Sandra Steingraber: “Sometimes you need to feel unsafe”

April 17, 2013

In this conversation with Bill, biologist, mother and activist Sandra Steingraber explains her role in inspiring others to protect children from environmental toxins.

“I see my job as not helping people to feel they can be safe,” she says, “but rather showing and illuminating where the paths to activism lie.”

Watch the full conversation between Bill Moyers and Steingraber this weekend on Moyers & Company.

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  • Amy Kim

    Thank you for such illuminating words. I often feel that the issues you speak of are so above and beyond what I could impact. this reminds me that they are indeed not. it makes me more responsible and feel some ownership and duty to my children to save the world in which they will ultimately grow up in.

  • Simply

    We cannot sit comfortably nor can we compromise during this most urgent time. Thank you for raising the volume on this 9-11 call for the survival of humanity. I stand in response to the urgency of this environmental crisis. I am committed to take the necessary steps to aid in awareness. With deep gratitude…thank you!

  • GrandmasThinking

    Having followed Sandra throughout the grassroots movement in NY to ban fracking, hearing her speak at rallies, following her guidance of writing/education through Next 30 Days of Fracking, I can honestly say I am so deeply touched by her knowledge, commitment and professionalism.

    Thank you Bill Moyers for following her recent story. I hope you will continue to investigate the quagmire of what HVHF gas drilling and the continued use of fossil fuels are doing to our county. It is a much larger story than the well in the ground or the pipeline across the state.

    Thank you Sandra. You are a very bright star in this Universe!

  • Martin Sansone

    Thank you Bill Moyers for following Sandra’s story. The ‘Next 30 Days’ movement is very professional in its approach and understanding of the issues. Issues which regular press and the beltway don’t spend the time to understand, let alone accurately report on. I too hope you will continue to follow developments.

  • David Sheffield