Sherman Alexie Reads ‘Ode to Gray’

April 11, 2013

Writer Sherman Alexie reads his poem “Ode to Gray” to Bill Moyers, and describes how it was first conceived as a tribute to gray suits — inspired by GQ magazine — but later evolved into a reflection on the gray areas of life.

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  • Barbara Glenn

    I think I love him…

  • Ano Dyne

    Thank you, Sherman. You are inspiring:

    We live in the bell curve of gray, not in the cold and vacant black, nor the molten, blinding white, but in the slippery slope, the wordless hope, the widest scope.

  • Marilyn

    And let us not forget gray hair . . .

  • Greyoma

    I am just watching the Mr. Moyers interview with Mr. Alexie , thank you for this piece of great program. Mr Alexie thank you for your work.