Richard Dawkins on the Truth of Evolution

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In this 2004 Moyers Moment from NOW with Bill Moyers, author Richard Dawkins makes the case for evolution’s truth, and assesses the argument of “intelligent design.”

“All material should be studied with an open mind and studied critically. What’s wrong is to single out evolution as any more open to doubt as anything else,” Dawkins tells Bill. “Evolution is about as certain as anything we know.”

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  • mel sant

    great interview.

  • nelson.james

    Of course Dawkins also stated emphatically that 98% of our DNA is junk, thus proving that evolution was true. Now we know (thanks to the ENCODE Project) that at least 80% of our DNA is biochemically active. Dawkins couldn’t have been more wrong on this. I wonder how many other things he is wrong about.

  • galt

    ENCODE’s 80% functional turns out to mean just active. 60% (most of it) is just introns full of junk dna, and that’s no new discovery. Dawkins was right. ENCODE press release misled everybody with horrible use of the word function. Also, Dawkins and scientists have been aware for decades that there are non-protein-coding RNAs, both genes and regulatory elements etc.

  • d

    he’s wrong bout everything, and most of science is myth

  • John Robert Pribula

    What an idiotic statement. Science has less myth than religion. Is this where you are coming from?