Viewers’ Protest Song Playlist

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Bill Moyers’ interview with musician Tom Morello inspired us to compile a list of favorite protest songs. We then asked you to suggest your favorite songs, and you responded enthusiastically both on and on our Facebook page. Below, see your list — nearly 175 songs!

We also put these songs on a Spotify playlist that you can download and stream. [Warning to parents and teachers: Some songs contain profanity.]

Check out the full list in text below the playlist.


Moyers & Company Viewers’ Favorite Protest Songs

Arise, Amebix

The Economy Is Suffering … Let it Die, Anti-Flag

Respect, Aretha Franklin

Alice’s Restaurant Massacree, Arlo Guthrie

Let Them Eat War, Bad Religion

Better Way, Ben Harper

I Can’t Write Left-Handed, Bill Withers

Strange Fruit, Billie Holiday

I Keep Faith, Billy Bragg

To Have and Have Not, Billy Bragg

Between the Wars, Billy Bragg

War Pigs, Black Sabbath

Masters of War, Bob Dylan

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall, Bob Dylan

Blowing in the Wind, Bob Dylan

Master of War, Bob Dylan

Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol, Bob Dylan

Workingman Blues #2, Bob Dylan

Maggie’s Farm, Bob Dylan

God’s on Our Side, Bob Dylan

Small Axe, Bob Marley

Burnin’ and Lootin’, Bob Marley

So Much Trouble in the World, Bob Marley

2+2, Bob Seger System*

Simple Song of Freedom, Bobby Darin

Brave Bombadier, Boiled In Lead

Call It Democracy, Bruce Cockburn

If I Had a Rocket Launcher, Bruce Cockburn

Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen

Cities Need Help, Buddy Guy

For What It’s Worth, Buffalo Springfield

Universal Soldier, Buffy St. Marie

Now That the Buffalo are Gone, Buffy St. Marie

El Hormiguero, Calle 13

Fabels of Faubus, Charles Mingus

Hatian Fight Song, Charles Mingus

The Cheer, Country Joe and the Fish

I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die Rag, Country Joe and the Fish

People Get Ready, Curtis Mayfield

Keep on Pushing, Curtis Mayfield

Move on Up, Curtis Mayfield

This Is My Country, Curtis Mayfield

We Gotta Have Peace, Cutris Mayfield

General Strike, D.O.A.

