A Letter From Bill Moyers

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Two years ago, thanks to the generosity of some unexpected funders and the loyalty of long-time funders, I came out of retirement with a new weekly series, Moyers & Company. Since then our team has kept a steady focus on some of the vital nerve centers of democracy: Money and politics. Economics and inequality. The world’s endangered ecology. Citizen participation in democracy. The power to inform and inspire.

We took a multimedia approach by producing programming designed for TV, web, radio and social media, and we’re impressed with the response. When New York Times television critic Mike Hale picked his “top 10” list of television shows for 2012, they included PBS’s Sherlock, TNT’s Southland, FX’s Louie, AMC’s The Killing, Showtime’s Homeland, CBS’s The Good Wife, assorted HBO documentaries and Moyers & Company. The headline read, “Still Going Strong: Detectives, Killers and Bill Moyers.” That one’s a keepsake.

So are the messages we received from viewers. Of the thousands we have received this one is a favorite: “Your show brings me to tears, and laughter, and gives me that most dangerous of gifts: hope. Thank you for that.” In turn, my team and I thank public television and radio stations for giving us the chance to serve our audience.

Although our final broadcast will air on Jan. 3, we are exploring the possibility of continuing to serve our audience through BillMoyers.com with the goal of engaging you in the renewal of democracy. As of today, we have over 320,000 “friends” on Facebook and their number grows every day by the hundreds. They — like so many of our viewers — take their citizenship seriously.

We’d love to hear from you, our viewers, about what you’d like to see on BillMoyers.com going forward. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. And thanks again for watching.

— Bill Moyers

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