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Your Book Recommendations for President Obama

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Before the holidays, Bill asked you what book you’d recommend President Obama read as he embarks on his second term. Your suggestions ran the gambit, with authors ranging from John Steinbeck to civil rights advocate Michelle Alexander to A. A. Milne, the creator of Winnie the Pooh. In the slideshow below, we included 25 of your recommendations that came out during Obama’s first term that he may not have had the chance to read yet. We also included five classics you recommended that the president may want to revisit.

Many of you also asked for Bill’s suggestion, and he gave it on this weekend’s episode of Moyers & Company: Paul Krugman’s End This Depression Now!.
Adobe PDF iconYou can also download a list of 50 books recommended by our Facebook fans and visitors.

The list doesn’t have to stop here — please, keep making suggestions!

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