“Either Way”

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Fiore’s new cartoon about big banks proclaims “what’s good for the Street will be good for you yet!”

In this country of ours, so proud, strong and free,

We did things and made things the whole world could see.

But times, they have changed, now we needn't get dirty,

Since Wall Street makes things so many find purty.

It's all different now, thanks to the bankers' ascendance,

Inventing new-paper contraptions, 'fore I finish this sentence!

We'll package and bundle and wager and bet,

What's good for the Street will be good for you yet!

And if things should go wrong and our faces turn pale,

Our most favorite part is, we're too big to fail!

Now cabbies and pickers will pick up the slack,

Your taxes will bring the bankers right back . . .

. . . To the top where we keep spreading good news

Of deregulation and our free-market views!

We know what we're doing, just stop with the rules!

With our proven track record, see, regulation's for fools!

Now we're buying both sides, to do our good bidding.

That whole Democracy thing, surely you're kidding!

With money our speech, the whole world's our play . . .

. . . to make sure we win either way.

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