Carne Ross: Watch & Listen

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Want to learn more about Carne Ross’s work? These three multimedia pieces offer a deeper look at Ross’s life as British diplomat and Occupy activist.

TED Talk | Al Jazeera | NPR

TED Talk

Carne Ross delivered this TED talk at the Business Innovation Factory’s annual summit in 2009.

Al Jazeera

This profile focuses on Ross’ resignation from foreign service after the Iraq war, his views on the UN Security Council and his new job as an independent diplomat.


Carne Ross was interviewed in this Morning Edition segment about Occupy Wall Street’s alternative banking group on March 27, 2012. (4:29 minutes)


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  • Kingofallclergy

    Mr. Ross please go away. We the people of the United States of America do not need you. The United Kingdom needs you more. Don’t try to convince us that our form of government is broken. Go back to your country and work to fix those problems. I will not enlighten you as to what differences there are and why. You’ve made some serious blunders of which you have admitted. Please don’t come here hi-jack the OCCUPY bunch with these marginal half truths and seek to subvert our process.  We will be fine without you. You shall not pass! The Pious Empire shall not prevail. Please fix some other state. perhaps your own. With respect as long as you are on our soil I will expose your seditious intent at every step. Please leave! kingofallclergy