How the Supreme Court Could Rule on the Affordable Care Act

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If you’re prepping for Thursday’s much anticipated decision on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, this chart from ABC News provides a good overview of the various ways the Court could rule.

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on the ABC News website.

If you would rather pretend you’re a justice and go through the questions they’ve been facing over the past few months to come up with your own decision, check out this interactive from The New York Times.

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  • mbrecker

    Although the US is the world’s largest economy, it is the only industrialised democracy that does not provide health care coverage to all its citizens

  • RRB

    What we need concerning the new health care bill is a true point by point of the verbage of the bill.  Not opinions or editorials, I can make up my own mind, thank you.  I don’t want to  hear others prejudicial, emotional, hate filled  opinions, with so much retioric I can’t listen.  Just the facts so I can make my own decisions. Is there any one who is going to do this service for us under the investigative part of the reporting of the news?
    What better team than the Moyers “get to the basic facts” persons?