Patent Office Cancels DC Football Team’s Trademarks — Here Are 10 Great Suggestions for a New Name

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Today, the United States Patent Office cancelled six trademarks for the Washington, DC, NFL team, ruling that the word “redskin” is “disparaging to Native Americans.”

The team doesn’t have to change its name, but the ruling would limit its ability to make money on jerseys and mugs and everything else with the team logo on it. The Washington Post reports that this isn’t the first time Native American activists have gotten this far; a similar patent ruling was overturned on appeal.

But hopefully, with public pressure increasing, it will finally be time for a new NFL team name.

And we found some worthy suggestions on Twitter! Enjoy…

Got a witty suggestion? Share it with us in the comments.

Also, don’t miss John Oliver’s hilarious take-down of the DC team’s name:

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