Caption the Cartoon: Unprecedented Presidents

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Presidents and Precedence

This meeting will never happen, though if it did, who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall? Put some honest words in Abe’s mouth that places this meet-and-greet in the right perspective… or just write something clever, as you do each time. Our editors will pick one to add to the official Caption the Cartoon Winners’ Gallery.

Cartoon by Norman Dapito.

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  • Anonymous

    “I asked to see the most famous black man in America, and now here I am. Glad to meet you, Jay-Z!”

  • Anonymous

    “I asked to meet the most famous black man in America and now here I am — glad to meet you, Jay-Z!”

  • Guest

    Thanks for the handshake, but, ummm, when are you going to take my coat and hat?”

  • Anonymous

    No thank you, I’ll keep my hat. But please inform the president that Mr. Lincoln is here.

  • Yvonne Burgess

    I hear nothing has changed in the Congress ….

  • Michael

    I understand you’ve been bought, and paid for. I thought we cleared all that up with the 13th Amendment. What happened?

  • Emerald Cross

    “Do your job.”

  • Preston D. Durie

    “Thank you for keeping the true Republican spirit alive.”

  • politeo

    What do you mean, you’re not a Republican?

  • Jim McNelly

    Is the Civil War over yet?

  • mandy

    “Barack, you’re a good man. You just need to be find a little more courage, some backbone. They’re going to hate you regardless, so take the fight to ’em. And take it from me: strengthen those gun laws, and watch your back.” ~Abe

  • mandy

    That’s needlessly racist and not funny, considering.

  • David George

    …And to think I might have sent you back to Kenya!

  • Tony Vazquez

    “I struggled against the idea of people as property … will you struggle against the idea of incorporated property as people?”

  • Emagaloni

    So when they make any counter offer that is AGAINST the people over the corporation, and wealthiest citizens, just laugh.

  • Darren

    For you, I killed slavery. For me, you should kill the NRA.

  • crw

    “I never thought it would come to this…”

  • Michael Moricz

    “Let history remember you as a leader, not an apologizer. You have four years left to start doing the right things — don’t squander them!”
    (actually, that’s what I’D like to say to him, but I think he’d be more likely to listen to Lincoln.)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve very glad to see that the Civil War was not fought in vain and that some small measure of progress has been made since, Mr. President.

  • DDuffy

    Don’t fear being hated. I was one of the most hated Presidents in our history but I continued to fight for principal.

  • MariusP

    I was wrong — let Texas secede!

  • SPD pat

    You having trouble with Southern radicals too, huh?

  • Jeanne

    Good luck in your time with your team of rivals.

  • John Sieck


  • Perri McCary

    President Lincoln: Mr. President. President Obama: Mr. President. PL: Interesting time. I never dreamed that a black man could be president, but I’m glad of it. PO: I never dreamed of it either. Not really. But, today, because you did what you did, I do what I do, perhaps now dreams can come true.

  • Ruth Calia Stives

    “The job didn’t get any easier, I see.”

  • anon

    Ye olde united states has truly accepted my philosophy to abandon slavery, congratulations Mr President Obama. Now, this mythical cliff of finance you speak of. You cannot spend what you do not have………

  • ages0ne

    Cen***ship can be exp******. Don’t fear, Mr. President… Truth shall prevail!

  • Daniel Jones

    Why pleased to meet you, Mr Presidient. If I may offer some advise. Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.

  • Frank Wargo

    Mr. President, …a suggestion if you will. Squeeze the term “score” into one of your speeches; and, I’ll wager that speech will stay alive in posterity.

  • Kevin Talmadge

    Woo! Did I nail that emancipation thing, or what?

  • anon

    maybe I should have let the south alone, they would be part of Mexico by now anyway.

  • Debra Morgan Pardee

    It was visions of this day that got me through my darkest days. Hold onto your dreams, no matter how dark the hour, because you are the light that shines though others may be too blind to see.

  • Audball C. Audball

    Mr. President, whatever you do, NEVER, EVER attend a play at Ford’s Theater. There are no best seats in that house.

  • swipple

    It took 143 years?

  • peter neu

    “Stop the killing of children, both by guns in schools and by drone attacks in the Middle East and So. Asia.”

  • Kurt47

    “I’ve brought you this far, now it’s up to you to deal with that gun problem.”

  • Mike Hayne

    “Darwin was right! You are developing, getting educated, even turning white….”

  • Jeff Bernstein

    I hear that they used to call you honest___ they really can’t call any of us that anymore…

  • Mike Hayne


  • D L Zercher

    Whew, and I thought the theater was rough.

  • Phill Modjeski

    I know we abolished slavery but I never expected to see you in the White House.

