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Good morning! We’ve heard a lot about the economic costs of the shutdown and debt ceiling standoff, but what about the psychic toll? How many people are totally stressed out right now? Anyway, here’s some of the stuff we’re reading this AM…

Day 16…

In other news…

Watchoo writing there? –> At TNR, Jane Chong on the legal theory that NSA uses to justify email surveillance.

Slow down? –> AlterNet: James Gustave Speth with five reasons our singular focus on economic growth is problematic.

Robot invasion –> At TAP, Rick Wartzman looks at how increasing automation is impacting the labor market.

Not dead yet –> McClatchy reports that Obama plans to renew his push for immigration reform after this contrived crisis ends.

New, new media –> Glenn Greenwald ditches The Guardian to start a new media outlet backed by  eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. Greg Mitchell considers what it all means at The Nation.

Bogeyman –> Salon’s Natasha Lennard interviews Bill Ayers; asks about his dinner with Breitbart and Tucker Carlson.

Really mean girls –> Two tweens charged with felony stalking after 12 year-old girl’s suicide. Lizette Alvarez with the story for the NYT.

Sleaze machine –->  LAT‘s Tony Perry reports that former congressman and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has pled guilty to a felony and two misdemeanors.

Because why not? –> There was already a beer brewed for dogs, and now a Japanese company has introduced a wine for cats.

What else? Tell us what you’re reading in the comments! 

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