Morning Reads

Happy Tuesday morning! Here’s some of the stuff we’re reading this AM…

Welcome to the shutdown…

Not everything is shut down –> Ironically, the health insurance exchanges will open today. TNR‘s Jonathan Cohn ranks the likely glitches by importance.

Watching the watchers –> NSA stores metadata for millions of web users, reports James Ball in The Guardian.

Climate change? More like catastrophe — Also in The Guardian, George Monbiot says we’re facing the prospect of a “catastrophic climate breakdown.”

SLAPPed down by the court –> Court rules against billionaire donor Sheldon Adelson’s bogus defamation suit. Josh Israel with the story for¬†Think Progress.

Hunger is not a game –> 15 percent of the nation’s elderly are food insecure, writes Trudy Lieberman in The Nation.

High cost of incarceration–> AP: NYC spends almost as much per prisoner as the cost of an Ivy League education.

Choking –> James West describes a train ride through China’s coal country “Airpocalypse” for MoJo.

Shown the door –> Venezuela expels US diplos, accusing them of “sabotage,” writes Elliott Hannon in Slate.

Old nuns –> Anna Corwin investigates why nuns tend to outlive the rest of us in Yes! Magazine.

What took them so long? –> Scientists think they’ve figured out how to make a real lightsaber.

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