Combat Climate Change

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The Story of Change

Anthony Leiserowitz, the director of the Yale Climate Change Communications Center, recently told Bill that there are “six Americas” in terms of the public perception of global warming. If you’re part of the 40 percent who are “alarmed” or “concerned,” you’re probably looking for ways that you can to make a difference, in your own community and on behalf of the planet.

But where to start?

The organizations below are working at the grassroots level to demand and support environmental legislation, to protest fossil fuel subsidies and to promote sustainable planning at the local level in transportation, energy and development policy.

CURRENT CAMPAIGNS Bill McKibben's global movement to solve the climate change crisis, one parts per million of CO2 at a time.

Do the Math / A new campaign from in which students and faculty at colleges encourage their schools to divest from all fossil fuel investments. Cities and towns are joining the divestment movement, too.

Global Green: For nearly two decades, Global Green USA has been advocating for "smart solutions to global warming" including green building for affordable housing, public schools and cities.

Institute for Sustainable Communities: Collecting the best practices from private and public entities, the ISC is committed to promoting active citizenship in order to address climate change. Finding out more about how they define a sustainable community.

Story of Stuff: Changemaker Personality Quiz: If you're keen to get started, take this two-minute quiz to find out how your particular talents might be used to combat climate change. After you take the quiz, vote on ideas submitted by other members of the "Story of Change" community.

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