Morning Reads

Good morning! Here are some of the stories we’re reading as we gear up for the new week…

Litigious –> Tim Murphy reports for MoJo that Republican lawmakers are increasingly turning to the courts in their battles with the Obama administration.

Not over yet –> And at TNR, Jeffrey Rosen runs down the basics of three legal challenges to Obamacare.

We’ve only just begun –> NYT’s Dealbook blog reports that as five federal agencies prepare to vote Tuesday on the Volcker Rule, Wall Street and the US Chamber of Commerce are already making noises about challenging it in court if it passes.

TPP Disagreement–> HuffPo’s Zach Carter reports that there’s little international support for the special corporate rights the US is pushing for in the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Longer Than Santa’s List –> David Lightman rounds up Congress’ huge pile of unfinished business for McClatchy.

Speaking of which –> In the LAT, Don Lee looks at state and local minimum wage fights across the country as concern over inequality grows.

Just a ripoff –> At Tax Analysts, David Cay Johnston looks at new research that finds that state and local tax giveaways to stimulate job growth don’t stimulate job growth.

Poor babies –> WaPo’s Ellen Nakashima reports that morale is low at the NSA these days.

Two countries –> The Wire creator David Simon gives an impassioned speech about America’s widening social divides; says US is becoming “a horror show.”

Talking Points –> The Nation’s Rick Perlstein takes on the idea that public programs cause dependency on government.

 Conservatism can only be failed –> Politico headline says it all: “No soul-searching for Virginia GOP after losses.”

Odd source –> A libertarian in Montana is proposing a constitutional amendment that would require gender balance in the state legislature. Lauren Rankin reports for Salon.

Oops! –> Conservatives in Oklahoma thought allowing religious displays on public property was a swell idea. A Satanic church agrees and is now pushing for a statue of its own, according to the Associated Press.

What else is going on? You can let us know in the comments.

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