You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive, Darrell Scott

Stars and Stripes of Corruption, Dead Kennedys

Brothers in Arms, Dire Straits

Resist and Survive, Discharge

Hard Times, Don Edwards

The Gauntlet, Dropkick Murphys

The Strangest Dream, Ed McCurdy

War, Edwin Starr

One Day More, Elanie Purky**

Man of God, Eliza Gilkyson

White America, Eminem

Far From Home, Five Finger Death Punch

Winter in America, Gil Scott-Heron

Whitey on the Moon, Gil Scott-Heron

Chicago, Graham Nash

The Message, Grandmaster Flash

American Woman, Guess Who

Wake Up Everybody, Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes

I Am Woman, Helen Reddy

Hay Una Mujer Desparecida, Holly Near

Megalomaniac, Incubus

Let It Be Me, Indigo Girls

Wasteland of the Free, Iris Dement

Living in the Wasteland of the Free, Iris Dement

For America, Jackson Browne

Soldier of Plenty, Jackson Browne

Lives in the Balance, Jackson Browne

I Am a Patriot, Jackson Browne

We Can’t Make It Here Anymore, James McMurty

Volunteers of America, Jefferson Airplane**

The Harder They Come, Jimmy Cliff

Joe Hill, Joan Baez

Birmingham Sunday, Joan Baez

Pie in the Sky, Joe Hill**

Déjà Vu All Over Again, John Fogerty

Working Class Hero, John Lennon**

Luck of the Irish, John Lennon**

Gimme Some Truth, John Lennon

Imagine, John Lennon

Our Country, John Mellencamp

Sam Stone, John Prine**

Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore, John Prine

The Fiddle and the Drum, Joni Mitchell

Marat Sade, Judy Collins

Bourgouis Blues, Leadbelly

If I Had a Hammer, Lee Hays

Palaces of Gold, Leon Rosselson

The World Turned Upside Down, Leon Rosselson

Democracy, Leonard Cohen

We Are the Many, Makana

What Have They Done to the Rain, Malvina Reynolds

Isn’t It Nice, Malvina Reynolds

What’s Going On, Marvin Gaye

Innercity Blues, Marvin Gaye

Mercy Mercy Me, Marvin Gaye

In a World Called Catastrophe, Matthew Good

Driva Man, Max Roach

Garvey’s Ghost, Max Roach

American Ruse, MC5

Solo Le Pido a Dios, Mercedes Sosa

Hey World, Don’t Give Up, Michael Franti

Bring on the Change, Midnight Oil

Make Love F War, Moby and Public Enemy**

Uprising, Muse

Inconvenient Time, Nanci Griffith

Rockin’ in the Free World, Neil Young

I Wish I Knew How It Feels to Be Free, Nina Simone

Mississippi Goddam, Nina Simone

Eve of Destruction, P.F. Sloan/Barry McGuire

People Have the Power, Patti Smith

Ballad for Americans, Paul Robson

El Salvadore, Paul Stookey

Bring Them Home, Pete Seeger

L’Internationale, Pete Seeger**

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy, Pete Seeger

Hammer Song, Pete Seeger

The Big Muddy, Pete Seeger

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, Pete Seeger

Bring Them Home, Pete Seeger

Banks of Marble, Pete Seeger

Bells of Rhymney, Pete Seeger

Biko, Peter Gabriel

No Easy Walk to Freedom, Peter Paul and Mary

Downpressor Man, Peter Tosh

Equal Rights and Justice, Peter Tosh

Great Mandala, Peter Yarrow

We Ain’t Marching Anymore, Phil Ochs

When I’m Gone, Phil Ochs

Cops of the World, Phil Ochs

The Dogs of War, Pink Floyd**

Shut ‘Em Down, Public Enemy

Fight the Power, Public Enemy

Whatcha Gonna Do About Me, Quicksilver Messenger Service

Killing in the Name, Rage Against the Machine

Bullet in the Head, Rage Against the Machine

Handsome Johnny, Richie Havens

Freedom, Richie Havens**

The Powers That Be, Roger Waters

Street Fighting Man, Rolling Stones

Big Money, Rush

No Banker Left Behind, Ry Cooder

Stand!, Sly & The Family Stone

Yell Fire, Spearhead

Monster, Steppenwolf

Suicide, Steppenwolf

Rich Man’s War, Steve Earle

He’s Misstra Know it All, Stevie Wonder

Alternative Ulster, Stiff Little Fingers

Blackbird, The Beatles

Revolution, The Beatles

The Patriot Game, The Clancy Brothers

Know Your Rights, The Clash

White Riot, The Clash

Washington Bullets, The Clash

Five to One, The Doors

Going Underground, The Jam

Running on the Spot, The Jam

People Got to Be Free, The Rascals

Ball of Confusion, The Temptations

Won’t Get Fooled Again, The Who

Something in the Air, Thunderclap Newman

Whose Garden Was This, Tom Paxton

Which Side Are You On?, Tom Paxton

Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution, Tracy Chapman

Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2

Close it Down, Wolfstone

Plane Wreck at Los Gatos, Woodie Guthrie

** Not available on Spotify list.

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  • Karl Hedberg

    I would like to suggest’s Jason Isbell’s Dress Blues. A moving tribute to a fallen soldier. The best anti-war song I have ever heard.

  • JonThomas

    I guess we need to have facebook to use this player. :(
     Oh well… thank you though for compiling the list. What a fantastic courtesy! :)

  • John Richard Clinton Maenpaa

    I would include pretty much Warrior Soul’s entire 1991 album Last Decade Dead Century, but especially “I See The Ruins,” Superpower Dreamland,” “Blown Away” and “In Conclusion.”

