Morning Reads

Happy Veterans’ Day! Here are some of the stories we’re reading as we gear up for the new week at Moyers & Company HQ…

Awkward American tradition –> In the WaPo, veteran Chris Marvin shares his thoughts about civilians reflexively thanking vets for their service.

PTSD –>  In Slate, an excerpt about one vet’s experience in the army’s PTSD program from a book called Thank You For Your Service.

Patriotism! –> Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio — the grand-standiest sheriff in America — is placing American flags in every prisoner’s cell and forcing them to sing along with God Bless America and the national anthem. “Unpatriotic” inmates who deface their flags get nothing but bread and water, according to Fox News.

Paranoia strikes deep in the heartland –> Dirk Kurbjuweit argues in Der Spiegel’s international edition that post-9/11 paranoia is undermining American democracy.

Pope-a-dope –> NYT‘s Laurie Goodstein on how conservative American Catholics are responding to Pope Francis’s rhetorical shift away from hot-button social issues. Spoiler alert: they’re not pleased!

Virginia AG –> Headline on this HuffPo piece by Chris Gentilviso says it all: “Republicans Just Changed the Rules AFTER a Virginia Election to Change the Outcome.”

Charming people –> 40 heavily-armed gun rights-absolutists intimidated a small group of Moms Against Gun Violence members meeting in Texas, where open carry is illegal. Via: ThinkProgress.

BENGHAZI!!!!! –> Poynter’s Craig Silverman looks at the likenesses and differences between CBS’ latest fiasco and the “Rathergate” report on George Bush’s National Guard service. ALSO: Digby points out that Lara Logan has developed a… Dick Cheney-esque view of the War on Terror.

“Arrogant and pretentious…unwilling to yield or compromise” –> Matt Viser takes a deep dive into Ted Cruz’s college years at Harvard for the Boston Globe.

Never too soon –> In The Guardian, Harry Enten writes that Hillary Clinton is the most formidable front-runner in modern history. TNR’s Noam Scheiber argues that her biggest nightmare would be a Democratic Party embracing Elizabeth Warren’s politics.

Kidnappers for Life –> Anti-abortion extremists in Texas call for volunteers to waylay women on their way to abortion clinics, drive them around while proselytizing to them and then drop them off at a church.

Fraud –> Reuters: BofA and a former mid-level exec found “liable” for fraud. Government asks for $864 million wrist-slap.

Shock and Oy –> Those words actually appear in an AP story about a fire at a knish factory that’s causing a nationwide shortage.

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