Today’s Must Reads – May 9, 2012

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In this new feature, we’ll share stories from around the Internet that we’re passing around here at Moyers HQ. Share your own “must reads” from today below in the comments section. We’d love to hear what you’d recommend!

New York: Lugar’s Demise and Constitutional Crisis by Jonathan Chait
“The most important and alarming facet of Lugar’s defeat, and a factor whose importance is being overlooked at the moment, is one of the things Mourdock cited against him: Lugar voted to confirm two of Obama’s Supreme Court nominees.”

The New York Times: Liberals Steer Outside Money to Grass-Roots Organizing
“After months on the sidelines, major liberal donors including the financier George Soros are preparing to inject up to $100 million into independent groups to aid Democrats’ chances this fall. But instead of going head to head with the conservative ‘super PACs’ and outside groups that have flooded the presidential and Congressional campaigns with negative advertising, the donors are focusing on grass-roots organizing, voter registration and Democratic turnout.”

The New Yorker: Choosing Sides in North Carolina by Amy Davidson
“In the days before the vote in North Carolina on Amendment 1, which would ban same-sex marriages and civil unions, people on both sides came to believe that they could win.”

The New Yorker: Six More Months: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney, an Uninspiring Race by George Packer
“The open-ended vagueness of [Obama’s] reëlection campaign’s one-word catchphrase reveals Obama’s problem. Forward from what, and to what?”

NPR: Partisan Psychology: Why Are People Partial To Political Loyalties Over Facts?
“On a range of issues, partisans seem partial to their political loyalties over the facts. When those loyalties demand changing their views of the facts, he said, partisans seemwilling to throw even consistency overboard.”

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  • JonThomas

    This seems like it will be an ongoing, daily contribution and I think it’s a good idea.

    But…I was wondering, are the moderators testing the links posted by people commenting here and sharing their favorite stories, or is it “user beware”…”click at your own risk?”

  • moderator

    Hi Jon,

    I totally understand your worries! We have been doing our best to check all the links. Just to be clear the links in comments are the views and opinions of the commenter and not

    Sean @

  • JonThomas

     Ty…it is of course the potential for compromises to my pc system that is of concern.

    As far as the information provided by the commenters, hopefully exposure over the years will help protect clear thinking, but it never does cease to amaze the rabbit holes people wind up going down.