  • John Richard Clinton Maenpaa

    Revolution Calling – Queensryche 

  • John Richard Clinton Maenpaa

    Just Cuz You Got The Power – Motorhead

  • John Richard Clinton Maenpaa

    Testament -Seven Days of May (w/ Lyrics)

  • John Richard Clinton Maenpaa

    Megadeth – Foreclosure Of A Dream

  • John Richard Clinton Maenpaa

    Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction – Argentina DVD

  • John Richard Clinton Maenpaa

    Nuclear Assault – Critical Mass

  • John Richard Clinton Maenpaa

    Metallica – …And Justice For All (live)

  • John Richard Clinton Maenpaa

    An oldie concerning the surveillance state:

    Judas Priest – Electric Eye Live Rising in the East

  • John Richard Clinton Maenpaa

    One last one because a day without Ozzy is like a day without sunshine:

    Black Sabbath “War Pigs” live 1999 The last supper HD


  • Dorinda Moreno

     In the 60’s Buffy St. Marie sang /Welcome Welcome Immigrante,/ as an indigenous welcoming other Indigenous workers to the country that is ours and that we love.
     I met her first at the Ash Grove, and this was amongst all the other wonders she wrote and sang like ‘Now That the Buffloes Gone”, Universal Soldier—
    And, not too far away at a famed blues place in South Central, Huey Masakela blew a number called ‘Grazing in the Grass’, and introduced the song by speaking of an indigenous Mexican farmer who had found his way to Africa, and taught the people to seed and plant in the great richness of the land. I couldn’t believe what I heard, the immigrant farm workers just about got themselves everywhere to teach what they know, the serve Our Mother Earth, planting the seeds and feeding the nations!
     I say, ‘Welcome, Welcome Immigrante’, and would I love for Buffy St. Marie to gift us of the Immigration Rights Movement with releasing this wonderful song again, a concert with Tom Morello and Bruce Springsteen is what the Pueblos en Movimiento need spiriting!!
     Call me, we can bring the continent and globe together with our bridging movements of occupy through the ‘International Tribunal of Conscience’, Camilo Perez Bustillo, who as we speak are entering Ciudad Juarez for a two-day legal hearings on the violence of ‘lessa humanidad’.
     Dorinda Moreno, I’m on Facebook, friend me, lets talk and get this concert and movement going in the direction of sharing the planet and peaceful coexistance!

  • Anonymous

    I wish you had used 1Tunes, the ads on Spotify really make it sound awful.

  • Midnight Dread

    Uncle John by Pearls Before Swine

    Mr. Business Man by Ray Stevens

    Babylon System by Bob Marley

    just a couple…

  • Lightfoot44

    You missed all the songs by Emma’s Revolution:

  • Kenegbert3rd

    I can think of some additions, but this’ll do just fine.  Once again, thanks, Bill and company.  Especially for remembering (again) Phil Ochs.

  • lfl

    And I neglects Tom Lehrer and Patrick Sky. But this is vastly improved.  Thanks!

  • Rexlogico

    I might have missed it, but what about Bruce Cockburn’s “They Call it Democracy”?

  • lfl

    that’s “neglected”…

  • Muriel Areno

    It would have been nice to have had someone proofread the list for song name correctness, if only out of courtesy to the artists. This might also have helped avoid listing Bob Dylan’s Masters of War twice (once misspelled as Master of War)…  It’s With God On Our Side, and Now That The Buffalo’s Gone by Buffy Sainte-Marie, to name just 2 particularly jarring examples.

  • Richard L.

    How did we forget  John Lennon’s Imagine and Give Peace a Chance?

  • Rico De

    Op’s Imagine is on the list, but you need to add The Peace Song by Jesse Colin Young.

  • Hellerc

    I am surprised that NO ONE has noticed this gifted you fellow from Hawaii.  Check out his Protest Song to the President:file:///Users/cheller/Desktop/Makana%20Protest%20Song%20%22We%20are%20the%20Many%20Not%20the%20Few%22.webloc

  • 7rabbi_willi7

    War Makes War by John Gorka 

  • Monica Griffin

     I definitely would have listed Emma’s Revolution had I not missed this. :0(

  • DrHoch

    I would add:

    “Black, Brown and White” – Big Bill Broonzy

    “Pretty Boy Floyd” – Woody Guthrie

    “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” – Liam Clancy’s YouTube performance is a good one

    “We Have Fed You All for a Thousand Years” – Utah Phillips

    “We Shall Overcome” – Pete Seeger

    “Where Have All the Flowers Gone”

    “Black and Blue” – Thomas “Fats” Waller

  • Anonymous

    Hard to believe I didn’t see “Eve of Destruction” by Barry Mcguire.

