Extended Preview: Ralph Reed’s Trip From Purgatory to Power

August 30, 2012

An extended preview clip of this week’s show tracks Ralph Reed’s rise, fall, and return to political power in the Republican Party, including how he was inspired by Sean Hannity’s “heavenly” encouragement, and floored by Barack Obama’s 2008 victory.

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  • Tired of Lies

    I think Sean Hannity is one of the lowlifes of the planet, like Rush Limbaugh! Someone should put a wad in their mouths or really strong duct tape!!!

  • WCBubbe

    The Republcan party will not be distracted by fact checkers.! nor the truth! No wonder the GOP doesn’t support educational programs!! Keep everyone in the dark and they will believe anyone and everything they are told


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542889795 Carol Burke

    Manna from heaven? Money from Rove, the brothers,
    et al. What would Jesus do? Take out the “Money changers” ? You bet. Go Jesus!

  • S. Read

    Ralph Reed, with the boyish face and evangelical Christian demeanor, is dangerous. Jesus Christ was not about the money. Ralph Reed is ALL about it. As seen in the full video of Bill Moyers & Company that aired this morning in our area, the e-mails are pure examples of how he was bilking Abramoff while Abramoff was bilking the Indian tribes…these are not the good works of a Christian servant. Far from it. It is a den of thieves.

    How can any Christian truly believe this man? For him to be back in power with the Republican Party is an abomination. And for him to be mapping out political strategy to gain votes from Christian evangelical voters for the Republican Party ~ while running a nonprofit being funded by unknown donors…this is despicable and should be illegal.