Morning Reads

Here’s a roundup of some of the stuff we’re reading this morning at Moyers and Company…

How soon will they forget? –> Over at The Monkey Cage, George Washington University political scientist Danny Hayes looks at the pattern of post-mass-shooting media coverage, and wonders whether the Navy Yard killings will be like an outlier: Sandy Hook.

Syria –> U.N. weapons inspectors return, reports CNN. But Russia’s unhappy with the recent U.N. inspectors’ report, according to CBS. And Israel’s top commander on the Syrian frontier tell Reuters that Bashar al-Assad could hang on for years.

The money behind the government shutdown crisis –> The NYT with an editorial on outside groups enforcing ideological purity within the GOP.

Obamacare jobs program –> Sheryl Gay Stohlberg reports in the NYT about the “Obamacare cottage industry” — lucrative jobs for former administration officials in the healthcare industry.

This should be fun –> House Republicans to hold “mega-hearing” on climate change, reports Amy Harder in the National Journal.

America needs a raise –> So says Harold Meyerson in The American Prospect.

Drug war –> Police made more arrests for drug-related offenses last year than anything else. Nicole Flatow with the details for ThinkProgress.

Yes, we are reading Liz Warren –> She has an op-ed about the need for a new Glass-Steagall Act in the Boston Globe.

Could be popular –> Jon Perr looks into the polling on Obamacare and sees a glass half-full. Also: Digby picks up on Trader Joe’s explanation for eliminating health coverage for some part-time workers and finds that it’s pretty good.

How efficient is your city? –> Mother Jones looks at a report ranking American cities by energy usage. Spoiler alert: Boston’s numbah one!

Biggest terror seizure ever –> U.S. gov trying to seize a Manhattan skyscraper it says is secretly owned by Iran. CNN Money with the story.

Good news or ruined childhoods? –> At Grist, John Upton writes that American kids are eating better and watching less TV.

Is that like going to the dogs? –> Indian government offers compensation for a village’s residents to move away from a nature reserve. They do, and nature moves right back in. Stephen Messenger with the interesting tale for TreeHugger.

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