What We’re Reading – Jan. 11, 2013

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A Drone War Is Still a War: “But drones also highlight a terrible anomaly of civil- libertarian societies: the contrast between how we treat killing — state-sponsored killing — in battle, and how we treat killing in civilian life. ” [Washington Monthly]

In this photo provided by the National Park Service, the Statue of Liberty is illuminated for the first time since it was damaged by Superstorm Sandy, Friday evening, Nov. 9, 2012. (AP Photo/National Park Service, Mike Litterst)

The Magic Coin and Nine Other Crazy Debt-Ceiling Ploys: “There are at least nine ways the U.S. can avoid crashing into the debt ceiling besides the one everybody’s talking about lately, namely minting a trillion-dollar platinum coin.”
[Bloomberg Businessweek]

Tea Party Looks To D.C. Insiders For Help, Cash: “The tea party may have been built by the grass roots, but in order to survive, it’s going to have to rely on the Beltway political machines and big money groups it once disparaged.” [Politico]

Fiscal Cliff Resolution Leaves Some Republicans Miffed at CEOs: “As the executives plan their next rounds of meetings on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue and more fiscal policy standoffs loom, some sources say the CEOs’ clout in typically friendly Republican offices may be waning.”
[Roll Call]

An Alternative to Austerity: “As Senator Bernie Sanders has argued, it’s time to start taxing capital gains—income “earned” from wealth—at the same rate as income earned from work.”
[The Nation]

Vice President Joe Biden’s Plan to Curb Gun Violence Falls on Deaf Ears in Meeting with National Rifle Association: “The politically powerful lobbying group issued a scathing statement accusing the White House of waging war on the constitutional rights of Americans to bear arms.” [NY Daily News]

White House May Consider Funding for Police in Schools After Newtown: “The idea is gaining currency among some Democratic lawmakers, who see it as a potential area of common ground with Republicans who otherwise oppose stricter restrictions on firearms.” [Washington Post]

Reform Could Resurrect FEC’s Ability to Oversee Campaigns: “For the first time since George W. Bush was president, the federal bureau responsible for overseeing the country’s elections, which has been called “a toothless watchdog” and “as good as dead” in the past, may see some reform.” [US News and World Report]

Big Political Donation From Modest Home: “One million dollars is a big political contribution. It’s even bigger for a first-time political donor who lives in a $50,000 house.” [Washington Post]

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  • Anonymous

    First link is dead to the drone war story.

  • JohnR

    I’m more interested in the recent Ohio Supreme Court (Schwartzwald) decision that goes right along with the Mass Supreme Courts Ibanez / LaRace decision of last year. The ones that void out the foreclosures because ithey’re unlawful. This story needs told Nationwide… a lot! See stories here… http://msfraud.org/Will-the-Real-Owner-of-This-Mortgage-Loan-Please-Stand_Schwartzwald_12-12.html here… http://www.msfraud.org/LAW/Lounge/Christiana-Bank-Trust-v-Ostrander_FC-dismissal_1-13.pdf here… http://msfraud.org/Ohio-Agents-Be-Aware-of-Recent-Ohio-Case-Law_12-12.html

  • JohnR

    BTW.. you wanna end this recession? Our land records are now polluted with foreclosures brought into our Courts illegally and with forged documents. Let’s hire lots of people and train others how to research those records and make them whole again. Millions of houses were illegally foreclosed on. I say give em back! Pous the damages! Uphold the law! We all gave the Banks Bail out money to keep the economy stimulated and the kept it and made themselves to big to fail. Now the Courts should be giving back houses that were stolen with falsified documents and damages on top of it… in effect clawing back the monies we gave the Banks in the first place. That’ll stop this recession… giving those back their houses, re trying each foreclosure case, repairing all those houses to the condition they were in before the owners were forced out…