  • Janet Alfieri

    Correction – “It Isn’t Nice” by Malvina Reynolds as in:
    “It isn’t nice to block the doorway . . . It isn’t nice to go to jail”

  • Janet Alfieri

    ganges – Look harder

  • Tawareham

     Right on bro.  Should be near the top.

  • Tawareham

    John Brown – Bob Dylan

  • Tawareham

    It’s there.

  • Marcie

    Black and White (The ink is Black, the page is White, together we learn to read and write”   

    One Tin Soldier

    “The Happy Song” aka With Guns and Drums sung as far back as the Civil War.

  • Marcie

    Forgot at least one. We shall overcome!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Janet.. Missed it..

    I wonder why Respect, by Aretha is on there.

  • Shaun Toole

    “Us and Them” by Pink Floyd belongs on the list. And what about “The Gates of Delirium” by Yes? 

  • jim

    Fortunate Son- Fogerty/Creedence

  • Guest

    David Rovics is absent from this list too.

  • Palawler

    “Is There Anybody Here” Phil Ochs

  • Ronnie Caruso

    From my perspective, you left out the most important anti-war song ever written–
    ” The Green Fields of France” by Eric Bogle.  Eric also wrote the 2nd most important anti-was song ever — “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda”.

  • barkode52

    “Ohio” Neil Young

  • Tgk3

    We Can’t Make It Here by James McMurtey

  • Guest

    “Two Hangmen” from Mason Proffit (available on spotify) and obscure band from the ’70s.

  • Anonymous

    may be the best   —  I still listen to them on a regular basis

  • David F., N.A.

    “Move on Over” by Len Chandler”Company Man” by Public Domain

  • David F., N.A.

     “Move on Over” by Len Chandler

    “Company Man” by Public Domain

  • Virginia Raymond

    !A desalambrar! – this version by Victor Jara

  • Virginia Raymond

    More Than a Paycheck — Sweet Honey in the Rock

  • Fred Wilder

    I ain’t marching anymore – Phil Ochs

  • Fred Wilder

    Billy Joel’s “Goodnight Saigon” –

  • Virginia Raymond

    “Tear Down the Walls” – Johnny Crescendo

  • Virginia Raymond

    Ella’s Song (We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest) – Bernice Johnson Reagon & Sweet Honey in the Rock

  • Virginia Raymond

    “Already gone” by Butch Hancock
    can’t find a Butch version on youtube, so here is a cover:

  • Virginia Raymond

    Ira Hayes 
    — Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Kris Kristofferson have all recorded this beautiful song —

  • Virginia Raymond

    Death of Emmett Till
    Bob Dylan

  • Virginia Raymond

    I Shall Be Released
    lots of versions, here is Nina Simone

  • Virginia Raymond

    Joe Campos Torres
    this by Gil Scott-Heron

  • judith angelo

    this list is mystifying – at first i thought it was about a surprisingly young viewership, but clearly that’s not it. 

    Vietnam’s canon has truly odd holes in it:Ohio’s absence is glaring, Fortunate Son’s is puzzling, as is WAR’s (Edwin Starr –  1969),  changing the TITLE of Phil Ochs’ song is just a strange insult…curious that nothing from HAIR made it, given that a song by Bertold Brecht (attributed to Judy Collins), did – but ok, they’re your viewers ;->Still, But, And:the absence of We Shall Overcome is beyond my comprehension.

