Morning Reads

Good morning! Here are some of the stories we’re reading as we embark on a new week at Moyers & Company… 

The other shoe? –> CNN exclusive: Feds investigating Chris Christie’s management of Sandy relief funds.

Study demonstrates what we already knew –> Demos’ Tova Andrea Wand writes at TPM that new research shows that voter ID laws are “nakedly political.” ALSO: Manny Fernandez reports for the NYT on a vote-buying scandal that’s sending shockwaves through an impoverished Texas community.

Plutocracy much? –> Daniel Byce reports for the Milwaukee J-S that a wealthy GOP donor, frustrated by how much child support he was ordered to pay, is trying to go around the courts by having a friendly lawmaker write a law capping child support for high-earners.

Zombie lies –> At the WaPo, Mike Konczal throws cold water on the false-but-all-too-common claim that our government spends one trillion dollars a year on “welfare.” AND: In the real world, a new report co-authored by Maria Shriver and researchers at CAP finds tens of millions of working women are living on the brink of poverty.

Big money behind perma-war –> At AJA, Jonathan Turley looks at how big bucks from the military-industrial complex helps keep the US on a permanent war footing, and what that does for our economy.

Yet some progress on peace –> Jay Solomon, Carol Lee and Laurence Norman report for the WSJ that Iran will begin rolling back its nuclear program in a week as the interim agreement with the US and other powers goes into effect.

TPP on the rocks? –> At the HuffPo, Michael McAuliff and Zach Carter report that the Obama administration’s big trade deal isn’t being received well by Congressional Dems.

Here’s a good idea –> At ThinkProgress, Bryce Covert notes that for what the government already spends on indirect subsidies and loans, it could make public colleges tuition-free for all current students.

“The degenerate races” — At The Fix, drug policy analyst Maia Szalavitz recalls the racist history of pot prohibition.

Telling –> Republican national committeeman Dave Agema thinks Russia’s anti-gay laws are just a matter of “common sense,” according to Chris Johnson at the Washington Blade.

Death’s icy grip –> Fascinating longread from over the weekend: Peter Stark writes beautifully about what it’s like to freeze to death for Outdoor Magazine

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