Morning Reads

Good morning — and happy National Chocolate Cake Day! Here are some of the stories we’re reading as we attack the new week…

What’s good for GM… –> Edward Snowden tells German TV that the NSA engages in corporate espionage.

Blocked –> As we approach Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, the NYT editorial board looks at how much the Koch bros’ are spending on ads opposing Obama’s agenda. ALSO: Scott Wilson reports for the WaPo that the White House is giving up on Congress this year and will increasingly focus on what can be accomplished through executive actions. AND: Salon’s Alex Pareene on why the GOP is giving not one, not two, but three responses to Obama’s SOTU.

Paranoia of the plutocrats –> That’s the title of Paul Krugman’s column on the billionaire who sparked outrage by comparing criticism of the one percenters to Krystallnacht, the anti-Jewish attacks in 1930s Germany that marked the beginning of the Holocaust.

Is that even legal? –> You won’t believe how this Louisiana school shoves Christianity down its students’ throats, including a Buddhist child whose family is suing. Andrew Cohen with the story for The Daily Beast. ALSO: We have a map of publicly funded schools where Creationism is taught.

The American Dream is dead down South –> At The Atlantic, Matthew O’Brien considers why a map of the least upwardly mobile places in the US looks a lot like a map of the old Confederacy.

Purity party –> This week, Arizona Republicans voted to censure Sen. John McCain for being too darn liberal. David Schwartz reports for Reuters.

Youth outreach –> Bow-tied curmudgeon Tucker Carlson said that 17 year-olds shouldn’t be allowed to pre-register to vote because they’re incapable of ordering entrees at a restaurant. Dave Neiwert with the catch for Crooks and Liars.

It’s one pie –> Jamie McGeever at Reuters: “Why are US corporate profits so high? Because wages are so low”

Not so subtle –> At The Guardian, Jessica Luther blasts the sexism of those trying to paint Wendy Davis as a bad mother.

Before Obama was president… –> As governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee signed a law requiring that insurance plans — including those for church-affiliated organizations — provide contraception coverage. Bill Scher calls out the hypocrisy at the Campaign for America’s Future Blog.

Off-script –> Forbes’ Jacob Sullum writes that opponents of marijuana legalization are outraged that Obama said that alcohol and tobacco are more harmful than pot — not because it’s not true, but because it contradicts decades of drug-war propaganda.

Protip: don’t yell at wounded people –> Daniel Engber, Slate’s Explainer, looks at whether shouting “stay with me!” can help save a critically injured patient like it does in the movies.

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