  • Virginia Raymond

    Yo soy Chicano

  • Virginia Raymond

    Un niño en la calle
    Mercedes Sosa

  • Janet Alfieri

    “There are nicer ways to do it . . . but the nice ways always fail”

  • Virginia Raymond

    Holly Near

    It Could Have Been Me (But Instead It was You)

  • Virginia Raymond

    We are a gentle, angry people (and we are singing, singing for our lives)

    Holly Near

  • Virginia Raymond

    Let My People Go

    this time sung by Paul Robeson,

  • Virginia Raymond

    This Land is Your Land —   Woody Guthrie — FULL VERSION!!

  • Virginia Raymond

    People Get Ready
    Curtis Mayfield (but also performed by countless others!)

  • Virginia Raymond

    Todo Cambia

  • Virginia Raymond

    Nine to Five — Dolly Parton

  • Robyn Nicholson Hancock

    what about Leon Russell,marc Benno,Down on the base and Ballad for a soldier?

  • Srb199

    De La Soul, Stakes Is High

  • Virginia Raymond

    Get Up, Stand Up
    Bob Marley

  • Virginia Raymond

    Buffalo Soldier, Bob Marley,

    We Shall Not Be Moved,

    No Nos Moveran,

    Yo No Canta Por Cantar, Victor Jara,

    Lift Every Voice and Sing, by James Weldon Johnson, sung here by Aretha Franklin,
    and here by a choir made up of choirs, 

  • Christlovejoy

    How did CCR’s Fortunate Son not get on there?

    Some other personal favorites:
    The Pogues–Streets of Sorrow/Birmingham SixThe Minutemen–Workingmen Are Pissed, Price of Paradise, This Ain’t No PicnicPink Floyd–Not Now John (or the whole Final Cut album)Crass–Do They Owe Us a Living?Fugazi–The Argument

  • Rch12c

    Where is “Fortunate Son?”  And “Ohio?”

  • Virginia Raymond

    De Colores, traditional, not b/c of lyrics but b/c of its connection with the United Farm Workers, and importance in many marches and rallies

  • Virginia Raymond

    ! Que vivan las estudiantes!,
    Violeta Parra, here sung by Mercedes Sosa

    (also “Me gustan las estudiantes”)

  • Virginia Raymond

    Preguntitas sobre Dios, by Atahualpa Yupanqui,
    here sung by Victor Jara, 

  • Virginia Raymond

    Bella Ciao (Italian),

    Bella Ciao (Spanish), Manu Chao

    Bella Ciao, Yves Montand,

    Bella Ciao (Greek)

    Bella Ciao, klezmer,

    Bella Ciao (English)

    Bella Ciao (Russian, I think)

  • Virginia Raymond
  • Virginia Raymond

    “Hurricane”  — Rubin “Hurricane” Carter,  Bob Dylan, 

    Ani DiFranco version (sorry about the ad):

  • Virginia Raymond

    Give Peace a Chance, John Lennon,

    In the Ghetto, Elvis Presley,

    Little Boxes, Malvina Reynolds,

  • Virginia Raymond

    Malvina Reynolds’ “Little Boxes” as covered by the Decemberists :)

    & by 
    Regina Spektor,

  • Virginia Raymond

    El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez,

    El Corrido de Joquín Murrieta, as performed by Lydia Mendoza, 

    La Marcha de Campesino, Esteban Jordan,, 
    (for the Texas Farm Workers Union)

  • Virginia Raymond

    should have written La Marcha DEL Campesino (sorry)

  • Virginia Raymond

    Anita O.J. — Tom Paxton
    Cannot find a youtube recording of this, but Paxton was critiquing Anita Bryant’s gay-bashing (the 1978-ish episode).   All I remember is, “You squeeze mine, Anita, and I’ll squeeze yours, Anita).  Reminds me of the boycott of orange juice (that was sad) and the slogan “A Day without Human Rights is Like a Day without Sunshine” after Bryant’s & her bosses’ (citrus or orange juice industry in Florida) slogan “A Day without Orange Juice Is Like a Day without Sunshine”

  • Slojuliet

    There But for Fortune, Joan Baez

  • Virginia Raymond

    “El Corrido de José Campos Torres” (can’t find youtube)(beaten by Houston PD and left to drown in Houston’s Buffalo Bayou, with the comment “Let’s see if the [racial epithet] can swim” – 1977

