Morning Reads

Happy Friday morning! Here are some of the articles we’re reading over our coffee at Moyers & Company HQ…

Day four…

Popular guy –> Georgia man who signed up for ObamaCare gets calls from a million reporters.

Cruel –> At TAP, Paul Waldman points out that the states which rejected the Medicaid expansion already make it extremely hard for the poor to get coverage.

Hacked –> Millions of credit cards numbers and passwords stolen as Adobe gets hacked, reports Scott Kaufman for The Raw Story.

Gray Lady pushing anonymously sourced terror — In The Nation, Greg Mitchell looks at a dubiously sourced NYT story about how a leak hurt counter-terror efforts.

Kenyan forces under the spotlight –> James Norton rounds up a number of reports about Kenyan soldiers looting and pillaging after the siege at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi for the Christian Science Monitor.

Not so smooth with the ladies –> David Lightman reports for McClatchy on a new poll that finds the Republican Party losing more ground among women voters.

Forced evictions and dead workers –> MoJo’s Eric Wuestewald looks at the damage done to marginalized people when countries prepare to host the World Cup.

Whistle blown –> In the LAT, Ralph Vartabedian reports that a scientist who warned of safety issues at a nuclear waste facility in Washington was allegedly fired in retaliation.

Hardliners don’t want peace –> Hawks in Congress could derail efforts to ease tensions between the US and Iran, reports Paul Lewis in The Guardian.

Tebowed –> At TAP, Amilia Thomson-Deveaux wonders why high schools are ignoring court rulings that nix sanctioned prayers before football games.

Mammogram myth? –> At Orion, Jennifer Lunden takes a deep dive into the efficacy of regular mammograms — and looks at the whole pink ribbon thing.

Species! –> Expedition to a remote rainforest in Suriname yields 60 of them that hadn’t been previously identified. Nat Geo has a slideshow of the critters.

What are we missing? Let us know in the comments!

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