Morning Reads

Good morning! And a happy Kwanzaa to those who celebrate it. Here are a few stories to keep you up to speed over the holidays…

Free speech scam –> In Washington Monthly, Haley Sweetland Edwards reports that corporations are using ‘corporate personhood’ to argue that all sorts of public interest regulations are unconstitutional.

Staying power –> Academic Theda Skocpol argues in The Atlantic that the tea party movement will endure despite it’s lack of popularity.

Fear economy –> Paul Krugman’s column looks at how high unemployment keeps those who do have a job fearful and powerless to make demands of their employers.

It’s not like they want to spend time there –> Zachary Mider reports for Bloomberg┬áthat billionaires are renting addresses in South Dakota in order to dodge taxes on their trust funds.

Number one! –> Scott Walker’s Wisconsin now leading the country in new jobless claims, according to the Madison Capital Times.

Ripoff –> Texas company charging inmates in Michigan correctional facilities $15 for a 15-minute phone call, reports Cole Waterman for

Not settled yet –> Adam Liptak reports for The New York Times┬áthat the Supreme Court will again consider marriage equality in the coming year.

Private sector efficiency –> The New Republic’s Alec Macgillis says that UPS’ gift fiasco should put a stop to claims that the private sector is inherently more efficient than the government.

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