Recommended Live Coverage of the Health Care Decision

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Over the course of the last month we’ve been frequent visitors to SCOTUS blog. They provide excellent analysis of all the Supreme Court decisions. Best of all, they do a great job of explaining the decisions in plain English for those of us without law degrees.

Today there are a number of posts on their site related to the health care decision.

  • They are live blogging the decision this morning starting at 8:45 AM. If you have questions about the decision before or after it is released at 10 AM, legal experts from their team will be available to answer them.
  • Legal analyst Lyle Denniston’s summary of the key issues in the health care case clarifies what’s at stake.
  • There’s also a helpful reader’s guide to the health care ruling that provides tips on reading Supreme Court decisions
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  • JonThomas

    Looks like a win for the insurance industry.

    I can choose not to drive and won’t be forced to have auto insurance…can I now choose to have health?

    The healthier you are, the more you are penalized. A person whose health is not as strong as some, would incur costs, but a healthy person would not normally have costs. Now the healthy subsidize the sick.

    Does the opinion allow me to snatch cigarettes out of people’s mouths? Force feed organic veggies? Poke holes in soda cans? …

    I can only hope single payer makes a return to the table to stop  Government mandated  corporate enrichment!

    Welcome to the new realm of Corporate Governing. This law will set dangerous precedents, opening the door to unimagined influences.

    First, Citizen’s United…corporations are people.

    Now, ACA…Government can compel citizen’s to pay tax to corporations.

    Wait for it…and for the record I say it first (yes I want royalties and book rights…)

    J.P. Morgan and Assoc. for president 2016  !!!

    Where do I sign up to start the super pac?

  • mbrecker

    Although the US is the world’s largest economy, it is the only industrialised democracy that does not provide health care coverage to all its citizens

  • Fivejackie

    You can not choose to always stay well.  Taxing cigarettes to cover some of  the cost to government for smokers very expensive medical care.  Taxing the uninsured to cover the cost to the rest of us for their medical care… Not complicated! 

  • Rogcor22

    If you live in a state like mine, it is law you have auto insurance. I do not agree with everything in the new health law, but it is a foot in the door for the single-payer type of insurance to be instituted.