“ALEC Rock”

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You only thought you knew how a bill becomes a law. In this Fiore creation, “ALEC” ( representing the American Legislative Exchange Council) explains the ways corporations and politicians collude to create self-serving, self-enriching legislation — steamrolling democracy in the process.

Produced by Mark Fiore, the Center for Media and Democracy, the ALEC Exposed Project and Alliance for a Better Utah.

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  • Taube

    Pretty accurate…Capitalism had destroyed Democracy…

  • Dr. M.C.

    @Taube: poorly regulated / unfairly excercised capitalism is destructive…the markets aren’t “free” (less so than several decades ago!), and those receiving the most welfare/monetary help are the largest powers (corporations), instead of the neediest (people).

  • http://www.facebook.com/wanda.irons.5 Wanda Irons

    this is old news but what are we the people going to do with this info by the way obama care how do you think that got passed duh

  • jan

    One of the websites I look at occasionally is keeping a running tally of corporate backers who are dropping ALEC. My suspicion is that ALEC has already been reincarnated elsewhere with a new name and the corporations are simply adjusting their list to include the new reincarnation.

  • Mary Artesani

    I loved this cartoon it said it all!now if we can get people to watch! I will share it.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Wanda, this IS old news. Very old news. Years old news that most Americans have not heard or seen yet. That’s why we need to make this video go viral somehow!

  • Socal

    This is the best lesson we have on How American Democracy works..for a few

  • RobertLongView

    Thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/vcalender Vivian Calender

    Well said.

  • http://www.facebook.com/elissa.weeks Elissa Myers Weeks

    I hear that. I get so angry when I see these broadcasts. I listen to CSPAN radio in the morning and find myself on occasion screaming at the radio. I want my country back.
    Great post.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alma.morgan.3 Alma Morgan

    I watched Bill Moyers last night and it upsets me that these people think they are doing the right thing. That’s how we have a corrupt government. They don’t realize that what they do harms people and they don’t care. I don’t know what to do about it. I hope Bill Moyers comes up with a solution to this. I wish the justice department or the FBI would start investigating ALEC like they did Jack Abramoff.

  • http://1world1wage.org/ sharee anne gorman

    I’m absolutely flabbergasted that people didn’t defect from their given parties in droves this election cycle after all the swindling and misdirection that has gone on for the last 12 years.
    We have alternative music and indie films to counteract Corporate “Art”. Why aren’t citizens supporting an independent party to counteract Corporate “Politics”? How much more are people going to take before they jump out of the pot? The water is already boiling frogs…I mean people.
    “We the People – Time to Flash Mob Democracy”

  • http://www.facebook.com/wanda.irons.5 Wanda Irons

    until you see for youself and talk to a true bill you should really try to do more than critisize and look and realize how the poor orphaned bill would fell so i gues i wont be trying to leave this house till10 more yrs or so just makineing life a litlee bit more bearable by the way did you know halloween or is that even the issue seems to me were not even on the same page why dont you fall inlove with a sweet young thing and have a love child and poof itll be the hardest most painful exsperiance youve ever gone been through and why dont you stand there and tell me thats love so i can personally tell you all about it

  • http://www.facebook.com/wanda.irons.5 Wanda Irons

    this is not my typing

  • Tammy

    Heres the real question, how do we turn it around?

  • lilly blue

    Should we vow to post this video each day, hoping to be heard? I will. How can the ALEC supporters, and those that voted them in, not care what ALEC has done to America?? Democracy 911

  • lilly blue

    Post this daily?? Would be a good place to start.

  • lilly blue

    Genius, I love this idea. Need a ‘private’ page to discuss this wonderful idea. Poor ALEC supporters will think it is a world revolution. lol

  • Anonymous

    All Bill Moyers can do is alert us as to whats going on. Its up to us to put a stop to it by telling everyone we know and voting for good progressive candidates and getting the obstructionist Republicans and teabaggers out.

  • Emilio Portfolio

    Yeah, whatever happened to that “meddling old media” watching their every move?
    I think that they are “in” on the joke.

  • Chuck

    Answer: stop borrowing every dollar of our currency into existence from these criminal plutocrats who create it out of thin air. End the borrowing from banks and they can’t control our legislators.

  • websuspect

    Bomb Syria create military contracts?

  • Carlos

    Your idea is excellent – the problem is that the average person is too busy trying to make ends meet, too tired, too uninformed; the average person forms opinions based on 30 second commercials, and causal conversations with, usually, like-minded people. Lastly, it is a natural human instinct to fear change. People don’t feel as comfortable voting for the “Indie Party” :) And the Indie Part does not have the money that Dems/Repubs have to create those massive media wars.

  • deb em

    Problem is most voters do not know who they are voting for … they vote for the person they get the most propaganda for and that in itself tells you there is big money backing that individual … the only way this problem can be managed is by using the airwaves to give free time to candidates … by the airwaves do belong to the people and restricting the amount of money spent and from whom the money is received other wise I would have to support the old slogan never re-elect anyone … politics was never meant to be a career … and this goes for every level local to federal …