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As we continue our effort to keep you up-to-date on how money corrupts American government and politics, as well as other news of the day, we’re pleased to publish this daily digest compiled by’s Michael Winship.

Making sense of Europe’s refugee crisis –> At Informed Comment, Juan Cole contrasts Pope Francis’ call for “European parishes and other Catholic institutions to take in a refugee family each” with virulent anti-Muslim rhetoric from the religious right.

The Washington Post’s Anthony Faiola and Michael Birnbaum report, “There was no sign Monday that the crisis was easing, with Britain and France — two nations criticized for not doing enough — pledging to take in tens of thousands of asylum-seekers. But Germany — the nation taking in the lion’s share, an estimated 800,000 asylum-seekers by year’s end — continued to lead the way, pledging to hire 3,000 more police officers and spend $6.7 billion more to address the crisis, including emergency housing for 150,000 people.”

AND, Pia Dangelmayer at ProPublica compiled a collection of articles from the United States and Europe on the mounting human catastrophe and what’s at stake.

Clinton’s plan –> Hillary Clinton unveils comprehensive campaign finance reform. The Huffington Post. The Washington Post. Politico. AND: Reformer Lawrence Lessig raised the million he said he’d need by Labor Day and delared his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. Dave Levinthal and Jared Bennet at the Center for Public Integrity have nine things you should know about him.

Happy Labor Day –> President Obama announced an executive order requiring federal contractors to allow employees to build up to seven days a year in paid sick leave. This will affect about 300,000 workers. Casey Quinlan at ThinkProgress reports, “Besides providing time for employees to recover from illness, those sick days could also be used to access preventative care, take care of a sick family member, seek assistance related to a domestic violence incident, or to go to school meetings when their child has health problems or special needs.”

AND, at The Huffington Post, Bernie Sanders writes, “Against overwhelming odds, the men and women of the labor movement changed society for the better. If you’ve ever enjoyed a paid vacation, a sick day, or a pension, they are the people to thank. And if you don’t have those benefits on your job today, they are the people who can help you get them.” ALSO, Jonathan Cohn has five ways to help labor, including an expansion of Medicaid and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

PLUS, a must read: Jack Mirkinson at “The media vs. the American worker: How the 1 percent hijacked the business of news.”

And while we’re on the subject of the media –> County Clerk Kim Davis coverage: At the Columbia Journalism Review, David Uberti writes, “The question is one of proportionality, of whether the all-out media blitz of a lone-wolf scofflaw accurately tells the much larger story of conservative states’ implementation of the US Supreme Court’s June ruling to legalize same-sex marriage.”

Congress is back –> “What could go wrong?”

GOP climate denial: the latest chapter –> Politico’s Andrew Restuccia: “Top Republican lawmakers are planning a wide-ranging offensive — including outreach to foreign officials by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office — to undermine President Barack Obama’s hopes of reaching an international climate change agreement that would cement his environmental legacy.”

One tragic photo of a polar bear shows you how misguided this offensive is.

The name game –> In the wake of the controversy over reverting the name of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley back to its original native name, Denali, “liberal group CREDO Action has launched a petition to change the name of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport,” reports Caitlin MacNeal at Talking Points Memo. “… As of Monday, the petition had more than 65,000 signatures.

Trump Tips –> Felipe Ortega, who manages Mike’s Coffee and Deli over on East 32nd Street here in Manhattan, renamed the tip jar and is now soliciting donations for the “Mexican Wall Foundation.” Noah Hurowitz at DNAInfo reports, “So far, The Donald has been making big bucks for the mostly Latino staff of the shop, according to its manager, who said tips have doubled since he put the sign on the tip jar last week… Ortega, who scoffed at the prospect of Trump winning the race, pointed out a pragmatic drawback to a mass deportation of Latinos in a city with a large Hispanic workforce and an insatiable thirst for caffeine. ‘No one would be able to get a cup of coffee anywhere,’ he said.”

Meanwhile, we leave you with this recent headline from The Onion: “Ted Cruz Worried All The Good Countries To Wall Off Taken By Other Candidates.”

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