What You Can Do to Make Your Voice Heard on ‘McCutcheon’ Right Now

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Petitions & Legislation

Forty national good government, civil rights, environmental, public interest and labor organizations released a statement on Wedensday protesting the McCutcheon v FEC decision and supporting two pieces of legislation that they hope will "lift up the voices of those unable to write big campaign checks."

--> The Government By the People Act (HR 20)

--> The Fair Elections Now Act (S 2023)

Another effort underway by the Sunlight Foundation and Rootstrikers is a petition asking Congress to enact legislation to mandate disclosure of all contributions of $1,000 or more to parties, candidates and political committees within 48 hours.

--> Real-time disclosure petition

Shortly after the decision in McCutcheon v FEC came down on Wednesday morning, campaign finance reform groups around the country activated their rapid response network to hold rallies in front of the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC, and 38 states.

Groups like Public Citizen, Common Cause, MoveOn.org, Move to Amend and many, many others are “standing up against the pervasive, corrupting influence of an electoral system that auctions offices to the highest bidder and suppresses the vote of millions of Americans.” Over the course of the day on Wednesday, there were more than 140 protests.

Now, these organizations are planning their next steps in the fight to overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon, and to protect our right to vote. Those interested in taking action should visit the Money Out / Voters In! website. They have just added a tab to their website encouraging voters to schedule meetings with members of Congress during the April recess (April 12-27, 2014). You can sign up to join a meeting in your town or city.

If you do attend an event, be sure to upload your photos to Facebook and tag them with @Bill Moyers or tweet them to @BillMoyersHQ so that we can see what you’ve done! Below are some pictures from Wednesday’s rallies.

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