    “El Corrido de Ezequiel Hernández,”
    Resplandor de Ojinaga
    (killed by Marines while watching his family’s goats near their home in Redford, Texas, in 1997)
    There are also other corridos about this young man, whose first name more often spelled “Esequiel,” that I can’t find on youtube

  • Virginia Raymond

    “I’m Going to Leave Ol’ Texas Now” protested the fencing of the formerly open range, Texas (The Cowman’s Lament)

    “I’m going to leave old Texas now
    They’ve got no use for the long-horn cow
    They’ve plowed and fenced my cattle range
    And the people there are all so strange”the cowboy turns to “Old Mexico,” most which had not yet been hit as hard by modernity in the form of barbed wire

  • Thisismyclone

    Sam Stone – John Prine on youtube. “with a Purple Heart and a  monkey on his back”

  • Nonnie

    This land is your land…  Pete Seeger with Will Geer and Odetta.

  • Virginia Raymond
  • Virginia Raymond

    Got My Mind Set on Freedom , SNCC Freedom Singers

  • Virginia Raymond

    If You Miss Me from the Back of the Bus (I don’t know who is singing here, but it’s beautiful!) (SNCC Freedom Singers)

  • Virginia Raymond

    this is also a pretty version of “No, no, no nos moveran”: 

  • Virginia Raymond

    Anthem, by Leonard Cohen

  • Virginia Raymond

    Paul Robeson singing “Zog Nit Keynmol” (Song of the Warsaw Uprising)

  • Virginia Raymond


    Randy Newman, “Short People”

  • Virginia Raymond

    Skip to Yahoo! WebPlayerSkip to Yahoo! WebPlayerI am a farmer, I been one all my life

Call me a farmer,
    and not a farmer’s wife 

    The plough and hoe
    left their patterns on my hand 

    And now they tell
    me this is not my land 


    We raised two
    children, they are farmers too

A crop and garden
    every year we grew 

    Two hundred acres
    ain’t no easy haul 

    But it’s a good
    life, no regrets at all 


    When Joe turned 50,
    his back was actin up

We three took
    over, so’s he could rest up 

    My Joe was buried
    where his daddy lies 

    And soon some men came,
    askin for my price


    I said, “I
    live here, and here I’m gonna stay 

    What makes you
    think I wanna move away?” 

    They smiled real
    sly, said, “Now your farmer’s dead.

This farm ain’t
    yours till you pay the overhead.”


    I know we women, we
    ain’t been in the know 

    But we’re no fools
    as far as farmin goes

The crop don’t
    know no woman’s work or man’s

There ain’t no law
    can take me from my land 


    Cause I’m a farmer,
    I been one all my life

Call me a farmer,
    and not a farmer’s wife 

    The plough and hoe
    left their patterns on my hand 

    No one can tell me
    this is not my land,

This is my land


    Kristin Lems, 1983

    First heard it sung
    by Marce Lacoutre


  • Virginia Raymond

    Paul Kelly, “Special Treatment”

  • Virginia Raymond

    Let me try that again, the song by Resplandor de Ojinaga is here:

    A different corrido for Ezequiel Hernandez, this one by Los Innocentes:
    (very pretty)

    and another “El Corrido de Esquiel Hernandez,” por Santiago Jimenez, Jr., y su conjunto,

  • Virginia Raymond

    “El Corrido de Felix Longoria,” 
    can download from the website for “Justice for My People,” here:

  • Virginia Raymond

    this link should work:

  • Virginia Raymond

    Bird on the Wire, Leonard Cohen

  • Virginia Raymond

    You’ve got to be taught to hate

    You’ve got to be taught 
    To hate and fear, 
    You’ve got to be taught 
    From year to year, 
    It’s got to be drummed 
    In your dear little ear 
    You’ve got to be carefully taught. 

    You’ve got to be taught to be afraid 
    Of people whose eyes are oddly made, 
    And people whose skin is a diff’rent shade, 
    You’ve got to be carefully taught. 
    You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late, 
    Before you are six or seven or eight, 
    To hate all the people your relatives hate, 
    You’ve got to be carefully taught!

