer

    We need to make them understand up on the hill, more education will help solve all our problems.

  • Cindy L. Kalman

    Hey kid, welcome to the family.

  • Connie Sedona

    I think we’ve been aborted.

  • Diana

    “They said, it’s not likely that we’re man-made”.

  • Diana

    “They said, it’s doubtful that we’re man-made”.

  • Diana

    “They said, go away, we’re not man-made”.

  • Susan Goewey

    …So then they have the nerve to tell me, “It’s the economy, stupid!” … as if!

  • Harry King

    When is the campaign train coming?

  • David Madden

    Hell if we didn’t have a 16 trillion dollar national debt, we be living in the big house.

  • David Madden

    We had a chance until “Hope and Change” took over and decided to play golf instead.

  • Anonymous

    poverty. If we are struggling to put food on the table nothing else has our attention

  • Paul McCarroll

    Anybody seen gun control?

  • heidi jo bean

    Fracking, mountain top removal, EPA funding and protection for our environment.

  • Robin Brownell

    They take all the money and sell their souls and leave us behind…

  • Robin Brownell

    “Politicians > If we really educate the people it would cease cheap labor and poverty and they would demand us to clean up our industry for a cleaner earth, and that my good friends will cost us to much money”……..

  • Robin Brownell

    Look, here comes healthcare and women’s rights where are they going to set?

  • Jessica Symmes Bowen

    Here’s the plan. One of us says that we were raped and need an abortion…

  • Barry Workman

    Is this the back bench ?

  • enlightenedgirl

    They don’t want us, we don’t have enough money to get in the door…

  • GayandSteve Wiesner

    I think we missed the bus

  • Mark McConchie

    Y’know, the sad irony is no one is going anywhere unless they include us.

  • riquesuave

    I can’t believe this, we were replaced by big oil, big pharma, and the too big to jail fat cats?

  • riquesuave

    I can’t believe this, we were replaced by big oil, big pharma and the too big to jail fat cats!!

  • emdebcor

    Sorry, guys, that just isn’t the yellow brick road we were promised…..

  • Eric Carrig

    We wouldn’t need a bench if it were easier for people to participate and hold representatives accountable

  • GullyGirl12

    Are we all waiting for the bus to head back to our states in hopes they will care for our issues there?

  • Hewey Akin

    They opened me up, but they just looked at the pictures. I don’t think they could read.

  • B. Malizia

    So this is what happened when Jack fell down and broke his crown!

  • Luke Bates

    To start with, how would you like a fish dinner?

  • John Fiedor

    I expect that kind of treatment eleswhere in the world. But here?

  • Paul

    Said we don’t meet the dress code. Apparently, you need a tricorner hat to get in.

  • Elissa Rich

    Sorry guys, they kicked me out, too!

  • John

    Now we’re all equal: equally miserable, equally uneducated and equally broke- not just a small portion of the populace but everyone. What do you propose for hope and change now???

  • John

    The military still uses bayonets and still rides horses. The sitting idiot C in C should have known that.

  • Heather McNew

    You wouldn’t believe the things they did to me the last time I went in there!

  • Chris Humphrey

    It is irrelevant that they still use them. His point was that they are not as important as they used to be. Not sure why that’s so confusing to the right.

  • Mary Gust Thompson

    I say that we STAND UP loud and proud on this bench! If we get more of the “ones who truly care” to see that we’re not giving up…they’ll stand on the bench with us!

  • J. Avery

    Once Their on the HILL, Thet Have NO Grasp Of Our Real Problems!

  • Ron Manizza

    Wasn’t the Bill of Rights sitting out here a while ago?

  • Scott Rothschild

    at least we have voter ID

  • Jesse Antell

    The schoolbus doesn’t stop here anymore.

  • Jeff Oveson

    Better yet, we’ll just bundle ourselves

  • charlie4896

    “I thought that we actually mattered to some people.”