Our Platform for Comments: New and Old Ways of Connecting

As of Feb. 1, we will be shutting down our comment boards and look forward to continuing our ongoing conversation on social media.

Our Platform for Comments: New and Old Ways of Connecting

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Starting Feb. 1, BillMoyers.com will no longer take comments on our website. While the decision to close comments was difficult it is a necessary one, given time and budget constraints. All previous comments will be archived and available.

We still want and need to hear from you. Communicating with our audience is critical to our mission, and we hope you will continue your robust conversations via social media. On Facebook and Twitter, we count on our nearly 900,000-strong community to let us know what’s on their minds and to engage with each other. For those not on social media, we have set up a new email address for sending in your comments. It is: yourturn [at] billmoyers [dot] com.

The conversation of our democracy is crucial to our success as a nation, especially now as so many things are changing, so quickly. In our eyes that conversation often begins with you. Please keep speaking your mind and taking action to make our democracy work!

All of us here — our writers, producers, and editors (Bill included) — are grateful for the comments you have posted here at BillMoyers.com over the years. Bill is a faithful reader and looks forward to continuing the conversation on our social media platforms.

— BillMoyers.com Staff