Toxins in Our Blood

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In this 2001 Moyers Moment from Bill’s documentary Trade Secrets, Bill examines the many chemicals that have been introduced into our environment over the last few decades. To find out just how pervasive these chemicals were, Bill volunteered to get his blood tested.

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  • Colin

    Given a choice, would you prefer to be the only (or 1 of a “small” group of) sane person(s) on a planet where most everyone else was insane OR the only (small group) insane person on a planet where everyone else was sane? How could you determine, unequivocally, which was the case?

  • Julie

    Still remember watching “Trade Secrets” on KPBS in 2001. Powerful documentary.

    I am now 73 years old. Thank you for a continuing education on the most important topic in my life–my grandchildren.

  • Janice Noël

    And we wonder why there is so much disease (i.e. cancer) occuring in our population. As a child I remember my mother using numerous chemicals in our large vegetable gardens to control pests. Later in her life she developed not one but five different types of cancer, the later of which took her life. Who is willing to shoulder the blame for so much human suffering?

  • janie

    Monsanto should but won’t. Letting everyone believe the chemicals were safe and needed to feed the world which has turned out to be all lies…

  • Margaret Ansberry

    I think sanity loosely means using reason and love to live, learn, grow and treat others well. People that harm others or themselves in any way, even if by neglect or having no empathy, need to be helped with their mental health. We focus on mental illness, but what we all really need is to learn how to be healthy, and help others with the same.

  • Jantana

    Hey, most people will choose the shiny waxed apple. There haven’t been too many innocents in this game.

  • Karen

    As a teacher for 33 years, I have, over time, begun to wonder at the changes in the student population. I tried to mentally take into my consideration that many of my students came from families ravaged by the 60’s and 70’s drug crazes, but even that didn’t seem to agree with what I was seeing in schools. I have long wondered if perhaps our very environment wasn’t changing children. I have seen huge increases over the years in students we now diagnose as ADD or ADHD. I have also seen the growth of autism, and its related disorders. This is not scientific, but observational. I would swear that something has changed. The students i taught 30 years ago were not autistic , and showed none of the symptoms my students seem to have now. Something has changed and our children are the canaries in the coal mine.

  • Beth Schindler

    Michigan is ground-zero for an unimaginable PBB disaster where it got into feed by mistake which was fed to cows who were milked and we drank the milk. Infected cow remains were turned into feed which was eaten by other animals. Thousands of cows were killed and placed into pits along with million of chickens and thousands of pigs and sheep. Also into the pits: tons of cheese, butter, eggs and dried milk products. The pits will always have to be monitored, but the schedule for inspections has been reduced. What is PBB? “PBB is part of a class of chemicals known as “endocrine disruptors” because of their ability to wreak havoc on the system responsible for
    sending hormones that regulate everything from growth and development to
    tissue function and metabolism. Hormones also are crucial in sexual
    function and reproductive processes.” from:

  • Michelle

    Michigan is also home to extensive dioxin contamination in 52 miles of river, thousands of acres of residential, park and farm land. Dow Chemica’s dioxin flows along through the rivers into the Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron. The nation’s highest levels of dioxin ever found in water was found in the Saginaw River. Fish and game advisory abound and a cheap food source for the poor is horribly comprimised. Dow the maker of Agent Orange still denies the toxicity of dioxin. Several studies have shown their dioxin being taken up by every living thing in the watershed.

    Michelle Hurd Riddick

    Lone Tree Council

  • Melody

    I agree Karen. I’ve been teaching 20 years and see not only more Autism but also an increase in mood disorders like anxiety and depression. I also see more of my students’ parents dying at a younger age with cancer.

  • Anonymous

    “Less government more toxins,”said the teaparty member!
    Roll back the EPA, lobbies the Koch brothers and their ilk!
    Job killers, say the right wing pundits!
    And we live with it, die with it, embrace it!

    This country needs to grow up and get serious about earth stewardship!

  • Commie Dearest

    I’m not saying that there haven’t been changes, but I want to note that 30 years ago autistic children were warehoused because no one believed they could be educated. Now, most of them are mainstreamed, so you see more of them in regular public schools.

  • tlcchard

    karen here is a website where you can see some of the information on what is causing these changes! one of the numbers that grabed me was that in the 20 years scince GMO foods were introduced autisum has gone up 6,000.%!!!!!! that is a HUGE number!

  • Arie Love Hinnant

    Liberalinlove… why don’t you do something about the issue? I started the Free Organic Food Movement on Facebook… we have all the power so, Plant it! Grow It! Share it! for free.. we don’t need big box food markets, walmart and the like… If everyone planted one veggie or fruit… we could eat for free!

  • Arie Love Hinnant

    Everyone I highly recommend this short movie on how chemicals are killing our kids and us: (This movie will blow your mind!)

  • Arie Love Hinnant

    Karen, watch this short movie and it will give you all the answers to your questions:

  • Arie Love Hinnant

    I find it so so odd that we actually employ politician to destroy our us and our planet with their insane policies? There are only a hand full of politicians and 300 million of us? What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Warwick Leopold

    We need more public education on this .It should not be legal for lawyers to profit from these law suits that manipulate the legal structure that put commercial interest before life. There is enough scientific knowhow to replace these harmful chemicals with alternatives .I am still mystified how corporate executives can publicly announce that a product is harmless yet kills people and all they get is a severe telling off . Yet a homeless person taking a loaf of bread will go to jail !!
    Cant these corporate fools see that there is more money in selling safe products than ones that endanger life

  • Tiffany Furr Grantham

    This is an old video . . . have we improved . . . or just ignored this data?
    Bill, have you heard of Michael Diamond and the “Domestic Violence” clause of the U.S. Constitution. We are protected from this kind of “violence from within our country” by this clause . . . would love to see him on your show and would also love to have us use this clause to help clean our world!

  • Anonymous

    I am all for it! But I spend a great deal of my time discussing these issues with the right-wing elements of my family/friends who are so anti-government, anti-EPA.

    Information is essential as is sounding the alarm. Planting gardens are great and going organic perfect, except for well- water/ground water that has already absorbed those toxins and is used to water our gardens.

    Education, education, education. I have been a rabid anti-Walmart, big box food store for over a year now for a number of reasons.

    Also have re-posted links where communities, including the one in Germany have determined to unchain themselves from outside food sources.

    Sometimes changes have to be abrupt. So sounding the alarm as often as I can. And I know I’m preaching to the choir here.

  • renee p

    It would be neat to redo Mr. Moyers tests exactly like before now in 2013 and see if anything changed and what.

  • redrocklass

    No greater favor to the human species could be given that if Mr. Moyers would reveal the facts about electromagnetic radiation frequency, as used in all wireless devices. Autism is no 1 in 50 children while it was 1 in 10,0000 in 1984 and Dementia is being diagnosed at younger ages than previously. There is a history of the science of frequencies beginning with Hertz in 1885. The military service (“Tri-Service” Project) performed 20 years of research and once radar was discovered studies revealed that low levels of radiation was/is harmful. I think there may be close to 3,000 studies that have also been conducted in the past 12-13 years or so.

    There are lab tests that can be performed on people who have been exposed to EMF. Before/after lab tests are showing a dramatic rise in inflammatory markers, following installation of a “smart” meter: TGF-Beta 1, MMP-9 & copper levels in serum all increase. Post-install lab work also shows abnormalization of hormones and neurotransmitters. Key Point: it appears this occurs across the board, not just in those individuals who exhibit symptoms. All biological life is affected by pulsed microwave radiation, and magnetic fields from the switching mode power supply (SMPS). See Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=b_wxM61AF11.