Activists to Watch: Jenn Brown

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Jenn Brown discusses Battleground Texas plans with supporters in Fort Worth, Texas.

Jenn Brown, 32, is the executive director of Battleground Texas, a grass-roots organization working to make Texas politics competitive again after more than 20 years of Republican rule. Its goal is to turn Texas from a red state into a battleground state. To achieve it, Brown and her team register new voters and engage Texans to make sure they not only turn out on Election Day but also become more involved in the political process to ensure that their voices and the voices of their communities are heard.

Recognizing that one of the keys to creating a more competitive political climate is increasing the number of Texans who turn out to vote, in just seven months, Battleground Texas has helped over 3,500 Texans become volunteer deputy registrars under the most restrictive voter registration laws in the country so that they can help engage potential voters in their communities. Brown and Battleground Texas are now working to build the infrastructure necessary for strong candidates such as state Senator Wendy Davis to run and win in the Lone Star State.

Brown is a northern California native and a 2003 graduate of the University of California, San Diego, where she served as student government president. She attended a training program for budding community organizers at the Midwest Academy and honed those skills working with the United States Student Association. In 2008, she was Minnesota state director for the Obama campaign, then managed nine states during the 2010 midterm election cycle as an organizer with Organizing for America. Last year, she served as field director for Obama for America in the crucial state of Ohio, where she oversaw a team of over 600 field staff and 130 offices.

“People can change the world for the better,” Brown observes. “All we have to do is help them understand the power they have and the tools they need to do it.”

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  • Becca

    Hopefully, the success realized here will catch fire and flow across the nation. If anyone needs to take our country back, it’s to take it back from the Tea Party, whose entire goal appears to be nothing but scorched earth.

  • Michelle Murrain

    Please educate yourself from places other than the right wing mediasphere before you post. This statement is simply not true, and no matter how many times people repeat it, it doesn’t make it any more true.

  • TheGudman

    I think you will get your education when the bill comes to you for your own health insurance.

  • xj0hnx

    America doesn’t belong to Democrats, so no, you won’t be getting “our” country back. Living in a country that is divided roughly in half along political lines means that everyone has to learn to share, it isn’t all your way, and isn’t all their way.

  • Michelle Murrain

    Actually, it already has,and I’m all the happier for it, because now I *have* health insurance. I didn’t before because of pre-existing conditions. So there.

  • xj0hnx

    Maybe you should learn how to read before responding, it doesn’t matter if it’s getting “our country back” or “our country back on track”, my response is just as well suited for either. “Back on track” is a matter of perspective, some would say it is, and some would say it isn’t.