The Story of Solutions

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Annie Leonard.

Sustainability activist Annie Leonard is known for her short, animated “Story of” films. In 2007, she made The Story of Stuff, looking at the excessive consumerism our economic system encourages, and its harmful consequences. Then, last year, she made The Story of Change , examining what it will take to break away from this system.

Now she has a new short, The Story of Solutions.

Leonard frames our economy as a game with a dubious path to “winning.” “It’s as if we’re getting better and better at playing the wrong game,” she says. The end goal, at the moment, is “more:” more things, a larger GDP. Leonard proposes changing the game to one where the goal is “better.”

“Changing the goal of the entire economy is a huge task,” she says. “Of course we can’t do it all at once. But when we focus on game-changing solutions, we gradually make it possible for a new game to be played.”

Watch Leonard’s nine-minute video, above, to learn more.

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