Preview: Bernie Sanders on Why Big Media Shouldn’t Get Bigger

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In 1983, 50 corporations controlled a majority of American media. Now that number is six. And Big Media may get even bigger, thanks to the FCC’s consideration of ending a rule preventing companies from owning a newspaper and radio and TV stations in the same city. On this week’s Moyers & Company, Senator Bernie Sanders, one of several Senators who have written FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski asking him to suspend the plan, joins Bill to discuss why Big Media is a threat to democracy and what citizens can do to fight back. Watch and share two preview clips below.

In the first clip, Sanders explains how letting Big Media have its way would limit discussion of “the real issues that impact ordinary people.” Sanders also expresses his dismay that such a move would come from an Obama appointee. “Why the Obama Administration is doing something that the Bush Administration failed to do is beyond my understanding,” Sanders tells Bill. “And we’re gonna do everything we can to prevent it from happening.”

In this second clip, Senator Sanders shares his belief that, unlike previous attempts, the FCC is trying to suspend the rule more secretly and without much public input. Sanders also talks about the effect of this action on minority- and women-owned media in particular.

Watch the full interview this weekend on Moyers & Company. Click here to find show times and channels in your area.

Check out our “Fight Media Monopoly” spotlight page for the latest interviews, insight, and information on Big Media’s power play.

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  • Strawman411

    I like to imagine that we were a country in which a Bernie Sanders might actually influence mainstream discourse. Or a Bill Moyers, for that matter.

    What a pity that it’s only a laughably far-fetched daydream.

  • Patricia Randolph

    Bernie Sanders for president with running mate, Dennis Kucinich – or vice versa.

  • Fred

    Bernie’s running mate should be Elizabeth Warren. Now that would be a kickass ticket.

  • stan chaz


    It has just been announced:


    *****THE SUPER-RICH******

    -in their infinite wisdom-

    have decided to SECEDE

    from the Union.

    Not ONLY to secede.

    but to create a NEW nation,

    a new nation (under God, of course),

    where they can,

    ….where they will..

    ………where they deserve

    to control EVERYTHING!


    screw the rest of us.


    We have just received word

    that this wonderful feat

    of nation-building…

    has ALREADY been done!

    Done…in fact, …a long. long. time ago.

    And the sparkling Capital

    of this bold new nation is

    none other than….

    ….Washington D.C.

    That is all.

    Perhaps …,just perhaps,

    a bit too much.

  • Helene Maurer

    thank you Senator Sanders for keeping us informed!!!!!!!!

  • Dan Hunt

    I say…. LET THEM! Then we can stop letting “the tail wag the dog” and wouldn’t have to worry about them financially ruining our country anymore and then having to financially “bail them out” . It would likely be the best thing that has ever happened to our Country… They can have Texas (except for Austin) and South Carolina and all the guns they want to shoot each other. For dinner, they can have Cattle and “Texas Tea”.

  • Dan Hunt

    Yes…. Then win a House Majority and elect Alan Grayson as Speaker of The House!

  • ron

    Lesson learned,if you want to take media liberties away do it when the progressives have their guy in office and when you want to take their guns do it when the conservatives have their guy in office. The pseudo-democratic process/ play continues.

  • arnee

    This is a democracy? As long as corporate power and wealth control the political process, the people are poorly informed and unrepresented. What a ghastly shame that the nation has been hijacked by big corporations and conglomerates who have turned media news and journalism into a propaganda machine that would have been the envy of Nazi Germany. TV programming and “news” has become a farce. Its best described as infotrainment, chiefly characterized by the most hideously-conceived, annoying and obnoxious commercial advertisements briefly interrupted by snippets of ostensibly scheduled programming (which is itself all too often trash prepared for bait). Oh, its “programming” alright. Where is the right of the people to vote their preference of those who sit on corporate boards to represent THE PEOPLES interests? The founders of this country understood the critical necessity of a well-informed citizenry, even dubbing the community of journalists unofficially as a 4th branch of good government. The distribution of news and information is far too important to be left to the whims of conglomerate commercial interests. The economic welfare of the public and THEIR government crucially depends on free and unencumbered access to accurate and substantive information upon which THE PEOPLE may exercise their judgement. Senators Sanders, Leahy, Harkin, Boxer, Murray, Wyden, Tester and Franken are to be commended for bringing this to our attention and working hard to stem the tide of corporate influence upon the right of the people to know. It is especially outrageous that this has even become necessary after a national election: President Obama, why is the Chairman of the FCC even contemplating such a contemptible course now?

  • Mbrecker

    Several things for everyone who wants Sanders to run in 2016, and why he won’t. He doesn’t want to be labeled as “another Ralph Nader” who spoiled the Democrats chances. Now we’re stuck with _____? Gee thanks, Bernie. He also knows that not all but many people can’t deal with an openly Socialist politician. How can you run if you can’t openly express your views? The other problem is the endless semantics battle that would start. Is he a real Socialist? Is he traditional, neo-classical or some other type? Can you seriously picture “Meet the Press” openly discussing a Socialist candidate in 2016? Get real.