Tom Morello on Writing Songs for Social Justice

In a preview clip from a Moyers & Company episode airing the weekend of May 18, musician and activist Tom Morello talks about “two Americas,” and his solidarity with “the voiceless, the poor, the wretched” across the world.

“If my songs can give some hope to their struggle,” Morello tells Moyers, “That’s been a good day at work.”

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  • deborah barnes

    artists that are using their talents to speak to the hearts, souls and minds of our species are the artists that are relevant today. Thank you Tom for showing up, thank you Mr Bill for coming back to PBS..We are making a difference, a new seed is growing towards the light, that is our potential for amazing possibilities..yes ( we as installation artist i message in multi media)

  • Werner Loell

    Social justice is always at a premium, as we are not an egalitarian spieces.

  • Pat Gibbs

    A wonderfully articulate spokensperson for the oppressed.  We/they are lucky to have him, to have his music and to have him speak out so well on behalf of us all.  Interviews like this are the reason we watch your show.  Where else would we hear him? Thank you