Clip: What Should We Do About Iraq?

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President Obama said on Thursday that the US is “prepared to take targeted and precise military action” in Iraq if the situation on the ground requires it. In his comments from the White House he also reiterated that America will not send military troops to fight in Iraq.

Military historian Andrew Bacevich talks to Bill this week about what military role America should play in Iraq, as well as the entire region.

He says the question to ask is whether 30 years of America’s military intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Somalia has resulted in more stability, democracy and improved relations with the US. “If the answer is yes, then let’s keep trying. But if the answer to those questions is no, then maybe it’s time for us to recognize that this larger military project is failing and is not going to succeed simply by trying harder.”

This clip is taken from Bill’s interview with Andrew Bacevich: Chaos in Iraq. Watch the interview »

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  • Anonymous

    It is time to recognize that this larger military project is failing and will not succeed by trying harder.

  • NewPines

    Precisely. This is exactly what I have screamed hysterically about since 1980. Beautifully stated and so exact and concise anyone can understand it. But remember, this is all talkng about the hypothetical. It’s like magicians talking about the rubber sword. It’s off-putting. These occupations will continue as long as wars are profitable. Political, responsible or brilliant retoric aside, it’s ONLY about money! Ask a billionaire, any billionaire.

  • yourstruly

    We would be like that if it wasn’t for education and discipline.

  • Anonymous

    I am so curious who got the 12 Billion that Brenner left behind in Iraq that know one can account for.

  • Anonymous

    Wind and Sun power. That’s the only way we can answer this effectively. Help China do the same and make ISIS oil wells worthless. No other embargo could bring them to their senses. Stop empowering their Psychopaths with oil wealth.

  • Skeletonman

    It’s not their psychopaths with oil wealth that worry me. It’s our psychopaths with oil wealth who worry me.

  • Skeletonman

    This situation was predicted at the time Shrub launched his war of aggression.

  • Fred Boenig

    Don’t worry the new owners of all that equipment didn’t have any training but Boy they figured it out quick.

  • scarecrow

    I agree with the answer that Bacevich provided to his question. Our foreign policy has failed in many ways over the past thirty years.
    But the situation in Iraq will not be improved with hindsight or isolationism, and there is no sure path to success anywhere, especially not the Middle East.
    It is obvious that the invasion of Iraq was a huge mistake, and although the Iraqis asked us to leave that doesn’t mean that we should allow things to further deteriorate, so I think that President Obama is taking the only course available at this time.
    For future reference, I think that the statesmanlike approach of G.H.W. Bush was the best way to deal with these matters: Form an international coalition, complete the stated objective, and then waste no time getting out.

  • SFRaw

    Stay out of other countries business because we have our own problem and not every body is hot to be an American. Why not try to respect people rather than tell him how to live. The USA & UK have made a mess in the world for far to many years and yet they still don’t get it.

  • Jack Shultz

    There is the capacity to sell surplus energy generated by homes with solar panels in places with lots of sunshine. The utilities have no financial interest in making this happen.

  • ZenderTranscender

    Bacevich is credible because he didn’t lean politically. His remarks about the Republicans, as well as Obama, were all reality-based and are true, as far as I can judge.

  • ZenderTranscender

    That sounds good, but times have changed dramatically since the times of Bush the First. We’ve had two reckless administrations – well, two presidents, four administrations – that appear to have operated from a self-serving stance and not in the interest of the country. Clinton’s personal troubles rendered him incapable for a year or so. Bush and Cheney were a train wreck.Obama’s a decent enough man, but he and his advisors not have a clue about much. We have no statesmen or women in Congress who come to mind. I fear we would try to help Iraq and, in doing do, get pulled into a mire for political reasons. Another lost decade for us.

  • Ric Moore

    And, on leaving office, President Eisenhower WARNED us about the “military complex” that was emerging.

  • ZenderTranscender

    It has become its own universe. Money that should be funneled into education and infrastructure are going to The Complex.
    Ike was a military insider and a politician who knew exactly what he was talking about.