  • Sboggio

    Funny how the Republicans freed slaves from their white masters, now a “slave” Freeze the Republicans from their white masters.

  • PZuppo

    “Don’t deceive your supporters as I did, or it will be April 15, 1865 all over again.”

  • Yael Li-Ron

    “Tell me, President Obama: What happened to my party?”

  • K Von DeWitt

    “Don’t go to the opera.”

  • Wendywins

    I guess theaters are even less safe that in my day.

    So my advice for you as President i is NOT to go them. I hear even ordinary citizens can now get killed in theaters by gunmen.

  • Rupert Kennedy

    “So those certain Southerners are now called Republicans?” “Yeah, but they still don’t work well with others.”

  • Tim Tooker

    Pardon me–I’m going up to my room now.

  • imaginationofbliss

    you really had us all for a few days

  • RED


  • Anonymous

    “Barack, you’re a good man. You just need to find a little more courage, some backbone. They’re going to hate you regardless, so take the fight to ’em. And take it from me: strengthen those gun laws, and watch your back.” ~Abe

  • Anonymous

    sorry for the double post…

  • Martha Swaim

    Mrs. Lincoln wants me to ask you, do Women have equal rights yet?

  • Beairdboy

    PL , My God your an African. PO , Half, mother white Father African. PL, Fainted.

  • Danette Littleton

    “Who’s been sleeping in my bed?”

  • Tom Badyna

    That hope-y change-y seems to be working out okay.

  • Bill Viola

    I see my Emancipation Proclamation worked…….

  • Homz

    Who is this “Daniel Day Lewis” people claim I resemble?

  • Sharanya Naik

    I knew it was self-evident.

  • Tim

    Sorry Mr Lincoln. I really don’t have time for this hypothetical animated scenario.

  • Doug Nelson

    “You know if we’d both stayed in Illinois this cartoon wouldn’t have happened…”

  • Bob

    In my time, I had to use guns to preserve the country from being torn asunder. In your time, you’ll need to use courage to preserve the country from being wrecked by guns

  • Kristin Wolter

    I’d love to join you at the local mercantile but I’m afraid I don’t have my bullet proof vest with me.

  • Guest

    This is still “a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men (and women) are created equal…but this new idea that corporations are people…not so much!”

  • Joyce Kindred Rule

    Stand strong, Barack! The people of this nation are still dedicated to the proposition that all (people) are created equal. Do not cave to corporations for they only pose as men.

  • Joyce Kindred Rule


  • Kevin Talmadge

    So…Emancipation…eh?…eh? Nailed it!

  • Kevin Talmadge

    “Watch your back”

  • Alan Moen

    Take it from me — watch movies at your home theater!

  • Anonymous

    The ‘needlessly’ doesn’t make much sense. The caption was a bit of black humor based on history. As for the racist part of it, well I’m not, but it and I could be called specist, I suppose, considering the fact that I’m no great admirer of Homo sapiens. I’ve always felt that the species should be renamed Australopithecus hubris.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Thank you. I do hope you’re not racist.

  • Edward J. Jones CCIM

    Man up! You ran as a progressive now govern like one!

  • mark

    Barack, grow a pair.

  • JonThomas

    Well said.

    Personally, I see it as historically accurate. The culture shock and
    dissonance can appropriately used as a form of humor. It might be called
    politically incorrect, but ignoring the past, no matter how ugly, is

    There’s a difference between recognizing the past as
    dark, and celebrating such darkness. Since, in the imaginary realm of
    this cartoon, President Lincoln would have no awareness of the slow
    painful struggle for egalitarian progress this nation and it’s people
    have made and still need to make, this comment simply points to and
    draws humor from the dissonance.

    The comment shows intelligence
    and even humility, hopefully by our being able to laugh at ourselves and
    our cultural foibles. Ok, foibles is a weak term…atrocities.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you.

  • Manny Fuentes

    “It was all worth it.”

  • bradley

    And remember, take a break when you can; this job will kill you.

  • Janice

    Obama. “God job taking on that slave-owner lobby.” Lincoln “Yes, but, unfortunately, it was all the gun lobby’s idea. As you know, they gave me some awesome talking points.”

  • Free America

    Lincoln: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

    Obama (thinking): “This dude’s a Republican?”

  • Sharon Eaton

    Well young man, we have come a very long way, and there is still work to be done, because we are still a country divided.

  • Anonymous

    Remember son, freedom is just a sidebar.

  • Anonymous

    “Preserving the Union has never been easy.”

  • Anonymous

    “And thank you for not renting out my bedroom.”

  • Anonymous

    “If it was only Texas I might have let them go…”