Anti-Fracking Activist Sandra Steingraber Released From Jail

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After serving 10 days of her 15-day sentence for trespassing during a protest against fracking, activist Sandra Steingraber was released from the Schuyler County jail last week in Watkins Glen, N.Y. The day before she was imprisoned, she talked with Bill about her fight to stop fracking and the release of toxins contaminating our air, water and food.

Steingraber had been arrested along with nine other protesters on March 18 for blocking the entrance to the Inergy natural gas facility to protest “the industrialization of the Finger Lakes.” After refusing to pay a fine, Steingraber and two other members of the “Seneca Lake 12″ received 15-day sentences.

In this exclusive video, watch Steingraber’s supporters greet her with flowers, cheers and song as she is released from jail. An emotional Steingraber tells the crowd: “I would do it again in a minute. …Being new to civil disobedience, I’m still learning about its power and its limitations… But I know this: all I had to do is sit in a six-by-seven-foot steel box in an orange jumpsuit and be mildly miserable, but the real power of it is to be able to shine a spotlight on the problem.”

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Camera: Cris McConkey and Bill Huston,
David Walczak, Groundswell Rising/Resolution Pictures

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  • Dawn

    I was injured on the job; no work from e’er; no cable, no internet (except at the library) would you please send me the times when you are on the radio. Your show is my favorite, it has been trying to find you on the radio wave, succeeded twice and it was wonderful. I live in San Francisco and sometimes in LA. Please send the times and radio locations for these two cities. Thank you for being there and here for me and the rest of the country; we all need you. God Bless You and Your Company. Many thanks, Dawn

  • Loretta Brockmeier

    Thank you, Bill Moyers for supporting the good and exposing the evil (note that the evil is mostly about greed). God bless you and Sandra Steingraber and all of the good and strong Americans who are the ones really protecting her. The true patriots.

  • Anne Bradley

    Don’t give up, Dawn. You can watch Bill Moyers on Public Broacasting Station – on TV. Call your local station to find out when it is on, yet you had to have used a computer to post this. Go to the library. Get earphones. I expect not only the public library, but university or college library, too. If you are home-bound – there has to be another solution for you, even besides radio. You need a laptop, girl. I don’t know how long you will be recovering, but when you are online (like when you posted this), find out where you can get a reasonably priced one. Dell Computers is always offering great deals. Recent one online – $189 off. Best of luck.

  • Anne Bradley

    What concerns me is this artlicle is all about Dr. Steingraber going to jail – and getting out – not about issues – not about accomplishing anything regarding the toxic problem. Was it useful for her even to do this? I am just asking.

  • Anonymous

    Protest confined to objection is weakened by dereliction in efforts to resolve the
    cause of the conflict; ironically undermining the suffering invested in a way
    that strengthens the resolve and influence against ones’ protest. Rather than
    protesting oil extraction from shale, per se (and thereby abetting the argument
    supporting the “Drill Baby Drill [at any cost]” hysteria) it would be better to
    advocate more effective use of federal government oversight in regulating
    potential environmental hazards inherent to this and other energy extraction
    and transport technologies.

    Energy conservation efforts need not be made a source of conflict; advocating
    against reckless government oversight by those who profit thru “Revolving Door”
    political practices can produce better and more comprehensive environmental
    gains and far greater public support for governmental accountability to human
    (rather than corporate) “persons’” concerns.

  • Hudson Valley Chronic

    What the U.S. environmental movement needs is a new, angrier soundtrack. Here’s a new American anthem guaranteed to stir the soul of any red-blooded environmentalist, as well as lure a few emotionally sensitive people over from the dark side. Feel free to use it.

  • Dr Blues

    2 words: Green Energy