Why Age and Race Matter in Activism

March 30, 2012

After Bill’s conversation with community organizer George Goehl, Goehl mentioned he had five things he wished he’d had a chance to say in the interview, including points about overcoming low economic expectations, the value of younger activist leaders, and the perils of not addressing race. So — because there’s no bad time for a good idea — we turned the cameras back on and recorded this video.

Watch the full conversation between Bill Moyers and George Goehl.

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  • joe siegel

    “Make the banks pay their fair share in taxes”? Who does he think he’s kidding? These are the bankers that bought themselves a $700 billion bribe for crashing the economy, paid for by the suckers they stole houses from. “Make them”? When Congress is owned by lobbyists? What are you smoking, buster?

  • donnie

    Yes, he does sound idealistic, but we need ideals, goals and a plan. If we think that the job is impossible… it will be.

  • Anonymous

    I really loved this show. George Goehl and the two lovely ladies were so eloquent and full of love.

    We are the 99%. That means we are the 99 trillion people all over the world who oppose this dark plan of the greedy part of the 1% – austerity, privatization, corporations not paying their fair share, and their dehumanization projects for busting unions, getting rid of teachers, privatiing the post office, and disenfranching people of their voting and human rights.

    We are the 99 trillion, and we will all have a part to play in telling the corporations that if they want to be considered people, they have got to start acting like “humans’, and treat their fellow humans with dignity and respect. They need to show that they will pay their fair share like the rest of us, help create new communities that are healthy and productive places to live in, and stop treating the rest of us as their slaves. They need to stop hoarding taxpayer money, and start helping the rest of us build back our communities.

    Each of us 99 trillion has an individual part to play, and all of us can help in our own way. We can and we will. We want a much more humane world to live in, and we want to take care of our hurting planet.

  • Goetschel A

    Thank you George Goehl, for finally saying what we really need to understand in this mess.  I agree with you and I will look up the dates and organizations in my area.  Count me it, I’m in…