    Yes, from Rodgers & Hammerstein’s _South Pacific_

  • Virginia Raymond

    Joan Baez’s version is beautiful.  Here’s Phil Ochs:

  • Virginia Raymond

    Somewhere over the rainbow….  – West Michigan Gay Men’s Chorus – Denver Gay Men’s Chorus – Boston Gay Men’s Chorus – Israeli Gay Choir – Norah Jones

  • Bobmunch64

    Carry it on by Joan Baez

  • Anonymous

    Conquistador by Procol Harum

  • Sarah

    Luang PrabangDave Van Ronk 

  • Seorges

    Here’s two Celtic favorites:
    When the People Speak by Dougie MacLeanAgainst the Wind by Moya Brennan

  • Until That Day!
  • Teresa-nc

    Two submissions from Occupy Portland by members of our movement we consider uber talented:  “Liberate Yourself” by Miriams Well (who also takes on the personna of Miss Fukushima NW Nuclear Death Dancer at protests against Hanford Nuclear Waste Dump Site, which has been leaking into our Columbia River despite citizen protest since 1970)  “Boys in Blue” by Justin Bridges and the Patchwork Family — Justin Bridges was burtalized by police while signing for the deaf at camp eviction and has spent the past 6 months in a wheelchair with no relief in sight. He has to be carried up stairs, helped with self-care, and has been taken into th…e home of fellow members of the band that has formed around him. These are people I love. Saw him at an Occupy party last night and he has gained (thru much pain and patience) more range of movement in his strumming hand. He is such a dear soul and we are all so excited at this progress. Despite being permanently disabled in course of capture and guarded on a cold sidewalk against medic attention over pleas of bystanders, no charges were ever filed against Justin. Shame on the Portland Police Department.

  • Virginia Raymond

  • Virginia Raymond

    Bread and Roses,

  • judith angelo

    your question kind of answers itself. 
    getting wimmin recognized as & treated like human beings has and does involve protest at a number of levels – none more critical than the propers due us one on one from whomever we choose to love.

  • Virginia Raymond

    Woody Guthrie’s “Pretty Boy Floyd”

    Pretty Boy FloydWords and Music by Woody Guthrie
    If you’ll gather ’round me, children,A story I will tell’Bout Pretty Boy Floyd, an outlaw,Oklahoma knew him well.It was in the town of Shawnee,A Saturday afternoon,His wife beside him in his wagonAs into town they rode.

    There a deputy sheriff approached himIn a manner rather rude,Vulgar words of anger,An’ his wife she overheard.

    Pretty Boy grabbed a log chain,And the deputy grabbed his gun;In the fight that followedHe laid that deputy down.

    Then he took to the trees and timberTo live a life of shame;Every crime in OklahomaWas added to his name.

    But a many a starving farmerThe same old story toldHow the outlaw paid their mortgageAnd saved their little homes.

    Others tell you ’bout a strangerThat come to beg a meal,Underneath his napkinLeft a thousand dollar bill.

    It was in Oklahoma City,It was on a Christmas Day,There was a whole car load of groceriesCome with a note to say:

    Well, you say that I’m an outlaw,You say that I’m a thief.Here’s a Christmas dinnerFor the families on relief.

    Yes, as through this world I’ve wanderedI’ve seen lots of funny men;Some will rob you with a six-gun,And some with a fountain pen.

    And as through your life you travel,Yes, as through your life you roam,You won’t never see an outlawDrive a family from their home.

    © Copyright 1958 (renewed) by Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc.

  • judith angelo

  • Virginia Raymond

    La Juala de Oro, Los Tigres del Norte

  • Virginia Raymond

    One Heart, One Beat

    by Taboo (with many friends!)

