Morning Reads

Good morning! Here are some of the stories we’re reading at Moyers & Company HQ as we get ready to tackle another day…

What could possibly go wrong? –> 34 American officers tasked with launching nuclear missiles were caught cheating on proficiency tests, and three were busted with drugs, according to the BBC.

Campaign cash –> Experts at the Federal Election Commission say that Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS “probably” broke the law during the 2010 midterm elections. WaPo’s Tom Hamburger and Matea Gold report that they’re calling for a full investigation. ALSO: The Sunlight Foundation has put together a list of the big-money funders who are most likely to “double-down” if individual campaign limits are swept away by the Supreme Court in McCutcheon.

Profiling –> Matt Appuzzo reports for the NYT that the DOJ is expanding its rules against racial profiling, addressing years of criticism from civil libertarians.

Freedom Industries spill –> Marcus Constantino reports for the Charleston Daily Mail that West Virginia ERs have experienced an influx of patients showing symptoms of chemical contamination after officials gave the OK to drink the water.

Cops and robbers or cops are robbers –> At Gothamist, Max Rivlin-Nadler reports that under the NYPD’s civil forfeiture policy, the department “robs poor New Yorkers of millions of dollars every year,” despite the fact that the law “has been ruled unconstitutional twice.”

Illegal –> Wal-Mart accused of illegally retaliating against protesting employees. Tiffany Hsu reports for the LAT.

Fleeing in droves –> Jessica Taylor reports for The Hill that “Congress sucks,” and that’s why we’re seeing so many retirements this year.

Sick and poor –> Matt O’Brien at The Atlantic: “Poverty Is Literally Making People Sick Because They Can’t Afford Food.”

Charters –> At Slate, Zach Kopplin reports that publicly funded charter schools in Texas are teaching Creationism.

R & R –> At MoJo, Eric Wuestewald and AJ Vicens have a map of the 200 golf courses maintained by the US military around the world.

Welfare queens –> Bill Quigley offers ten examples of welfare for corporations and the wealthy.

Impressive logic –> HuffPo’s Laura Bassett with one congressman’s novel argument that restricting women’s right to choose creates jobs because unwanted children raise demand for diapers and strollers and nannies.

Awww –> Glenn Greenwald shows his soft side with an essay about how he and his partner can’t stop adopting stray dogs even though they’ve tried really hard.

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