Morning Reads

Good morning! Today is OK-That’s-Over-Now-Let’s-Get-On-With-Our-Lives Day, and here are some of the things we’re reading at Moyers & Company HQ…

Post mortem…


SCOTUS –> In The New Yorker, Jeffrey Toobin looks at a crucial case coming before the Supreme Court that could make DC even more unmanageable.

Cover-up –> Marcy Wheeler writes at The Progressive that the CIA is trying to hide information about its drone program from the courts.

Slave trade–> There are an estimated 30 million slaves worldwide, according to the BBC.

Going well –> Louis Charbonneau and Yeganeh Torbati report for Reuters that talks in Geneva between the US and Iran are “the most serious and candid to date.”

Greek fascism –> Katy Fox-Hodess has a fascinating look at the rise and fall of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn movement for Jacobin Magazine.

Get off their lawns –> Sociologist Theda Skocpol explains to Salon’s Josh Eidelson the motivation behind the old, angry and fearful tea party movement.

Revolving door –> Monsanto hires former Senator Blanche Lincoln as a lobbyist, reports Kate Sheppard for HuffPo.

Revisionist history –> Amanda Marcotte looks at the myth of America as a “Christian nation” for AlterNet.

Watch your wallet –> At TNR, Alec MacGillis warns that the deficit scolds need to be beaten back before they can capitalize on the next budget battles to cut popular programs.

Beaumont, Texas –> MSNBC’s Zachary Roth reports on a nasty, racially charged fight to break apart a school board in America’s least happy city — really interesting story.

And in Bigfoot news –> A British scientist believes he’s “solved” the mystery of the Himalayan Yeti.

What else? Let us know in the comments…

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