  • Virginia Raymond

    “Claro que se puede”
    Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana, Los Lonely Boys, Del Castillo

  • Virginia Raymond

    “A Change Is Gonna Come”
    Sam Cooke

    Otis Redding’s version

    Lauryn Hill

    Aretha Hill

    Luther Vandross

    R. Kelly

    Al Green


  • Virginia Raymond


    “My hometown”

  • Virginia Raymond


    Jimmie Dale Gilmore
    (here with Butch Hancock and Joe Ely)

  • Virginia Raymond

    “You Gotta Go Down”

    “Solidarity Forever”
    this version by Leonard Cohen

  • Virginia Raymond

    Sinead O’Connor, “This is a Rebel Song,”

    Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye,”

  • Virginia Raymond

    “Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier,” this version by James Taylor, 

  • Virginia Raymond

    Dixie Chicks, “Travelin’ Soldier,”

    Dixie Chicks, “Not Ready to Make Nice,”
    Kenny Rogers & The First Edition, “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town,”

    Tom Paxton, “Born on the Fourth of the July,”

    Pete Seeger and Tom Paxton, 
    “What Did You Learn in School Today?,” 

    Tom Paxton, “Buy a Gun for your Son,”

    Phil Ochs, “What Are You Fighting For?.”

  • Virginia Raymond

    Dion, “Abraham, Martin, and John (and Bobby)” (1968, for the young ‘uns…)

  • Virginia Raymond

    “Fast Car,” 
    Tracy Chapman

  • Virginia Raymond

    Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel, “Sounds of Silence,” 

  • Virginia Raymond

    John Brown’s Body,

  • Virginia Raymond

    Dump the Bosses off Your Back

    Utah Phillips,

    Anne Feeney,

    Clan Dyken,

  • Virginia Raymond

    Nkosi Sikeleli Africa

  • Virginia Raymond
  • Virginia Raymond

    Que bonita bandera,

  • Virginia Raymond

    Big Boned Gal, 
    k.d. lang,

  • Marian Hennings

    Guns in the Sky by INXS was another good one.

  • Marian Hennings

    Imagine is on the list.  So is Working Class Hero.  Not sure about Give Peace a Chance, but I think the other two were better songs.

  • R-Oc

    Rise Against- Hero of War.

    Profound, definitely worth a listen

  • Revron52

    dress blues,by jason isbell.

  • Revron52

    time to go home,by micheal fronte &spearhead.yell fire.
    the revolution will not be televised,gil scott heron
    friendly facism,consolidated
    the revolution starts,now,steve earle
    life in mean season,rench
    KMAG-YO-YO,hayes carll
    war is over,john lennon
    masters of war,bob dylan
    this endless war,son volt
    nicuagua,bruce cockburn
    in the grip of official treason;spoken word#8.jello biafra
    roland the headless thompson gunner.warren zevon
    day is done.ryan bingham&the dead horses
    orange crush.R.E.M.
    war.edwin starr
    what’s goin’ on.marvin gaye
    fixin’ to die joe mc donald
    the star spangled banner.jimi hendrix
    wooden ships.csny
    nitetime for the generals.csny
    volunteers.jefferson airplane
    21 day
    neighborhood bully.bob dylan
    i and i.bob dylan
    give peace a chance.john lennon
    readjustment blues.john denver
    civil war.guns n roses
    let them eat flag
    one man revolution.the nightwatchman
    jungle work.warren zevon
    big muddy.pete seeger

    apologies for repeated songs.i was a viet nam war kid,draft age,and not a fan of nixxxon.
    have also listed some from the contra war,gulf wars I & II,afghanistan,and the ones we say we are’nt fighting,palestine,yemen,pakistan,ad nauseum.there is no ‘good war’.
    we now have more troops who have committed suicide than have died in actual combat.
    this whole country has PTSD.
    and collective amnesia.

  • Travers Huff

    Working Class Hero by John Lennon

  • Zane

     From the across the pond in the UK. I’ve recently fallen in love with them.
    Unsigned, unreleased, largely unknown, with a gut-wrenching live show.
    Have a listen and try to disagree that this is already one of the great musical, emotional protests out there:

  • Zane

    The band: The Murder Barn
    The song: America

  • 19obert63

    Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring
    Give peace a chance-Lennon
    Tweeter and the Monkey Man-Willburys
    What’s going on?-Marvin Gaye