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  • June 21, 1988 | Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth
    Joseph Campbell encourages the audience to discover what excites them, and to make that the basis for their personal journeys.
  • March 28, 1988 | Facing Evil
    Maya Angelou, Philip Hallie, Raul Hilberg, Sam Proctor and Al Huang -- on the forces of evil and goodness.
  • December 23, 1987 | God and Politics
    Bill Moyers speaks with the founders of the Christian Reconstructionism movement which holds that the Bible should be the basis for all government, laws and economic systems.
  • December 9, 1987 | God and Politics
    Bill Moyers explores two different visions of Christianity and how each is finding a pulpit and battleground in Central America.
  • November 4, 1987 | The Secret Government
    This fascinating and revealing documentary examines the Iran-Contra scandal as the most recent example of the continuing abuse of democratic values by unaccountable intelligence operations during the Cold War.
  • June 25, 1987 | In Search of the Constitution
    Associate Justice Lewis Powell, Jr. discusses some of his most controversial cases.
  • June 18, 1987 | In Search of the Constitution
    In interviews with experts and ordinary citizens, Bill Moyers explores the constitutional implications of workplace drug-testing, computer privacy, and executive power.
  • June 11, 1987
    When ordinary citizens defend their constitutional rights.
  • June 4, 1987 | In Search of the Constitution
    In her first televised interview, Sandra Day O'Connor talks to Bill Moyers about her journey from a Texas cattle ranch to the Supreme Court and her views on abortion.
  • May 28, 1987 | In Search of the Constitution
    Bill Moyers speaks with Attorney General Edwin Meese and federal judge Robert Bork, two outspoken strict constructionists, about judicial restraint and original intent.